No tears for Texas. Or Bangladesh.

The explosion at a West, Texas fertilizer plant made the blasts at the Boston Marathon look like cherry bombs … the explosion blew down buildings rather than blowing out windows.

The bigger national news story was the domestic terrorism of corporate greed again killing American citizens, but the camera crews went to Boston.
All of them.

With dozens dead in West, no one bothered to count the bodies, the missing, the maimed. Many of the confirmed dead were first responders. People were made homeless, and people were put out of work.
What happened in Boston was a tragedy, but what happened in West was a travesty, because what happened in West was predictable and preventable.
That the local, state and federal resources expended on Boston were counterproductive is self-evident. The boat owner noticed something amiss as soon as he was no longer under house arrest. If he’d never been on house arrest, he’d have found Suspect #2 many hours earlier.
That the local, state and federal resources we fail to expend on an ongoing basis on inspecting industrial endeavors would be equally self-evident if our media was ethical. We know a bit about the deaths related to BP’s spill and Massey’s mine, but we truly don’t have a clue as to the extent of industrial deaths … the mega-merged mainstream media has decided that industrial deaths aren’t news. Anywhere.
So we aren’t shedding tears for Texas, or tears for Bangladesh, where yet another garment industry industry incident has taken over 400 lives, with the toll still rising.
Industrial deaths anywhere are intolerable to me, because it used to be my job to prevent them, and it wasn’t particularly difficult. To my knowledge, no business that took my advice on safety equipment or safety procedures suffered an incident or injury, let alone a death. When you specify die press safety block, personnel lifts, dock lifts, cat walks, dock ramps, etc., you have to give a damn about what you’re doing, or people will lose fingers, or limbs, or mobility, or their very lives. I refused to work with business owners or purchasers who considered preventable industrial incidents a cost of doing business. And I didn’t refuse nicely.
There were very few business owners or purchasers willing to risk worker injury, let alone  death, to save a few bucks in the 80’s and early 90’s, but the game has changed. It’s now considered way cool to oppress for success, even to the death, even Mark Zuckerberg has joined in. But oppressing your way to success is still cheating to win, and no one who cheats to win is anything but a loser, no matter how much money he has in offshore accounts.

The mainstream media is determined to have us look up to losers chiefly because they, too, are cheat-to-win losers, i.e.; ABC/Disney doesn’t like to pay a living wage, or provide benefits … not even sick days.
There’s a bill in the Florida legislature right now that will take away Orange County’s ability to legislate that businesses in operation there – like Disney – provide earned sick days. That means that one sick tourist – perhaps ill with Bird Flu – could spread a disease among Disney workers and other tourists from all over the world, faster than the Center for Disease Control Director can spell Mickey Mouse.
And there was an attempt to interfere in that legislation going forward within Orange County, referred to locally as textgate. The State Attorney who is refusing to investigate that interference is none other than former prosecutor Jeff Ashton, of Casey Anthony notoriety. (Those who are surprised haven’t read any of my other blog posts.)
The articles below are helpful to filling in the blanks the mainstream media deliberately created on the preventible travesties in Texas and Bangladesh.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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