Governor Bryant … DNA test Willie Manning’s evidence

April 30, 2013

Dear Governor Bryant,

I’m writing to insist that you stay the execution of Willie Manning and 
order DNA testing of the physical evidence.

Mr. Manning was convicted on circumstantial evidence, including the 
testimony of a jailhouse informant … who had previously implicated 
another person. 

No physical evidence ties Mr. Manning to the crime or the crime scene. 
None. He has always maintained his innocence.

DNA testing provides definitive proof of guilt or innocence. And when 
prosecutors and judges are afraid of the proof of guilt or innocence, you 
must become afraid of them.

The buck stops with you. And the buck belongs to the taxpayers. While many 
of them [are] in favor of the death penalty, you can bet your life that none of 
them are in favor of executing an innocent.

Yours is the only life that is yours to bet. Not Willie Manning’s. 

Order the DNA tests, sir, and if they indicate innocence, immediately 
investigate the prosecutors. The history of exonerations indicates that 
malicious prosecutions are often serial, not singular, and that the Bar 
often knows of bad players, and does absolutely nothing to hold them in 

Break from the pack, Governor Bryant. Do the right thing.


Susan Chandler 

I wrote to Governor Bryant via an Innocence Project action campaign, because it was the only campaign on Willie Manning’s behalf that I’m aware of. I no longer support the Innocence Project, as I believe that Bar members are far more responsible for false convictions and wrongful executions than law enforcement officers. That said, I hope that every reader will take action through the IP to ensure that Governor Bryant orders DNA testing of Willie Manning’s evidence. Here’s the link:

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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