Self-evident to most: Children aren’t disposable. (part 2)

Prisoners of Profit – The Huffington Post | Florida’s Lax Oversight Enables Systemic Abuse At Private Youth Prisons

A few months after DeMuro resigned, in early 1994, state juvenile justice officials convinced U.S. District Judge Maurice Paul to release Florida from federal monitoring, arguing that the state had the proper controls in place to effectively treat and rehabilitate the youth under its care …

When the state evaluates current contractors, past performance counts for less than one-fourth of the total score. The bulk of the rating stems from the quality of the contractor’s technical proposal – its plans to staff the facility, for example, and its policies on security, escapes and training. Outside evaluators are instructed not to consider “any other information, other than the information contained in the proposal, including personal experience with provider or staff, news articles, anything heard or said about provider.”

via Prisoners of Profit – The Huffington Post.

I’ve complained to the Justice Department and the FBI over and over again that Florida’s often deadly corruption is perpetrated by select players on a serial basis, and has been for decades.

The linked article provided additional evidence to support my complaints.

Judge Maurice Paul was not only a integral part of continuing Florida’s abuse of children in state correctional facilities, but the sole party responsible for putting innocent William “Tommy” Zeigler on Florida’s death row 37 years ago … where Tommy remains.

The jury had given Tommy a life sentence. Judge Paul overrode that sentence to impose the death penalty.

Until I read the linked article, I didn’t know about Paul’s complicity in Florida’s juvenile corrections facilities remaining authorized killing fields, nor did I know that Paul had advanced his career – via a Reagan appointment – to become a federal judge.

Paul’s travesties continue, as evidenced by a Washington Times article that celebrates Paul’s abusing a technicality to fail to uphold the constitutional separation of church and state, just as he abused a technicality to put Tommy on death row. I don’t believe I’ve ever read a more snarky “news” article.

Just as Paul’s failure to protect Florida’s incarcerated children came as no surprise, Governor Rick Scott’s “frosty response to Washington” referred to in the article came as no surprise, either.

Scott’s “frosty” letter to the Army Corps of Engineers regarding the pollution of the St. Lucie River from Lake Okeechobee discharges made it seem that the Corps – not Florida businesses and residents – had made the waters so horrifically toxic, pre-discharge.

The Corps response to Scott’s nonsense was short, dignified and gracious.

Dozier School for Boys wasn’t closed until 2011. Not all of the bodies have been located yet. And that’s exactly how Rick Scott wants it.

To Scott, certain children (and adults) are disposable. To U.S. Senator Bill Nelson, they’re not.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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