5 Exciting Verdicts: Occupy Keeps Winning in Court | Care2 Causes

While Occupy might not be grabbing as many headlines as of late, many of the cases from previous years’ incidents are finally reaching their conclusions in court. The good news is that the outcomes are overwhelmingly in favor of the activists, showing that even if the police and state are seemingly going above and beyond to obstruct dissent, the courts are paying more attention to the Constitution.

via 5 Exciting Verdicts: Occupy Keeps Winning in Court | Care2 Causes.

If Occupy takes to our streets and parks again when the weather warms, they may meet with police cooperation instead of top-down directed violence and dirty tricks.

After all, the 1% – as represented by ALEC and other purveyors of parasitic purviews – aren’t exactly keeping it under their hats that they want to break police unions, with the goal of making officers receive inadequate wages and benefits, with no legal protection from supervisor’s whims – often politically motivated.

I strongly disagree with police unions when they knowingly battle to keep bums in uniform, bums whose every action endangers good officers. But I strongly agree with police unions when they battle for wages and benefits in keeping with the degree of danger involved in performing law enforcement work properly, and legal representation that ensures that standup behaviors are never punished.

An esteemed officer was recently killed in the line of duty here in St. Lucie County. His name was Gary Morales. His wife and children should want for nothing, ever.

That isn’t how ALEC sees it, per their union-busting “model legislation” that sold-out legislators hard-sell as their own.

But it is how Occupy sees it.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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