Dan Krassner & Sean Shaw: Widen Florida probe of Citizens insurance » TCPalm.com

“Citizens President Barry Gilway recently terminated every employee within the Office of Corporate Integrity. These firings came after reports of lavish, non-mission critical spending. Abusing travel expenditures is unacceptable; gutting the watchdog inside the insurer of last resort is incomprehensible.”

via Dan Krassner & Sean Shaw: Widen Florida probe of Citizens insurance » TCPalm.com.

Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater is not adverse to Citizens defrauding Floridians, according to my 2+-year-old fraud complaint (1-677094724). If you request copies, you’ll want to ask them to waive the per-page fee. Prepare to giggle over the sole communication I received from the CFO’s office, which advised me how to insure a Condo (this is a single family residence).

Although it’s a house payment plus a month’s worth of utilities for me, $317 is chump change to Atwater.

And taxpayers are chumps to Atwater.

And Rick Scott, who proved his willingness to defraud Floridians by undoing Charlie Crist’s semi-automated parole process in an attempt to put a Republican in the White House. Most parolees are non-violent offenders; there’s no reason to delay the restoration of voting rights for a minimum of five years, causing astronomical supervisory and administrative costs, abusing dollars needed for our schools, foster care and other vital services.

When Scott’s ill-advised drug-testing of welfare recipients proved that drug abuse was lower – not higher – among beneficiaries, he pressed to continue the program, again abusing tax dollars needed for vital services.

Florida was already the most Jim Crow state in the nature via its unending acceptance of agricultural slavery. Under Scott & Company, it’s exponentially worse. There are likely a number of other states – not necessarily blue – that hope that the official White House petition for Florida’s secession succeeds.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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  1. Please sign this petition to call out Rick Scott for reducing Charlie Crist’s 14 early voting days to a measly 8 … causing nine-hour waits, cars being towed, voters being turned away, etc. Thanks!



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