Florida … increasingly effective magnet for wacko criminals

The best news coverage I located about this gruesome Florida discovery was from Kansas … hardly a surprise; Floridians laid out the welcome mat for intensified criminal craziness in electing Rick Scott. While doctor Michael Berkland remains free after apparently being determined to be in possession of stolen human organs in Florida, actor Michael Birkeland was arrested for allegedly stealing a computer in Utah, with his bail set higher than the computer’s value. Birkeland is known for his roles in LDS comedies; LDS as in Latter Day Saints, Latter Day Saints as in Mormons, Mormons as in whacked tenets like Native American’s amnesiac retelling of their history sans appearances of Christ, postmortem baptisms of non-Mormons, and Lying for the Lord, as incessantly demonstrated by Mitt Romney, who – if elected – will lay out the White House welcome mat for intensified criminal craziness worldwide. Respect for human life that begins and ends with fetuses isn’t Christian, so stop casting stones and start thinking … go forth and Google.

Organs found in storage linked to former Jackson County coroner – KansasCity.com

A former Jackson County medical examiner who was fired here [Kansas] and lost his Missouri medical license is now under fire in Florida for allegedly keeping human organs in a storage unit.

Authorities said Tuesday that Michael Berkland, who also had been a medical examiner in Florida, crudely preserved human brains, hearts and lungs in soda cups and plastic food containers found inside the unit in Pensacola.

A man bought the contents of a storage unit at auction last week and made the gruesome discovery after being overpowered by a strange smell while sifting through furniture and boxes.


via Organs found in storage linked to former Jackson County coroner – KansasCity.com.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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1 Response to Florida … increasingly effective magnet for wacko criminals

  1. Ray's Mom says:

    Another incident where there is no oversight of coroners or medical examiners. But, there are laws of desecreation of corpses…isn’t that what happened here? And, for profit? Probably intended to supply the body parts for the transplant industry. Good work on this…


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