Mainstream media helps keep false convictions intact

Appeals Court Issues Acquittal in Dog-Scent Murder Case | The Texas Tribune

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Wednesday issued an acquittal in the case of Megan Winfrey, 24, who has been behind bars since 2007 in a murder case in which her conviction was based almost entirely on evidence from dog-scent lineups.

Winfrey, along with her father, Richard Winfrey, and her brother Richard Winfrey Jr. were charged with the 2004 murder of school janitor Murray Burr in Coldspring. Richard Winfrey Jr. was acquitted by a jury in 2009. Richard Winfrey Sr. was convicted in 2007, but the Court of Appeals acquitted him in 2009, ruling that the dog-scent evidence was insufficient for his conviction.

via Appeals Court Issues Acquittal in Dog-Scent Murder Case | The Texas Tribune.


DNA and otherwise discredited scent dog handler Keith Pikett participated in over 2,000 Texas criminal investigations, resulting in an untold number of false convictions.

Pikett’s victims are being made to fight for their freedom one-by-one, with the media making those fights all the more difficult by withholding Pikett’s name from articles about exonerations, like Megan Winfrey’s. And Like Richard Winfrey, Sr.’s, and Richard Winfrey, Jr.’s.

Run Keith Pikett’s name through Bing’s search, and you’ll find next to nothing. The media’s failure to mention Pikett’s name is a longstanding practice.

Decades long.

With precedents.

DNA and otherwise discredited scent dog handler John Preston seldom gets mentioned by name, either, although some he helped frame have been in prison for decades.

Gary Bennett endured a 29th anniversary of his Brevard County, Florida Preston frame-up last month.

But I believe that there is now – finally – enough evidence of a conspiracy to violate rights to free Gary, secure Juan Ramos’ exoneration compensation and make Brevard public servants wish to God they’d never made recent public statements about a “new witness” against DNA-exonerated William Dillon.

Ethical bloggers mention dog handlers by name, likely because they aren’t trying to engineer election outcomes, the activity that the mainstream media seems to make priority number one, the activity that may make them a prosecutable part of an assortment of conspiracies to violate rights.

All three branches of Texas government knows that Megan Winfrey should have walked free the second she was acquitted. And if that fact somehow escaped The Texas Tribune‘s attention, I’d sure like to know how.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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