U.S. Supreme Court’s Bicentennial Bullshit; separate-but-equal justice

DNA: New cases are raising questions about the use of DNA evidence. – Chicago Tribune

Defense attorneys fear wrongful convictions, confusion from juries when statistical probabilities of match aren’t rare …

via DNA: New cases are raising questions about the use of DNA evidence. – Chicago Tribune.

The real story isn’t about misstating DNA test results, the real story is that American prosecutors lie all the time, within their supervisors’ knowledge.

Courtesy of the U.S. Supreme Court, they all have absolute immunity for misconduct, and they routinely ruin and end lives by putting the wrong people behind bars via malicious prosecution. It costs a bloody fortune, with the emphasis on bloody … the actual perpetrators remain free to find new victims.

Cleveland Barrett’s acquittal after a year in jail was not a “the system works” happy ending.

If the system worked, prosecutors Krista Peterson and Jane Sack would be behind bars, just like any non-attorney that lied to a jury.

It matters that the U.S. Supreme Court decided on separate-but-equal justice in 1976, after decades of horrific struggles made the Justices’ equally crazy separate-but-equal facilities finally go away.

It matters that the Justices recently confirmed the craziness of separate-but-equal justice in Connick v Thompson. Connick is a cad, and very newspaper and network should have been saying so 24/7, forcing the Justices to actually be just, striking down their Bicentennial Bullshit once and for all.

Up isn’t down. Separate isn’t equal.

Write that, Chicago Tribune.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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3 Responses to U.S. Supreme Court’s Bicentennial Bullshit; separate-but-equal justice

  1. Aruna Baker says:

    You may be pleased to here following the longawaited overthrow of tyrrany in MA up North from you, as Alexiss McClone was returned to her Mama Adrienne, a typical case of the persistence persecution of Black Mamas in the trials of the African Diaspora, you may like to know that JUDGES IN MA ARE BEING SACKED.
    I gathered this was a personal goal for you. It occurred when Adrienne stood firm for her child, only 6, handed to a convicted rapist by a “just court and social service”.
    The mother and daughter are now together and real jusice has long last begun.
    I feel we are turning the wheel and the hypocrits but also the lovers of life are starting to show.

    We have a great journey to make, but if we are from now on a people, we are certain to win, as love is stronger than hate and pain for sure! Salaam Shalom, Children be blessed!!!! Ho Ho!


    • Yes, Aruna, I’d participated in the petition to have the child returned to her mother, and was grateful that the petition worked rapidly. Many or our lawless, malicious judges were formerly lawless, malicious prosecutors.


      • Aruna Baker says:

        Can I introduce my sister and compasnion, a Jew and sister lesbian, Jeylina?

        We hope for rapid progress in deposing the corrupt regime in MA from now on, and vitally too, that this spreads and takes hold everywhere in the Americas, as We are sure you too yearn for.


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