Gannett’s Florida Today – doubling down on continued conviction corruption?

Florida Today – historically – is unconcerned with the availability and quality of justice.

In that spirit, the newspaper endorsed Republican Phil Archer for Brevard/Seminole State Attorney and Republican Wayne Ivey for Brevard Sheriff.

Both men are up-to-speed insiders on decades of conviction corruption, and will predictably labor mightily to keep frame-ups intact, counting on continued assistance from Tallahassee Republicans and Florida Today.

And Feds.



About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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1 Response to Gannett’s Florida Today – doubling down on continued conviction corruption?

  1. ITS TIME TO JAIL GOVERNOR RICK SCOTT, Attorney General PAM BONDI, Florida State Attorney Stephen B. Russell, Sheriff Mike Scott, Judge Sherra Winesett and their Lee County Public Corrupted Co-conspirator’s

    (Fact) Enzo Vincenzi wins case !

    By order of Judge Fuller, all property is to be returned !!

    After 5 years of fighting Lee County, 6 attorneys, 3 judges and perseverance,
    Enzo was vindicated..

    Congratulations Enzo, You put up a good fight and succeeded with the truth

    SIGN PETITION NOW! against Public Corrupted Crooked Mediacare FRAUDSTER Governor Rick Scott pertaining to the Largest Organized Public Corruption Cover Up in the History of the State of Florida.


    Florida The Most Fraudulent State In America: 24/7 Wall St.

    Anyone who has any information leading to the ARREST and Conviction of Con Artist Convicted Felon Miriam Pacheco, Maria T. Torres and Blanca Rosa Sachatouras, Public Corrupted Judge Sherra Winesett, CONTACT N.Y./Florida Investigator Bob Nygaard at 561- 596-3443.

    U.S. Attorney General Holder to Rick Scott: We’re watching you
    U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder sent a scathing…


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