Disorder in our courts, an official comment. #FreeCourtneyBisbee

I’m surprised and pleased that my official comment was accepted and published by the Arizona Supreme Court.

Susan Chandler
Multi-state public corruption victim, innocence advocate, blogger
Fort Pierce, Florida

I support the proposed changes to ER 3.8, Rule 42, Arizona rules of the Supreme Court in the same manner in which I support state rule changes anywhere that will better ensure the availability and quality of justice.

Part of said manner of support is this: I am aware that are fundamentally flawed U.S. Supreme Court rulings that serve to protect prosecutors and their supervisors ahead of the public at large, specifically Imbler v Pachtman, Van de Kamp v Goldstein, Brady v Maryland and Connick v Thompson. What they all boil down to is ridiculous requirements for review of darkly clouded convictions, topped by timelines so constrictive and punitive that they apply even to death sentences. Warehousing (or killing) innocents while actual criminals remain free is the most daft and dreadful misappropriation of public funds I can conceive of, aside from dropping drones on very young and very old civilians and claiming “surgical precision” in doing so.

I am also aware that the American Bar Association’s Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division, a “Self Regulating Organization,” is laying their claim to “promoting the integrity and excellence” of public lawyers, but is instead allowing public lawyers whose misconduct is open, notorious and serial to remain lawyers, and advance their careers to have a broader range of individuals to harm. I am further aware that the American Bar Association’s tax exemption is based upon equally serving its members and the public, was tasked by SCOTUS in Imbler v Pachtman with public attorney oversight in 1976, and is enjoying exemption from taxes while flouting not only the basis of exemption but the Justice’s ruling. Generous Bar disbursements to innocence organizations may be agenda-laden.

I am additionally aware, through direct contact over a number of years, that all of the above is known to and ignored by the Justice Department, the FBI, the IRS, the Treasury Department, Senate Intelligence Oversight, etc. … all are apparently far more concerned about reputations remaining untarnished as regards their inexcusably poor follow-up on the FBI announcing discredited forensic analysis techniques (Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis, hair and fiber analysis) as well as their failure to announce – yet alone follow-up on – their affiliations with discredited forensics experts, including an assortment of charlatan dog handlers. As the FBI taught their discredited hair and fiber analysis techniques to law enforcement officers nationwide, it is likely that no state remains unaffected. Generous Justice Department disbursements to innocence organization may be agenda-laden.

Finally, I am painfully aware that the mainstream media is all-too-willing to downplay any facet of the unavailability of justice, apparently in trade for approving nods for mergers and acquisitions and perhaps other untoward regulatory favors. I’ve confronted reporters over misrepresentations of fact concerning standing convictions, and haven’t found one willing to make even a minor correction. A self-fettered press is worse than worthless, and that’s what we have. They show up when the next exoneration occurs, exonerations that would have escalated to hundreds per year were the media willing to adroitly address the issue of Bar responsibility for bad actors’ actions. The media publish or broadcast the trite and untrue exoneration script, “I’m not bitter. I’m only looking forward. I’m glad that justice was finally served.” How bitter a pill to recite that last sentence, knowing that those who intimidated witnesses, coached jailhouse informant testimony, deployed a knowingly discredited forensic expert and/or misrepresented evidence, etc., are not being held accountable for anything. This isn’t the full extent of the media dystopia, i.e.; Edward Snowden’s secure hold on four laptops was never compared and contrasted to the FBI’s 160 “lost” laptops that Senate Oversight was initially so intensely interested in. Only the alternate media is willing to point out who’s lying and who’s not, even when our nation faces fiscal ruin. A handful of multi-billionaire moguls control most of the mainstream media, and they’re as little concerned about the ruined lives of incarcerated innocents and their families as they are any other inherent rights issue; they believe that rights are something you buy as necessary, not something available to all, inherently.

In this any-port-in-a-storm context, as a public corruption victim who has been denied the pursuit of happiness for the better part of 35 years and as the concerned-to-distraction advocate for incarcerated innocents, including Courtney Bisbee, I support the Amendment of ER 3.8, Rule 42, Arizona Rules of the Supreme Court.

If you have the time to register, login and post a comment, here’s the link: http://azdnn.dnnmax.com/AZSupremeCourtMain/AZCourtRulesMain/CourtRulesForumMain/CourtRulesForum/tabid/91/forumid/7/tpage/2/view/topic/postid/1530/Default.aspx#2465

Please make time to register, login and sign this Change.org petition to free Courtney Bisbee … your daughter could be the next one whose knowingly false conviction remains intact to preserve the reputations of public servants rather than justice: http://www.change.org/petitions/help-free-an-innocent-woman

If you don’t have even that much time to spare, please take a moment share this post on Facebook and Twitter using the buttons below. Thank you.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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