FL Bar Association ignores prosecutorial misconduct to zoom in on sports. Yes, sports.

NCAA contacted over Florida Bar Association probe of Shapiro lawyer – CBSSports.com

The NCAA has been contacted as part of a Florida Bar grievance committee investigation of South Florida attorney Maria Elena Perez, a source told CBSSports.com.

via NCAA contacted over Florida Bar Association probe of Shapiro lawyer – CBSSports.com.

The article says that if a nine-person grievance committee (6 attorneys, 3 non-attorneys) finds probable cause to pursue discipline for Ms. Perez, that a formal complaint will go to the Florida Supreme Court, “sort of like an indictment.”

This while the Florida Bar is completely aware that Florida’s criminal justice system is riddled with serial attorney misconduct that has ruined and ended lives countless lives for over three decades.

The American Bar Association is completely aware of the Florida Bar Association’s dysfunction, and remains idle … rendering that organization dysfunctional, as well.

The Justice Department is aware that Bar associations are mere mutual aid societies that occasionally hold a small fish – like Perez – accountable, for appearance sake, while big, rotten fish like John Dean Moxley are rewarded with robes for serial prosecutorial misconduct.

What’s most important at this juncture is that the IRS Oversight Board is aware of Bar dysfunction, and has been so repeatedly been asked to retroactively void all Bar tax exemptions that they can’t continue to hide behind Darryl Issa’s phony IRS Oversight scandals for too much longer … they’ll have to address the very real scandal of tens of thousands of men and women incarcerated not for committing a crime, but for having prosecutors commit crimes against them.

The Bar’s dysfunction and unaddressed serial prosecutorial and supervisory misconduct is well known to the Florida Supreme Court.

They approve of it, and more.

That’s why William “Tommy” Zeigler’s death row appeal was denied, despite disgustingly obvious decades of police, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct.

Through a twice-told lurid lie, then-prosecutor Jeff Ashton tied Tommy’s case to Gary Bennett’s, which was in Ashton’s unclean hands through an incurably tainted transfer, made more stinky by John Dean Moxley’s ex parte judicial interference.

Ashton was rewarded for his disgusting malice by support significant enough to get him elected as a state attorney.

What I write is true, and it’s “sort of like an indictment,” too … of our entire justice system.

Get busy IRS Oversight Board. You took down Capone, and it’s time to take down another mob … Bar associations.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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