Gilberton, PA Mayor okay with police chief inciting riots, on personal time.

Police Chief Uploads YouTube Videos Firing Weapons, Ranting About “Libtards” and Calling for Militia Activism | Alternet

“I’m calling on all true Americans , all militia members, all true oath keepers to assemble, be ready to march on a tyrannical county government right here in Schuylkill county Pennsylvania, democrats are the true enemy of our country, our freedoms, our constitution, along with liberal news agency’s , liberal news reporters, much like hitlers nazis , time we clean these antiamerican thugs from office,” he writes.

via Police Chief Uploads YouTube Videos Firing Weapons, Ranting About "Libtards" and Calling for Militia Activism | Alternet.

Mark Kessler couldn’t be called upon to calmly discuss how NAFTA undermined Mexican corn growers incomes, and Haitians rice growers incomes, etc. He likely holds the opinion that it’s okay for the US to subsidize Big Ag to the point that it can destroy foreign agricultural economies, yet somehow not okay for foreign countries to price their manufacturing capabilities so low as to destroy US manufacturing.

Kessler would likely think it would be okay to bomb Canada into oblivion if they dared to cut off headwaters or tributaries that fed U.S. rivers and streams, yet somehow believes that Mexico should be okay with us damning the Colorado to transform California deserts into farmlands while turning more of Mexico into desert.

Kessler likely doesn’t know how to research anything, including media ownership. He’s probably never heard of Sumner Redstone, before or after the name change.

Kessler probably doesn’t know what a liberal arts education is, either, but he likely knows he’s against it, just as he’s against dictionaries and encyclopedias … no book is going to tell him that liberalism and fascism have nothing in common; he knows they’re interchangeable from “some say” and “they say” and “sources close to the White House say” talking heads on Fox News.

Uneducable Kessler is armed to the teeth, and abusing a position of authority to threaten his fellow Americans … with the permission of the local mayor.

But not with my permission. I’m all for filing charges against every pseudo-patriot who openly threatens violence against his countrymen.

Most of our domestic terrorists are too ego-driven to hide; NSA doesn’t need to surveil us to find them, and waiting until their rants to turn into fired rounds isn’t working well for us.

Kessler’s constitutional rights end where other’s begin. Arrest him, feds.

Update 7/26/13 – Please sign this related petition –

Update 7/30/13 – An article about Mark Kessler shooting himself –

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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