Jeffrey Havard is on death row for a crime that never happened. And the state of Mississippi knows it.

Radley Balko: Despite Evidence From Discredited Medical Examiner, Mississippis Jeffrey Havard Nears Execution

I first reported on Hayne in a 2006 exposé for Reason magazine. Since then, he has been implicated in the wrongful convictions of two men who were later exonerated by DNA evidence. In both of those cases, Hayne and his sidekick, the disgraced, self-proclaimed “bite mark expert” Michael West gave testimony that was critical to convicting the men of killing the daughters of their girlfriends.

via Radley Balko: Despite Evidence From Discredited Medical Examiner, Mississippis Jeffrey Havard Nears Execution.

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Dr. Steven Hayne likely knows nothing about Shaken Baby Syndrome. What Hayne portrayed as a perfect fit for SBS in Jeffrey Harvard’s trial wasn’t even close to the accepted criteria. Not that the accepted SBS criteria is universally accepted … it’s increasingly not.

Television, movies and the mainstream dupe citizens into believing that justice is readily available; that almost all of our pubic servants are honorable; that forensics are advanced and airtight; that it’s reasonable to give prosecutors an unlimited budget while giving public defenders next to nothing; that the American Medical Association wouldn’t let unqualified medical personnel testify as to cause of death in court; that the American Bar Association wouldn’t allow serial prosecutorial misconduct; that the FBI wouldn’t ignore its mandate to investigate public corruption that affects trial outcomes.

One such direct duping is coming soon to your living room. Over my objections to the network, Rob Lowe is going to play prosecutor Jeff Ashton – of Casey Anthony notoriety – in an A&E/Lifetime movie. Ashton was concurrently leading the prosecution in one of the scores of Central Florida frame-ups involving discredited dog handler John Preston; Gary Bennett has wrongly been behind bars for nearly 29 years. Ashton was also concurrently leading William “Tommy” Zeigler’s prosecution; Tommy’s been on death row wrongly for 36 years. The Florida Bar knows of the misconduct in Anthony’s case, and likely knows of the misconduct in Gary and Tommy’s cases, too.

The FBI certainly knows about all the misconduct. The Tampa FBI office oversees Central Florida, and is aware of its decades of unchecked conviction corruption, yet thought it more important to make the public aware of David Petraeus’ affair than to ensure the public wouldn’t be further fleeced and endangered by aged frame-ups remaining intact, and additional frame-ups occurring. The likeliest reason the FBI found Petraeus’ affair more important than Preston’s perjuries is that the agency was involved in a Central Florida Preston prosecution, too, which resulted in Linroy Bottoson’s 2002 execution.

Justice is routinely unavailable; vast numbers of public servants are thugs; forensics are frequently fudged; the AMA, ABA, FBI and a host of other entities and agencies don’t give a damn about thug public servants or fudged forensics or framed innocents, despite their charters and mandates; therefore, it will never be reasonable to give prosecutors carte blanch and public defenders chump change to make their opposing cases.

And you CAN handle the truth, and even help it prevail … when given the opportunity.

Please read Radley Balko’s article about Jeffrey Havard and then sign this petition. Thanks.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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  1. If you’re on the fence about signing the petition, please read this other article by Radley Balko …


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