Detroit Police Officer Accused of Shooting 7-Year-Old Will Go to Trial

“The question is, why has this case taken so long?” says Scott. “The raid was obviously not conducted according to police regulations. There are many other cases where the Michigan State Police have brought in and adjudicated within 18 months.”

via Detroit Police Officer Accused of Shooting 7-Year-Old Will Go to Trial.

The answer to, “why has this case taken so long,” has the same answer as most questions about unequal or unavailable justice.

That answer is, “The mainstream media.”

A&E was there the night that 7-year-old Aiyana was shot to death while sleeping on the couch. They were filming the raid-in-progress – on the wrong address.

The Detroit Free Press and Detroit News should have nagged A&E into cooperating in a full-out, non-stop shout-out for justice for Aiyana.

But both newspapers are content to let anything and everything happen to children to protect the self-sullied reputations of public servants. That’s why they report so little about Davontae Sanford, who has been cleared by one the actual perpetrators – professional hit man Vincent Smothers – of the quadruple homicide he’s serving time for. Sanford is blind in one eye, developmentally disabled, and was coerced into confessing to a multiple “hit” that likely no able-bodied 14-year-old could have committed. Neither newspaper is bothered by the reported abuse that Davontae is suffering in prison, including being hog-tied.

My respect for Detroit’s dailies is past-tense, and the same goes for A&E .

A&E/Lifetime ignored my pleas not to air the made-for-TV movie that sanitized and glorified Jeff Ashton, the lead prosecutor in the Casey Anthony case, with its promotion fueling Ashton winning the position of Orange/Osceola State Attorney (Floridian for District Attorney).

Ashton was leading the prosecutions of incarcerated innocents William “Tommy” Zeigler and Gary Stanley Bennett Jr. while leading the Anthony prosecution. It wouldn’t have taken much effort on A&E/Lifetime‘s part to verify that both Tommy and Gary had been falsely accused of homosexuality, as I’d apprised them. If they were unable to find any links to this obscure blog, surely they could have found one link to YouTube.

Florida Today and the Orlando Sentinel were even worse at reporting about Gary and Tommy as the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News were about Aiyana and Davontae. Tommy’s been on death row for 37 years, Gary’s been in general population for 29. Meanwhile, multiple killers walked free. The homicides Tommy was framed for likely involved at least two perpetrators, the homicide that Gary was framed for liked involved at least three perpetrators.

Injustice costs far more than justice. And it’s deadlier, no matter how hard the mainstream media tries to cover it up. And uglier, no matter how hard the conjoined film industry tries to pretty it up … Rob Lowe played Jeff Ashton.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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