Florida Today scams subscribers, advertisers, shareholders. Again.

Brevard prosecutor, defender plan to build on predecessors’ successes | FLORIDA TODAY | floridatoday.com

In the next year, Archer said he and Sheriff Wayne Ivey, who was sworn in on Monday, will create a specialized unit to target public corruption, white-collar and financial crimes. Archer said part of that will include training for prosecutors and investigators to better handle those types of cases and help victims.

via Brevard prosecutor, defender plan to build on predecessors' successes | FLORIDA TODAY | floridatoday.com.

The headline says that Brevard’s new public defender and state attorney will build on their predecessors successes, when the exonerations of Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon all indicate that their predecessors greatest successes were in fooling the public into believing that justice was ever available in Brevard while they were in office. This decades-long sham required the cooperation of local, state and federal law enforcement as well as the cooperation of all three branches of government at the local, state and federal level.

Knowing that – and ever so much more – Florida Today published pledges to investigate public corruption from State Attorney Archer and Sheriff Ivey.

To investigate that public corruption, the pledge-makers would have to investigate not only themselves, but Florida Today, who seldom publish follow-ups for their most outlandish claims, i.e.; a former surfer named Sandra Weeks being ready to testify that she gave William Dillon the T-shirt that later became drenched with James Dvorak’s blood and DNA that wasn’t Dillon’s.

They also don’t publish follow-up stories for their spot-on claims, i.e.; the expert DNA testimony used to convict Jeffrey Abramowski was inaccurate … two markers out of 15 is not a “hit.” They also published the fact that William Dillon’s evidence arrived at Orchid Cellmark in Dallas County, Texas in suspect condition in 2008, but neglected to publish the fact that Gary Bennett’s evidence arrived at the same facility in even more suspect condition in 2010.

Brevard’s frame-ups have already cost Floridians a fortune; it is always more expensive to persecute an innocent than it is to prosecute a perpetrator, especially when coached jailhouse informants are relied on as heavily as Brevard relied upon them. Giving out permanent “get out of jail – free” to bad guys results in multiple rearrests, and doubtless much parlaying between agencies to facilitate wrist slaps and re-releases.

To do what they’ve pledged, Brevard’s new public defender, new state attorney and new sheriff would all have to investigate how Gary Bennett’s case ended up in a judicial circuit where the discredited dog handler John Preston had also testified, resulting in schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson’s wrongful execution. They would have to investigate why then-prosecutor/now State Attorney Jeff Ashton not only was comfortable with the incurably-tainted transfer, but comfortable with receiving Brevard Judge John Dean Moxley’s written admonitions not to allow the DNA to be tested, which likely more than explains why Gary’s evidence arrived at Orchid Cellmark in untestable condition, although sealed.

When you frame an innocent, you frame his entire family … you not only publicly humiliate them and destroy them financially, you deny them representation for the taxes they pay while fleecing them continually for exorbitantly-priced phone calls/financial services/sundries. Their hearts re-break on every holiday and every birthday, and at every funeral. Gary lost his brother and one of his sisters, and his mother – the magnificent Ms. Maxine – is frail … 29 years of tears takes an incredible toll.

The collusion between the Brevard/Seminole and Orange/Osceola judicial circuits is as longstanding and tangible as the collusion between the Orlando Sentinel and Florida Today. All the parties have fiduciary responsibilities to the public; all the parties are obliged to maintain the public trust.

Florida Today closed their article about newcomers with this from retiring State Attorney Norm Wolfinger, “I believe each of them fully understands that it is a privilege to serve the people of Brevard County, and that it is not about them,” he said in a statement. “It is about serving truth and justice.”

Were a word of that true, Wolfinger would have held out his wrists to be cuffed after finishing his statement, confessing to his role in frame-ups and cover-ups, and accepting ankle-braceleted permanent house arrest in a very humble home … post-asset forfeiture.

Courtesy of watching After Innocence one too many times in screening it for others, Wolfinger is one of the cast of characters in my night terrors, documented by a 48-hour EEG I’d never had run if I’d known its price tag.

I’m wishing night terrors on every last man and woman who could stand up and end conviction corruption and won’t, especially reporters. Wake up to broken teeth, wake up to a back that feels broken, wake up crying, wake up drenched in sweat, wake up so often that it feels like you’ve never slept … not for days, not for weeks, not for months.

What I endure in daily humiliation to keep writing instead of designing homes and gardens, may you all endure worse. Much worse. You’ve put hundreds of innocents in hell and then kept them there, some for 36 years.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to Florida Today scams subscribers, advertisers, shareholders. Again.

  1. Edna Jane Favreau says:

    Would the following not be a better way to run a court system than what is going on now ?
    ( The solution to how to better run the courts – seems very simple : )

    1. Do away with the requirement that judges must be lawyers first. Instead, open up this important occupation to highly educated adults, except attorneys, who can demonstrate and take a test to show an appropriate level of competence to be a fair and unbiased judge. Next, appropriate standards of education and work experience should be based on subject matter to be judged, not on some poorly formulated idea that lawyers ‘always know best.’ Have ‘College classes’ on how to be judges, and learn what laws mean regarding our citizens and fundamental fairness, under Our Constitution. And above all, require everyone in the courtroom to give an Oath to tell the ‘truth’ and nothing but the truth, under penalty of perjury, and be subjected to swift penalties.

    2. For example, as an alternative to requiring a law degree, judges in our courts should be trained in the laws and social sciences, with complete attention to what is best for the citizens, by using intense efforts on how to be a fair judge, and how to best distinguish how to raise healthy young citizens, and of course, in addition, they must learn Laws, and what they mean to everyone, including insolvent or disabled citizens need able counsel.

    3. Completely learn how to promote and to effectively instruct the negotiators in how to enhance their negotiations skills in order to help the citizens, and study the economic problems created by a divorce, and make conscientious earnest and intense efforts to record notes in the record so when or if it comes time to make out the Judge’s Orders, his Judicial Assistant will be able to type the judge’s actual Orders from those notes and/or a recording as he speaks them, and keep the court minutes in the records for a “back-up record.”

    4. See Polizzi v Polizzi, 600 So. 2d 490 (Fla. 5 DCA 1992 case. Too many judges allow their favorite attorney to decide what to write on the Orders which will leave the other side “short changed” too many times. id See Polizzi v Polizzi instructions, and also Tenn. v Lane, and the Goodman case about disabled victims of abuse

    5. Judges must activity intend to accomplish what is best for children of divorce. Clearly, judges should put everyone in the courtroom under Oath if they are going to address the court in any way, that means Attorneys also. Polizzi v Polizzi, 600 So. 2d 490 (Fla. 5 DCA 1992; next see F.S. § 61.16 (1) that was made law, and why 588 So.2d 586 was Ordered by the Florida Supreme Court in 1991. Also Bane v Bane, SC99-93, where Fla. S.Ct. judge explains Fla. R. Civ. P. 61.16(1); Smith v Smith, 761 So.2d 370, 5DCA (Fla. 2000); Fraud upon the court caused the disabled woman damage, and if this court keeps ignoring these facts it will be causing more damage and harm:


    • Thank you for your comment, Ms. Favreau. You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into it.

      As I advocate for incarcerated innocents (including some on death row), I’m all for a speed-of-light solution to judicial wrongdoing.

      I believe the fastest way to ensure judicial fairness is to promptly prosecute attorneys and judges that have willfully violated laws. That way, corrupt attorneys will refrain from seeking judicial election and reject judicial appointments … and judges whose corruption hasn’t been caught on to as yet may well resign before it is, curtailing further harm to innocent litigants.

      DNA-exonerations have provided an extraordinarily lengthy, airtight list of corrupt pubic servants, and the FBI is mandated to investigate public corruption that affects trial outcomes. Had the FBI acted on my requests to investigate Brevard’s public corruption years ago, many public servants, including judges, would now be serving federal sentences. The Tampa Division oversees the Brevard FBI field office, and they can be reached by email [Tampa Division ]. FBI Headquarters has a public corruption tip line [https://tips.fbi.gov/]. There will be a new FBI director soon, and I hope – for justice’s sake – that he has little in common with Robert Mueller.


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