Innocence Project: Remove my endorsement; return my donations.

Why I Give: Susan Chandler

Writer, Activist

Vero Beach, Florida

When I got an email Tuesday from the Innocence Project asking me to make a donation so they could provide fundamental necessities to their clients after they are exonerated, I clicked and donated right away. It’s absolutely vital that exonerees have a safety net when they’re released, and while I don’t have much money, I believe that every little bit counts.

I first learned about the Innocence Project three years ago when Wilton Dedge was exonerated in Brevard County, Florida. I used to live in Brevard County, and I know that Mr. Dedge is not the only person to have been wrongfully accused or convicted there. The same snitch that lied on the stand to convict Wilton has lied on the stand in other cases as well. And the problems don’t end there. It is imperative that law enforcement agencies and prosecutors seek fair justice and not only convictions. That is why I support the Innocence Project and its reform efforts.

I have written many letters to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist urging him to stand up for the wrongfully convicted, and to take the lead in passing a law compensating the wrongfully convicted when they are released. Mr. Dedge was finally exonerated, but other exonerees in Florida are still seeking help. It’s up to the public to call for politicians to do what’s right and compensate the exonerated immediately upon their release. Until then, it’s up to people like us to help the exonerated get back on their feet. Wrongful convictions can happen to anyone, and I would hope somebody would look out for me if I were in Wilton Dedge’s shoes.

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All of the above is nonsense. At the time, December of 2007, I blamed myself for a failure to communicate when the “copy” for my endorsement that was published on the Innocence Project’s website – after many emails – didn’t match the truth, e.g.; my letter-writing to Florida governors began with Jeb Bush, not Charlie Crist, and I was far and away more concerned with phony scent tracker John Preston’s scores of perjuries in Brevard than I was with jailhouse snitch Clarence Zacke, who falsely testified against one other person within my knowledge, not persons.

Now I know that skewed copy is what the Innocence Project is all about, because their primary concern isn’t exonerating innocents, or changing the justice system.

Their primary concern is fame and fortune from self-perpetuation.

I was up-front with the Innocence Project. My life had been in danger for years by December of 2007 because of corrupt Brevard officers, prosecutors, and a judge who – as a prosecutor – likely used phony dog handller Preston more than any other prosecutor in the U.S. … I knew that equal protection under the law wouldn’t be available for me until it was available for everyone that Brevard framed.

The Innocence Project was anything but up-front with me. After William Dillon was exonerated, they duped me into silence concerning John Preston’s perjuries and resulting frame-ups. Through the Innocence Project of Florida Director Seth Miller, they lied and said they had an investigator looking into every single Preston conviction.

My life remains in danger from Brevard’s corruption, and the Innocence Project has always, always had the means to end it. All they’ve ever had to do was adhere to facts, but their counter-productive participation in Gary Bennett’s Brevard/Preston defense shows just how demented and dysfunction the organization is, how very little the facts of any matter mean to them.

Gary is facing a 30th anniversary of his frame-up next month, and I’m well past the twelfth anniversary of knowing that my life is in danger. Those who’re paid to protect and serve both of us are still only protecting and serving each other.

For so long as the Innocence Project controls the media conversation about wrongful convictions, that conversation will continue to crazily serve thug officers, prosecutors and judges ahead of the public.

So take down my fictionalized endorsement, and return my donations, Innocence Project. You’re on-the-take fakes, engineering one “look good” media sham after another, shams that serve to keep innocents incarcerated and the public in danger not only from actual criminals, but from public servants who’ve never served the public one day in their miserable lives.

Feel responsible for Alissa Blanton’s homicide, Innocence Project. Because you are. John Dean Moxley doesn’t prepare for hearings. He skims motions during them, and doesn’t like it one bit when he finds that being a good judge would actually require him to do work. Moxley’s never liked work. That’s why he used Preston, coached informants, etc., to frame so many innocents … it’s just so much easier to frame an innocent than decline to prosecute until one has actual evidence.

You’re a bad man, Barry Scheck.

Offender Picture

Gary Bennett, framed in Brevard County FL in January of 1984 using already-discredited dog handler John Preston … federally discredited, no less

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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