Floridians fleeced for homeowners insurance, and more – updated

[Update 9/3/18: Neither Bill Nelson nor Rick Scott would assist in any way with the conviction corruption that keeps decades old Florida frame-ups intact that I’ve been battling since Jeb Bush was Governor in 2004. But Nelson’s Senate office did help me with three separate financial matters (unpaid overtime wages, a hospital emergency room billing for services it didn’t provide and a stuck disability claim). Scott wouldn’t help me with even one small financial matter. As the original post below indicates, Scott helps himself and his cronies with financial matters. The exception to that rule is when the national mainstream media turns a critical eye on him. That said, in November, I will hold my nose and vote for Nelson, just as I’ve held my nose and voted for him since 2006 – he is the lesser of two evils, and I don’t for a minute forget the level of evil involved: intact, obvious frame-ups are the ultimate injustice as well as the ultimate taxpayer rip-off; they keep rogue officers, prosecutors, judges, justices, D.A.’s, etc., on the job; keep rapists and killers on the streets; keep innocents expensively and dangerously warehoused, often to premature deaths. If not murdered directly by the state, the innocents still die with their names sullied and their families broken by the emotional and financial burden of fighting for justice and trying to stay connected with phone calls and visits. I will vote for Nelson, and I will damn him for not stepping aside and a Democrat with an operable moral compass run in his stead.]

For sure, the opening paragraph of my email to Governor Scott was clumsy … overpriced homeowners insurance and knowingly false convictions seemingly have as little to do with one another as shoes and bread.

But as both issues are extreme forms of costly public corruption that decimate lives, no matter how clumsily I write about them, they’re joined at the hip … all part of struggle of egalitarians (us) versus elitists (them) that fills their pockets and leaves us with only lint in ours, while justice remains unavailable across the board.

Every Floridian can help out, just take a few minutes to author your own email to the governor, senate president, and house speaker. Be prepared to be ignored, except for a robo-response; that’s how certain they are we the people don’t stand a chance – on any issue – against their cronyism.

It’s a really big deal that 35% of Forced Place Insurance is foisted on Floridians and that our state run, taxpayer-subsidized last-resort homeowners insurance is so poorly run as to be predatory, and it’s a really big deal that we have leaders willfully keeping our streets dangerous by burying conviction corruption, protecting the reputations of public servants ahead of our family’s lives.

From: Susan Chandler
Date: August 15, 2013 3:49:07 PM EDT
To: Scott Open Government
Cc: “GAETZ.DON.WEB Gaetz” , Speaker Will Weatherford , “NEGRON.JOE.WEB” , Larry Lee
Subject: Second Request – Citizens Insurance fraud complaint #1-677094724

Dear Governor Scott,

As I did not hear from Chief Financial Officer Atwater’s office by close of business Wednesday the 7th, as I’d requested, I am again writing to ask that your office contact his about the $317 that Citizens has owed me since 2010, and to ask – as your non-responsiveness spurred me to do further research – that you immediately attend to all of the ongoing homeowners insurance frauds in Florida as well as the reckless endangerment of Floridians caused by incarcerating innocents to serve murderers’ sentences.

According to my research on insurance, there is apparently reason to question your ethics as regards Citizens. I quote Dan Gelber from his August 8th blog post titled “Scott’s Revolving Door of Failure” … “When a new upstart insurance company with a shady history needed support to get a no-bid Citizens Property Insurance deal approved, it ponied up $110,000 to Scott’s [reelection] fund, and that month Scott’s appointees starting pushing through a $52 million giveaway.”

And there is apparently reason to question Florida House Speaker Weatherford’s ethics as regards Citizens, as well. The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting August 2nd article, “Florida House Speaker Connected to Citizens Contractor,” opens with, “State House Speaker Will Weatherford is a founding member and former director of a Texas company [U.S. Cat] that since 2008 has received $826,676 from Florida’s state-run insuring company [Citizens], according to records obtained by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting.” The article also states, “U.S. Cat lists the same rural address in Mt. Pleasant, Texas with Diamond K and Spain-based engineering firm CYMI, which is a contractor on a $50 million private gas pipeline project for Florida Power and Light in Palm Beach County.”

There is apparently reason to question the ability of former Florida Senate President/current Chief Financial Officer Atwater to oversee Citizens. Tallahassee Bureau Chief for the Miami Herald Mary Ellen Klas blogged on Naked Politics on August 9th, “Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater today announced the appointment of Chris Gardner as Chairman of the Board of Governors for Citizens Property Insurance Corporation … He has served as a member of the Citizens board since his appointment in July 2011 … It is important to continue to build the public’s trust in the non-profit corporation and better equip it to protect Floridians during their greatest times of need.” Given Gardner’s presence on the board since 2011, all that Atwater can reasonably expect of Gardner is the further erosion of the public trust.

To make matters exponentially worse, my research revealed that Citizens isn’t Florida’s only insurance debacle: There’s the matter of Florida having 35% of the nation’s Forced Placed Insurance, according to LawyersAndSettlements.com’s Gordon Gibb in “Is Florida a Haven for Forced Place Insurance?” on July 15th. Gibb quotes former Texas Insurance Commissioner and consulting actuary J. Robert Hunter, “FPI insurers compete for business by larding premiums with expenses to provide kickbacks to mortgage servicers. The mortgage servicer passes the cost of the FPI on to borrowers, but takes a big piece of the premium in cash or subsidized services. The outrageous ASIC filing shows the results of reverse competition – massively excessive rates.” The rest of the article addresses how FPI causes homeowners to be foreclosed upon.

As 35% of the U.S.’s Forced Place Insurance is Floridian, it’s reasonable to guesstimate that a similar percentage of Floridian Citizens customers have grievances similar to mine – likely for far greater amounts than my $317.

And it’s also reasonable to assume that as some Floridians have lost their homes over Forced Placed Insurance, that some have also lost their homes over Citizens’ corruption.

Had either CFO Sink or CFO Atwater done their jobs and secured my refund, I would never have known about Florida being the foremost in Forced Place Insurance. This situation mirrors my doing research on Judge John Dean Moxley to try and ensure my own safety and undo losses caused by his allowing frauds against me, only to find out that Moxley helped frame Wilton Dedge and many others while a prosecutor thirty years ago, and ever since had an army of helpers in burying his and his crony’s behaviors, including you, in ignoring Moxley’s recent interference in Gary Bennett’s Dedge-related case as well as its tainted transfer. Gary has been in prison for nearly 30 years for a homicide committed by others, and his case is now artificially and luridly linked to William “Tommy” Zeigler’s frame-up for homicides committed by others, which has kept him on death row for over 37 years.

I am inherently guaranteed the right to pursue happiness … there is no happiness in being forced to do research to protect my life and undo frauds against me, especially when – through that research – I am continually reminded that I have not even once been singled out for public corruption, that what I’ve suffered is small potatoes compared to fellow Floridians, that my state legislature did indeed engineer a “no cause of action” escape clause within the Florida Customer Service Standards Act (as addressed in my previous email), and uses it every single day.

It’s time for you to cease availing yourself of that escape clause, sir. Please immediately advise me when and how your office will address homeowners insurance frauds upon Floridians, and how and when you will provide relief and redress for all those affected by Florida’s deadly conviction corruption, which you opted in to voluntarily and have been stonewalling me on continually. Please include your plans to immediately pardon Gary and Tommy.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to your response.


Susan Chandler
Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/nakedpolitics/2013/08/atwater-names-winter-park-insurance-broker-to-chair-citizens-board.html#storylink=cp


From: Susan Chandler
Date: August 2, 2013 1:14:25 PM EDT
To: Scott Open Government
Cc: “GAETZ.DON.WEB Gaetz” , Speaker Will Weatherford , “NEGRON.JOE.WEB” , Larry Lee
Subject: Citizens Insurance fraud complaint #1-677094724

Dear Governor Scott,

I am writing to ask that your office contact Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater’s office to ensure that I receive the requested report of the activities his office has undertaken – per the applicable Florida Statute – on my behalf as concerns a $317 refund for homeowners insurance from Citizens Insurance that I should have received in 2010. As per my previous correspondence on an unrelated matter, I am using your Open Government email address rather than your email address so as not to receive yet another 400+kg propagandized robo-response.

The referenced statue, below, contains this phrase, “FAILURE TO COMPLY. – No cause of action shall arise in favor of any person due to a department’s failure to comply with any provision of this section.” Obviously, no statue should be authored with the specific intent of making a great show of available relief and redress when none actually exists, utilizing a specious escape clause … it would be an egregious fraud upon the public. As Florida’s Legislature may be unaware that Florida’s CFO’s may be specifically abusing a statute – via a legislatively unintended escape clause – I have copied Senate President Gaetz, House Speaker Weatherford, Senator Negron and Representative Lee.

The formal complaint below is not my first: I have sent well over two dozen, and have received only one response – when Alex Sink was in office – which assigned the complaint number and advised me how to obtain homeowners insurance on a condominium. I do not own a condominium; I own a single family residence.

Please know that there is little wiggle room to deceive me on homeowners insurance. My first employment, of years duration, was at the Chandler Agency, then one of Michigan’s largest independent insurance agencies. The Chandler name is not coincidental.

It is my understanding that your office, as part of the executive branch of Florida government, is bound by the referenced statute, as well. I therefore anticipate a reasonably rapid response via email that is not computer generated and speaks directly to the issue. Thank you.


Susan Chandler
3008 N 25th St
Ft Pierce, FL 34946

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Title IV
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23.30 Florida Customer Service Standards Act.—
(1) SHORT TITLE.—This section may be cited as the “Florida Customer Service Standards Act.”
(2) PURPOSE.—It is the purpose of this section to direct state departments to practice and employ all the measures set forth in this section.
(3) DEFINITIONS.—As used in this section:
(a) “Customer” means any member of the public who uses or requests services or information provided by a state department or who is required by statute to interact with the department.
(b) “Department” means a principal administrative unit within the executive branch of state government, as set forth in chapter 20, and also includes the Public Service Commission.
(4) MEASURES TO BE IMPLEMENTED.—State departments shall:
(a) Designate an employee or employees in the department who shall be responsible for facilitating the resolution of customer complaints, including any customer complaints regarding unsatisfactory treatment by department employees.
(b) Provide available information, except information which is confidential pursuant to any other state or federal law, and accurate responses to questions and requests for assistance in a prompt manner.
(c) Acknowledge receipt of a telephonic or electronic question or request by the end of the next business day.
(d) Provide local or toll-free telephonic or electronic access either through a centralized complaint-intake call center or directly to a department employee or employees designated to resolve customer complaints.
(e) Develop a process for review by upper-level management of any customer complaints not resolved by the department employee or employees designated to resolve customer complaints. In evaluating the appropriateness of response time, management may consider periodic, high volume inquiries as a justifiable cause of delay.
(f) Develop customer satisfaction measures as part of the department’s performance measurement system.
(g) Employ a system by which customer complaints and resolutions of those complaints are tracked.
(h) Provide statistical data on customer complaints and resolutions of those complaints, and on customer satisfaction measures in annual reports or other performance publications, and use this data when conducting management and budget planning activities.
(i) Provide training to employees on improving customer service and on the role of the department employee or employees designated to resolve customer complaints.
(j) Include in the departmental strategic plan a program outline or goal regarding customer service.
(k) Conduct interdepartmental discussions on methods of providing and improving customer service.
(5) OPERATING HOURS.—Departments shall be staffed and open to the public for business on all regular business days.
(6) FUNDING.—Departments shall use available resources to achieve the purposes of this section.
(7) FAILURE TO COMPLY.—No cause of action shall arise in favor of any person due to a department’s failure to comply with any provision of this section.
(8) EXCEPTIONS.—This section does not apply to a person who uses or requests services or information from a department when such service or information is related to that person’s:
(a) Pending or current criminal prosecution;
(b) Current incarceration;
(c) Pending administrative action; or
(d) Current lawful state or local government custody.
History.—s. 1, ch. 2001-80.
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About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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