@AP is OK with 10 days in jail for costing Michael Morton 25 years of his life, and Debra Masters Baker her very life.

Ex-prosecutor gets jail for wrongful conviction | http://www.mystatesman.com

Morton’s attorneys announced afterward there will be an audit of all cases previously handled by Anderson to look for other alleged misconduct …

Morton said his only goal since being freed was to get Anderson off the bench and make sure he’ll never practice law again. Now that both have been accomplished, Morton said he didn’t know what’s next.

Ex-prosecutor gets jail for wrongful conviction | www.mystatesman.com.


An audit by whom, Associated Press?

The self-sullied Texas Bar Association?

The mendaciously-mired-in-muck Justice Department?

The I’ll-kill-any-innocent-I-want-to Texas governor?

An audit with what desired outcome, Associated Press?

Ten additional days in jail and 500 additional hours of community service apiece for each other incident of Ken Anderson’s misconduct that cost a man or woman years of their lives?

Continued anonymity and therefore immunity for other Texas “public servants” via failure to report of Ken Anderson’s inability to secure false convictions and keep them intact without extensive cooperation?

Continued immunity for lawless “public servants” nationwide who engage in identical misconduct as Ken Anderson and his cronies?

In the “who” of the journalistic “who, what, where, when, why, how and how much,” where’s the AP’s assessment of the mainstream media’s ongoing “who” role in burying criminal conviction corruption?

How many mogul-owned and operated newspapers and broadcasters will ignore Michael Morton’s heroics entirely, or mention it in passing … quite deliberately failing to note his efforts nationwide significance?

Missing from the AP‘s story was the fact that the man – Mark Alan Norwood – that Michael Morton served time for had killed again after killing Christine Morton … another young mother named Debra Masters Baker.

Also missing from the AP‘s story was the fact that Ken Anderson gets to keep his pension and benefits.

Missing, too, from the AP‘s story was the fact that documented misconduct goes lightly punished – if acknowledged at all – nationwide, and there are some whose corruption is so well-known to federal authorities, like John Dean Moxley’s, that it’s quite clear that the American Bar Association, FBI, Justice Department are willing partners in conviction corruption, no matter how many additional rapes, robberies or homicides incarcerating the wrong person causes.

Please don’t wring your hands over the AP‘s salient shortcomings: share this post, and additionally let Debra Masters Baker’s family and friends know that you that you care by “liking” the Facebook page from the link below … be the bandage for the fresh wounds of “news” articles about Ken Anderson’s misconduct that ignore their resulting loss. Thank you.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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