No raise in minimum wage in five years … most dangerous corporate subsidy

The 5 Worst States To Spend Your Childhood | Care2 Causes

The nonprofit health care policy group Kaiser Health released new state-level data on Medicaid and food-stamp enrollment and the numbers help paint a bleak picture for child poverty in this country. The numbers are bad all around but for these five states, they are especially troubling.

via The 5 Worst States To Spend Your Childhood | Care2 Causes.

I pulled some statistics and did some reading. The minimum wage would now be over $10 per hour if we’ve had legislators and a president that didn’t continually kiss corporate ass.

Per the referenced article, the five worst places to be a child are:

1. Mississippi
2. New Mexico
3. Louisiana
4. Alabama
5. Most of the rest of the South, + Michigan

The legislative decision to keep most Americans impoverished to benefit less than 1% of the population is a daily decision.

Raising the minimum wage to levels that economic history indicate are necessary for a thriving economy would have:

1. Gotten millions of Americans off food stamps and other forms of assistance.
2. Funded Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Unemployment more than adequately.
3. Prevented hundreds of thousands of home foreclosures and tens of thousands of student loan defaults.
4. Increased purchase of durable goods, replenishing state coffers dependent on sales tax revenues.
5. Alleviated most of the rest of our economic problems, and not just in the South, + Michigan.

America is not broke, but America sure the hell is broken. With the current, subversive state of the Filibuster, one single U.S. senator can kill a bill to raise the minimum wage, in complete silence.

In silence, the U.S. Senate makes up scary “Cliffs” to throw us off and “Ceilings” to crash down on us, all the while knowing all they have to do is give @four million Americans a $3 per hour raise, the appropriate way to say “thanks” for worker productivity having soared.

Subversion’r’Us is a lousy credo for the U.S. Senate, but it fits like a glove.

They’re lining up the buses to throw us under.

If you doubt these words, please do some additional reading:

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