As email trail lengthens, patience with conviction corruption expires

While I’m working on a post that will provide the descriptions of the tainted executive orders I referred in my latest email, please sign and share a new petition calling for Florida A.G. Pam Bondi to arrange additional DNA tests for innocent death row inmate William “Tommy” Zeigler. If you’re still not certain you should do so after all I’ve written about Tommy, please scroll through the petition’s “reasons” until you locate the one authored by Susan Ambler-Graden.

From: Susan Chandler
Date: May 20, 2013 12:55:20 PM EDT
To:,, Governor Rick Scott
Cc:,,,, *TIGTA Investigations Complaints Unit , ASKDOJ , Patrick Leahy ,, Tampa Division ,,,, “GAETZ.DON.WEB” , Speaker Will Weatherford , “NEGRON.JOE.WEB” , Larry Lee
Subject: Gary Stanley Bennett, Jr., other clouded Central Florida convictions, and specious Kill Bill [TIGTA complaint number 55-1106-0136-C]

Dear State Attorney Archer, State Attorney Ashton and Governor Scott,

I am writing to document the activity on your part in the weeks since I last wrote to all of you, and to inform you of my intentions.

I have received: 1) a[n] email from Judy Bushey that had nothing to do with the matters I addressed in my emails; 2) several automated, propagandized responses from Rick Scott’s office, as well as an email about HB 867, which didn’t make it to his desk and required no action on his part; 3) a notification from my ISP that Jeff Ashton did not receive my emails at, an address which I’m using once more, as a friend called his office and verified it to be accurate; 4) an agency’s indication of potential interest in investigating, which is not in your collective victims’ best interests to identify.

I remind you that I am one of your victims. I’ve condensed nearly twelve years of investigating and advocating on my own behalf – encompassing nine years of investigating and advocating of the behalf of incarcerated innocents – to descriptions of several tainted governor’s executive orders that indicate that the 7th, 9th and 18th judicial circuits have acted in concert under color of law – with media assistance – to delay and deny justice.

Those whom I’ve shared the descriptions with are of the opinion that they leave no room for doubt on conspiracy. I intend to publish them on my blog, which is a humble affair with a mere 14,000+ “hits,” but a significant number of those “hits” are international. Many foreign nationals are interested in the quality and availability of justice in America, particularly since we barbarically retain the death penalty. A team of U.N. representatives came to Florida to investigate the Immokalee Workers claims of agricultural slavery, it is conceivable that another team of U.N. representatives can come to Florida to to investigate claims of conviction corruption.

Judy Bushey’s email included written misrepresentations of my emails as well as our witnessed, in-person conversation, i.e.; claimed ignorance of which of Jeffrey Abramowski’s files I was interested in. This possibly betrays an intent to harm via deliberate duress, as I’d made it clear that I have volatile epilepsy, that stress can cause seizures, and that seizures can be fatal … as they were for Texas exoneree James Woodard.

As my requests were reasonable and as clear as my description of potential physical harm, I insist upon equally clear, immediate responses. Thank you.


Susan Chandler


From: Susan Chandler
Date: May 2, 2013 8:57:41 AM EDT
To:,, “Cc: Governor Rick Scott”
Cc:,,,, *TIGTA Investigations Complaints Unit , ASKDOJ , Patrick Leahy ,, Tampa Division ,,,, “GAETZ.DON.WEB” , Speaker Will Weatherford , “NEGRON.JOE.WEB” , Larry Lee
Subject: Gary Stanley Bennett, Jr., other clouded Central Florida convictions, and specious Kill Bill [TIGTA complaint number 55-1106-0136-C]

Dear State Attorney Ashton, State Attorney Archer and Governor Scott,

I am writing to ensure that the email directed to S.A. Ashton and S.A. Archer’s executive secretaries yesterday reaches their employers, and to add addition purposes to that communication.

After sending out both emails below, I found out that Florida’s Legislature passed the “Timely Justice Act.” As you know, this bill would more aptly be titled “Let’s Kill the Poor Bastards Fast So We Can Destroy All Evidence Lawfully Act,” as Florida’s judiciary have an easily discernible penchant for protecting inept and/or malicious prosecutors ahead of furthering justice.

All three of you opted in to conviction corruption. As you are the latecomer, Governor Scott, your path to opting out is smoother, and begins with vetoing the “Timely Justice Act,” followed by releasing William “Tommy” Zeigler and Gary Stanley Bennett on recognizance, pending clemency or retrial. As I have made you aware, governor, S.A. Ashton welded the two cases together by falsely portraying both men as homosexuals, and had no business touching Gary’s case, as his circuit had used oft-discredited dog handler John Preston to convict Linroy Bottoson, who was executed in 2002.

To review, Preston was initially discredited in December of 1982 in Dale Sutton’s Ohio federal case, which was within the knowledge of those that prosecuted Gary in January of 1984. Preston cost Floridians 54 years of incarceration costs for Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon. Preston cost Floridians additional millions in exoneration compensation for Wilton Dedge and William Dillon, and an untold sum in fighting to not similarly compensate the non-white guy, Juan Ramos. Preston caused hapless schizophrenic LInroy Bottoson to be strapped to a gurney and die with ghouls looking on. Preston’s “almost had him” declarations caused hapless serial confessor Gerald Stano to be fried alive in Old Sparky, and that Stano was a confessor rather than a killer is the sworn opinion of several brave Daytona officers as well as the first ghost writer investigator Paul Crow hired to capitalize on pretending Stano was a killer. No forensic evidence against Stano. None. And all the “cleared” cases kept serial killers on the streets. Like Ottis Toole and his accomplices. And Jeffrey Dahmer. And Ted Bundy. The jailhouse informant used against Stano was also used against Dedge, and he named his coaches as prosecutors Chris White and (John) Dean Moxley. He named them in time to save Stano. Which brings us full circle to the Florida judiciaries penchant for prodigiously protecting inept and/or malicious prosecutors ahead of furthering justice.

I am prepared to tie a third state attorneys office into the misbehaviors of the 9th and 18th, and believe that doing so will force the mainstream media – after over three decades of riding along – to at long last abandon the good ship Coverup, leaving Bar associations to attempt to keep the ship afloat and their false flags flying on stormier seas than they’re ever navigated.

Again, my request of you, Governor Scott, is that you veto the despicable “Timely Justice Act,” and that you cure the decades of malicious prosecution endured by Floridians, beginning with Tommy Zeiger and Gary Bennett.

My request of you, S.A. Ashton, is that you provide the documents I requested of Ms. Zayas, below, as well as answer the questions I asked of her.

My request of you, S.A. Archer, is that you answer the questions I asked of Ms. Bushey.

Please do not use subordinates as shields, sirs; either respond to me directly, or stonewall me directly … conspiracy to violate rights is a federal offense, and no one should be directed to participate so as to continue to receive a paycheck. Thank you for your time, sirs, I look forward to your responses.


Susan Chandler


From: Susan Chandler
Date: May 1, 2013 12:28:35 PM EDT
To: Cc: Governor Rick Scott ,,,,, *TIGTA Investigations Complaints Unit , ASKDOJ , Patrick Leahy ,, Tampa Division ,,,, “GAETZ.DON.WEB” , Speaker Will Weatherford , “NEGRON.JOE.WEB” , Larry Lee
Subject: Fwd: Gary Stanley Bennett, Jr. and other clouded Central Florida convictions [TIGTA complaint number 55-1106-0136-C]

Please note that I have received a error message from Earthlink indicating that both Ms. Bushey and Ms. Zayas’ email addresses are incorrect.

Despite that notification, I am going to proceed with publishing my email on my blog and sort the failure out after the lunch hour, as one of Gary Bennett’s sister posted a message on the Free Gary Bennett Facebook page indicating that Gary is being harassed by a guard as well as an inmate who has given him trouble in the past. Gary’s size and physical frailty have often made him a target during his 29 years of ludicrously false imprisonment … the prosecutors were well aware that dog handler John Preston had been found a fraud and a perjurer in Dale Sutton’s Ohio federal case in December of 1982, Gary was tried and convicted in January of 1984.


From: Susan Chandler
Date: May 1, 2013 12:03:09 PM EDT
To: j.bushey@sa18.state.fl,
Cc: Governor Rick Scott ,,,,, *TIGTA Investigations Complaints Unit , ASKDOJ , Patrick Leahy ,, Tampa Division ,,,, “GAETZ.DON.WEB” , Speaker Will Weatherford , “NEGRON.JOE.WEB” , Larry Lee
Subject: Gary Stanley Bennett, Jr. and other clouded Central Florida convictions [TIGTA complaint number 55-1106-0136-C]

Ms. Arlene Zayas,
Executive Secretary to Jeff Ashton,
State Attorney, 9th Judicial Circuit

Ms. Judy Bushey,
Executive Secretary to Phil Archer,
State Attorney, 18th Judicial Circuit

Dear Ms. Zayas and Ms. Bushey,

I am writing in regards to the state attorney case records of Gary Bennett and several other gentlemen, including some whose names I brought up in person with you, Ms. Bushey … Crosley Green, Monte Adams and Jeffrey Abramowski. You, Ms. Zayas, would be more familiar with the names William “Tommy” Zeigler and John Wesley Dobbs IV.

It is my understanding that both of your offices have official records custodians, and that my being made to tender records requests to each of you is extraordinary.

As you both know, death row attorneys are not necessarily Floridians – like Crosley Green’s and Tommy Ziegler’s – making it necessary for state attorneys offices to produce records as rapidly as county clerks offices do. As Ms. Bushey likely knows, the Brevard County Clerk of Courts recently passed a test for producing redacted records upon request, furnishing them in minutes, not hours or days.

As no employee at a county clerk’s office has ever asked me to identify myself, state my relationship to the party whose records I’d requested, declare my intent in viewing records, and define my advocacy for incarcerated innocents as individual or affiliated, as you did, Ms. Bushey, I request that you apprise me of the statutory authority for your interrogation. As Bar activities are the focus of my aging TIGTA complaint, I also ask that you disclose any relationship of your office’s official records custodian, Patty Crowell, to the Washington, D.C. law firm Crowell and Moring, which the Florida Bar arranged to present Crosley’s death row appeals. I additionally ask that you disclose at whose behest the Bar made that appointment, and if you do not not know, that you direct me to a party that would have that information.

Similarly, I ask that you disclose, Ms. Zayas, whether or not Tommy’s out-of-state death row defense was Florida Bar-appointed, too, and – if so – either name at whose behest the Bar appointment was made, or direct me to a party that would have that information.

Ms. Bushey told me that your office is still in possession of Gary Bennett’s case file, Ms. Zayas, so I will make my initial records request of you. From Gary’s file, I would like copies of the letters written by Judge John Dean Moxley to then-lead prosecutor Jeff Ashton concerning Gary’s prosecution. It is my understanding that there are two letters, both on official stationary – one handwritten, one typed. I would also like a copy of Orchid Cellmark’s report(s) and/or correspondence concerning the condition of Gary’s evidence, apparently received at their Dallas County, Texas facility in 2010 for DNA testing in even more suspect condition than William Dillon’s related evidence was received in 2008. As per-page fees would likely amount to a couple of dollars at most, I request that they be waived so that the requested copies can be emailed to me as soon as possible, and as the requested documents stand out from all others due to their unique origins, that there be no pretense of my having asked for an “investigation” that I must pay for by the hour, per specious state statute, for which any number of hours could dishonestly be claimed … and were there no need to anticipate dishonesty, I would be making this request of the records custodian.

Please forward this email to R. J. Larizza’s office, as I will similarly be addressing 7th circuit state attorney activities. Thank you both for your time; I look forward to your prompt responses.


Susan Chandler

P.S. Although I conversed with Ms. Bushey after my visit to Brevard, please do not contact me by phone. Like Gary Bennett, I have volatile epilepsy and am subject to stress-engendered seizures, and just like the published accounts of Texas exoneree James Woodard’s behaviors under duress after his seizure-related death, while under duress I may seem to be participating in a conversation while minimally aware (or entirely unaware) of what is being said, including what I say. Thank you.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to As email trail lengthens, patience with conviction corruption expires

  1. Judges and lawyers practice together in collusion in Brevard County….

    After speaking with the local state attorney, it was noted crimes can’t be prosecuted by the state attorney without a law enforcement report. The court appears to be closed to the citizens who cant pay the local civil attorneys who the local sheriff’s department charges for advertising in their jail. Such egregious actions can only be described as not paying the local mafia for protection against their actions. Are local law enforcement agents on the take?

    It appears, in Brevard County, justice is for sale where if you can’t afford an attorney criminals can exploit the poor all they want. This raises serious concerns about the local government and just how deep the collusion goes. The Objective Review interviewed an individual who used to work in the local chamber of commerce who previously blew the whistle on corruption within the chamber of commerce and we decided to dig deeper.

    As it turns out Judge Charles J. Roberts is now Deputy Chief Judge and has a former relationship with Attorney Joseph Culmer. Culmer & Davidson P.A. used to be Roberts & Culmer P.A. in fact if you ever defended against attorney Joseph Culmer or Scarlett Davidson before Judge Charles J. Roberts serious ethical questions should come to mind about fairness and justice.

    Attorney Joseph Culmer acquired the firm from Judge Roberts which is reported to generate a multi-millions a year. The original Roberts and Culmer information can be found at the division of corporations for Florida. Joseph Culmer then teamed up with Scarlett Davidson as the division of corporations shows the name was changed in 2009.

    However the buck doesn’t stop there as attorney Shari Wilson admitted to being good friends with Attorney Daniel Freyberg (Daniel Freyberg previously partnered with magistrate Jenifer Taylor). Attorney Shari Wilson previously partnered with Judge Charles Crawford. So if you ever felt like the cards were stacked against you for not having enough money in court, you can rest assured you were right according to Shari Wilson if you don’t pay her enough in appointed cases she doesn’t care what you want.

    Apparently lawyers in practice with a lawyer who becomes a judge in Brevard is like winning the lottery. Where it appears who ever has the most money wins. Public officials are required to be bonded but after contacting their offices they claim they have never heard of such a thing or refer you to someone else who refers you back to them. Judge Moxley’s assistant said she wasn’t sure she was allowed to give out that information (which is supposed to be public information).


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