Know this to be true before it personally affects you.

Prosecutorial misconduct alleged in half of capital cases

There seldom are consequences for prosecutors, regardless of whether the miscarriage of justice occurred because of ineptness or misconduct.

In fact, they are often congratulated.

Since 1990, six different prosecutors who were named prosecutor of the year by the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys Advisory Committee also were later found by appeals courts to have engaged in misconduct or inappropriate behavior during death-penalty trials, according to The Republic’s examination of court documents.

via Prosecutorial misconduct alleged in half of capital cases.

What the article points out – that misconduct is serial by select public servants – plays out nationwide.

Officers that lie on the stand are dangerous on the streets.

Prosecutors that withhold evidence will decline to prosecute persons with the potential to advance their careers.

Judges that owe their gavels to such advancements will repay favors, illicitly.

It’s the FBI’s responsibility to ensure fair trials.

But because the FBI so mishandled the admissions of their failed forensics – decades of them – the FBI needs officers that lie, prosecutors that withhold evidence and judges that are repaying favors.

It’s the Bar’s responsibility to punish prosecutorial misconduct, and I’m awaiting an explanation of why they’re not doing it:

From: Susan Chandler
Date: October 29, 2013 6:28:08 PM EDT
Subject: Public corruption victim insists upon detailed explanation of ABA’s GPSLD flouting its Mission Statement

Alexander W. Purdue, Chair
American Bar Association
Government & Public Sector Lawyers Division
1050 Connecticut Ave NW, Ste 400
Washington, DC 20036

Dear Chairman Purdue,

As an endangered victim of public corruption that is directly related to decades of notorious conviction corruption, I am writing to insist upon being provided with a detailed explanation, via email, of how your Self Regulating Organization’s ignoring egregious, serial, deliberate prosecutorial and supervisory misconduct – nationwide – in any way serves your Mission Statement.

Should you have no reasonable explanation for ignoring rather than curtailing public lawyer misconduct, it will be incumbent on the IRS Oversight Board to conduct an investigation, with the end result being to retroactively cancel all Bar tax exemptions, just as I began insisting upon in January of 2011.

Please respond no later than close of the workweek on Friday. Thank you.


Susan Chandler
3008 N 25th Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34946

Mission Statement

Within the framework of the American Bar Association and in furtherance of its long range goals and objectives, the mission of the Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division shall be to:

Serve as a national advocate for government and public sector lawyers in their quest for excellence, fairness, and justice in the performance of their sworn duties;
Serve as a national voice to highlight the community service roles performed by the nation’s government and public sector lawyers;
Serve as a national educator to advance public understanding about the central roles played by government and public sector lawyers in preserving freedom and ensuring domestic tranquility;
Serve as a national network system to enable government and public sector lawyers to benefit from practices and procedures successfully implemented in their counterparts’ offices;
Serve as a national network system to enhance the professional growth and the upward mobility of government and public sector lawyers; and
Serve as a national leader in rededicating adherence – within our profession and within all the Nation’s justice systems – to the highest standards of professional conduct and competence, fairness, social justice, diligence and civility.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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4 Responses to Know this to be true before it personally affects you.

  1. kpatkins says:

    Sheriff Deputy Involved Domestic Violence, My interactions with the Santa Clara County, California Sheriff Department and Sheriff Smith Directly, My son Joshua died by Hanging at the age of 10 after years of abuse. Please take a moment to read and share my story


    • I’m so very sorry for the loss of your son, and for all that you’ve gone through since the tragedy. I hope that readers will visit your blog, and begin to realize just how much additional heartbreak there’ll be if we don’t start working together to make sure that only qualified and caring public servants remain on the job.


  2. kpatkins says:

    Susan, Thank you for your kind words and I agree something needs to be done. People in high places abuse their power so many around them start to do the same, this happens in police agencies across our Country and the fall out of such actions affects the public and the officers who have chosen to be that caring public servant, if they speak up against the corrupt power at the top a hammer comes down that affects their jobs and their families. So there is silence and I’m not a fan of silence.


  3. It’s humbling to know so many people that are battling injustice because their lives have been turned upside down by it, irreparably. Here’s hoping we find a way very soon to end the ominous silence of public corruption and replace it with the peaceful silence of genuine public service.


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