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“How old is the Earth? 4.54 billion years old. See, that was easy, straightforward, and scientifically accurate. But when Florida Senator Marco Rubio was asked this question, he declared the answer a mystery.”

via Get Marco Rubio Off The Science Committee! – The Petition Site.

Armchair Activists – Please click the link and sign the petition.

Senator Rubio is playing dumb for a living in all of his senate activities, despite taxpayers desperately wanting something other than stupid right now.

I’ve often asked Rubio if former FBI agent Pedro Rubio, who resides in Brevard County, FL is related to him. It’s not a silly question; it’s his grandfather’s name.

Despite what Rubio believes, those framed with one of the FBI-involved discredited dog handlers – like Brevard’s Gary Stanley Bennett – have a right to know just how many former FBI agents they’re up against in fighting to get free.

They’re in unexpected/conflicted places, these former agents, places like the Innocence Project of Florida’s Board … which is one of many disheartening reasons that I no longer support the Innocence Project.

Retiring Republican FL Senate President Haridopolos and Republican FL Chief Financial Officer Atwater are both sons of agents. Haridopolos’ father lives in Brevard, and takes political action on Republican’s behalf … in concert with Pedro Rubio.

Haridopolos pretends to champion Brevard men framed with the same dog handler as Gary Bennett. He also pretended to write a scholarly work for beaucoup taxpayers’ dollars. He also pretends to be a professor, although he hasn’t the credentials that lesser taxpayer-paid actual professors hold. Haridopolos ignores correspondence.

So does Atwater; he picked up on ignoring my fraud complaint about state funded/supervised Citizens Insurance where Alex Sink left off, and now Citizens is under fire for all manner of excesses.

Brevard’s scores of frame-ups have been buried by a succession of Florida and federal politicians and public servants from both parties for 30+ years. Chip away at the callous corruption … click the link and sign the petition.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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