Jerry Brown betrayed his constituents, big time. It’s becoming a habit.

What Gives? California Gov. Jerry Brown Lines Up With NRA and Prison-Industrial Complex | Alternet

If you want to see how Brown is charting a careful course to show he is not beholden either to the political right or the left, look at the list of gun bills he signed and vetoed, as well as the other bills that he has accepted and rejected in the past week. This litany is a mix of political and practical considerations, which is what always emerges as elected officials position themselves for their future.

via What Gives? California Gov. Jerry Brown Lines Up With NRA and Prison-Industrial Complex | Alternet.

Drug law sentencing revision is as obviously overdue as it is both morally and fiscally necessary. We can’t afford to remain the Incarceration Nation, funding a Prison Industrial Complex as overbearing and as largely unnecessary as our Military Industrial Complex.

Any governor that uses his office to uphold a contrary position – like California’s Governor Jerry Brown just did – has committed a massive fiscal crime against his constituents … one that makes former Alabama Governor Don Seigelman’s alleged financial crime look like shoplifting a single gum ball.

Federal prosecutors won’t leave Seigelman alone, yet Brown is apparently completely confident that no one will investigate the financial windfalls he has likely been promised.

Please share this post as well as the linked article – let’s try to get Feds focused on bigger-than-a-gumball gubernatorial budgetary manipulations before their congealed treachery completely replaces government by and for the people with outright corporate dominion, which no one needs to use their imagination to understand. Thank you.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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