We learned from the FBI so ineffectually handling the debunking of their Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis – after nearly 40 years of use – as junk science that there’s no valid substitute for directly notifying the affected convicts that their evidence is now clouded, without delay.

DNA exonerations proved that an attorney esteemed by his peers cannot be counted on to protect the public from being further fleeced to warehouse innocents while continually endangered by actual criminals that were not apprehended. After eight years of non-attorney innocence advocacy, I can confidently name dozens of attorneys that are esteemed by their peers who are content to let convictions stand without examination although achieved by discredited dog handlers, outdated fire forensics, medical examiners, etc.

The Bar is a social club that protects its own almost exclusively, justice and public safety be damned … which I’ve repeatedly pointed out to the IRS Oversight Board are activities that are worthy of prosecution, not tax exemption. There are thousands upon thousands of darkly clouded convictions nationwide for which officers, defense attorneys, prosecutors and judges (and everyone responsible for their oversight at the local, state and federal level) are eagerly awaiting death notices that will allow evidence destruction.

Pennsylvania Innocence Project Weblog

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick announced last week the creation of a central office in the state that will create a process to sort through thousands of criminal cases that must be reviewed due to misconduct on the part of a chemist working with drug evidence at a state lab over a nine-year period.

David Meier, a defense attorney and former prosecutor, was named by Gov. Deval to head the office. Meier and his team will work to match specific cases with the work of Annie Dookhan, the chemist in question.  Meier’s appointment was widely hailed by prosecutors and attorneys in Massachusetts as a positive move, as he has earned respect for his work and character from his peers. He will be paid $12,500 a month in the position.

The fallout and attempts to make sense of Dookhan’s errors don’t end with Meier’s appointment, however. Gov. Patrick has also asked state…

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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