Sensationalized IRS Smokescreen, No. 2

Obama Dismisses New Benghazi Furor But Condemns I.R.S. –

Mr. Obama’s comments about the I.R.S. left the agency and its leadership alone in answering charges that its employees had put added demands on Tea Party and other conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status from 2010 to 2012, even though none appeared to have been denied the classification.

via Obama Dismisses New Benghazi Furor But Condemns I.R.S. –

There you have it, ” … none appeared to have been denied the classification.”

So what is all the noise about, really, if the IRS didn’t deny any exemptions?

Here’s the deal.

Not too long ago, the IRS admitted it had been lax (gasp!) in voiding the exemptions of groups that hadn’t kept their exemption paperwork current, and thousands of organizations nationwide lost their exemptions in the “scandal” of the IRS admitting their neglect. Boy Scout troops, Veterans organizations, etc., were affected … not a big fish in sight. The mainstream media was all over the story, it was Sensationalized IRS Smokescreen, No. 1.

Behind the smokescreens, the herd of elephants in the IRS Oversight Board room remains the unrighteously tax exempt; the subject of my many challenges to the IRS … including the exemption status of every last Bar association.

The mainstream media – alas – has only fleeting and disjointed objections to separate but equal justice (over which the Bar’s exemptions must be retroactively voided), just as it had no major and cohesive objections to separate but equal facilities … until pressured by protests.

Despite their obligation to maintain the public trust, the mainstream media is protective of the elite, and disparaging of the masses that provide their incomes: They will continue to participate in Sensationalized IRS Smokescreens until pressured by protests, just as they will continue to pretend – until pressured by protests – that the majority of U.S. Supreme Court Justices are acting within the Constitution in reaffirming separate but equal justice in Connick v Thompson, in declaring legal fictions (corporations) to be people, in giving Monsanto control of our food supply, in allowing death warrants to be carried out in convictions clouded by prosecutorial misconduct, in imposing ridiculous unfairness on the likes of Lilly Ledbetter, and other ugliness. They will also continue to pretend that the Senate rules don’t need revising so as to end minority control of the majority.

The herd of elephants is still in the IRS Oversight Board room, but I suspect it will take very little in the way of protest to put it out to pasture … likely just a handful of people forwarding my previous posted emails to the IRSOB with “I agree” in the subject line, because having clear objections to a federal agency’s behaviors on the public record can offset all manner of media sensationalism.

Here’s what you’ll be agreeing with: Bar associations are not legitimately exempt; instead of equally protecting the public and their members through diligently addressing misconduct, they are harboring criminals. The IRS appears to be a willing participant in the Bar’s harboring of criminals, they were unwilling to prosecute three years of income tax frauds upon me, which protected the reputation of former prosecutor/current Judge John Dean Moxley, a prominent figure in the false convictions of Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge, William Dillon and many others.

Until Moxley is investigated and prosecuted, his harm will be continual – evidenced by his brazen interference in Gary Bennett’s case – and Moxley is but one of thousands of prosecutors nationwide who deserve to be prosecuted and incarcerated. Bennett’s frame-up is nearly identical to that of Ramos, Dedge and Dillon, with a key difference being the dog handler that testified against all of them being thoroughly discredited MORE THAN A YEAR BEFORE Bennett’s trial, within Moxley’s knowledge.

As to there being thousands of malicious prosecutors who need to be investigated and prosecuted, the blasé recipient of Moxley’s brazen interference was Jeff Ashton, who was with the prosecutors office when Linroy Bottoson was executed in 2002. As the same discredited dog handler had been used against Bottoson as Bennett, Ashton knew that accepting transfer of Bennett’s case was improper. Ashton upped the ante on malice, falsely accusing Bennett of homosexuality as he had death row innocent William “Tommy” Zeigler many years earlier.

The general public has no idea how many innocents they’re paying to be kept safe from while felons remain free, courtesy of the Bar’s penchant for protecting self-sullied reputations ahead of protecting public safety. It’s likely tens of thousands … discredited dog handlers alone participated in over 3,000 criminal investigations.

If Moxley’s behaviors when I was before him are consistent, he doesn’t read motions and doesn’t care when women are demonstrably in danger. I survived Moxley’s unwillingness to work for his wages, but Alissa Blanton didn’t; her stalker took her life, then his own. The media covered for Moxley, allowing him to directly contradict his statements just months earlier, in which he blamed Yolanda Garvin-Williams for her own homicide for not following through on securing a protection order.

So, a little bit of boldness, please, to force the IRS to get down to actual business instead of devising yet another Sensationalized Smokescreen. Use the search window, find one of my emails to the IRSOB about the Bar and forward it to them with “I agree” in the subject line. Patriotism isn’t waving flags; patriotism is an ongoing participatory process. Horrid prosecutors become judges, district attorneys, attorney generals, legislators, governors, etc., and seldom – if ever – pick up a conscience along the way. The IRS took down Capone, it’s time for them to take down the Bar. Thanks.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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