Why Texas needs Governor Wendy Davis

Daily Kos: Texas fire marshals turned away by five facilities with big ammonium nitrate stockpiles

In the months since the fertilizer plant blast that killed 15 and injured 200 in West, Texas, in April, the state has been trying to check for fire hazards at similar facilities. But five facilities storing 10,000 pounds or more of ammonium nitrate, the same dangerous fertilizer chemical that made the West explosion so deadly, have turned fire marshals away. And thats just fine, under Texas state law.

via Daily Kos: Texas fire marshals turned away by five facilities with big ammonium nitrate stockpiles.

What the hell good is a “right-to-life” governor that believes that the right to life ENDS WITH BIRTH, that no Texan – aside from owners and officers of corporations – should have any assurance whatsoever that going to work will be less dangerous than walking through a mine field?

Face it. Dead Texans make lousy parents. Especially dead Texans that were never paid enough to be able to afford life insurance.

Face this, too: “Right-to-life” governors expect the children of KWW’s (Killed While Working) – Texans and otherwise – to pull themselves up by their bootstraps … while they’re still wearing booties.

The corporate ass-kissers open to there being additional KWW’s aren’t all Republican, per the linked article (although they all may be future Republicans, like former Democrat Rick Perry).

There’s a petition to sign within the article. Please sign it, and share it. Thanks.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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