An immoral moral of a story …

Massachusetts charges two laboratories with health care fraud | The Pathology Blawg

In just the last year, the state of Massachusetts was reported to be investigating Quest and LabCorp for possible Medicare fraud, settled with Calloway Labs for $20 million (again involving urine drug screen shenanigans), is dealing with the compounding pharmacy at the center of the fungal meningitis outbreak, is host to a federal grand jury investigating Millennium Laboratories, and settled with four pathology groups for $140,000 over allegations of improper medical record disposal.

And that’s just what’s been reported.  Who knows how much more there is we don’t know about yet.

via Massachusetts charges two laboratories with health care fraud | The Pathology Blawg.

The linked article is specifically about Franey Medical Laboratories (FML) in Massachusetts and East Side Clinical Laboratory in Rhode Island being charged by the state of Massachusetts with providing kickbacks.

The Pathology Blawg alone provides enough ongoing information on Medicare and Medicaid fraud to strongly suggest, if not prove, that the punishments for medical professionals who’ve been caught red-handed have not been harsh enough to serve as a deterrent.

It’s funny that our self-ascribed “fiscally responsible” legislators aren’t frothing at the mouth over so many medical practitioners – decade in and decade out – feeling entitled to rip-off “entitlement” programs … about as funny as their calling any paid-for-in-advance benefit an “entitlement” to begin with.

And about as funny as helping ever-ethically-challenged behemoths like LabCorp to grow and grow and grow.

My interest in LabCorp began with their untoward acquisition of Orchid Cellmark, a forensics lab that believes it’s nobody’s business when evidence arrives at their facility in suspect condition, even though lives and freedoms hinge on it.

William Dillon’s evidence arrived at Orchid Cellmark in 2008 from Brevard County, Florida unsealed but testable. Bill was freed, after 27.5 years.

Gary Bennett’s evidence at Orchid Cellmark in 2010 from Brevard County, Florida sealed but untestable. Gary remains incarcerated, after 29+ years.

Federal regulatory agencies had every opportunity to say “no” to LabCorp growing; they weren’t deliberately hamstrung into immobility – as the NLRB and the judiciary are – by our fiscally responsible legislators who filibuster, obstruct and lie for the likes of LabCorp.

The Pathology Blawg’s diligently gets the word out on Medicare and Medicaid fraud news that remains local, and shouldn’t. The immoral moral of this story is that one must follow blogs to know what’s going on … and that lives and freedoms depend on knowing what’s going on.

Despite Gary Bennett being framed in the exact same manner in the exact same county as William Dillon, there’s a big difference in their cases – Gary was convicted AFTER scent tracker John Preston was discredited in a federal court, within the prosecutor’s knowledge

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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