AG Eric Holder Has No Balls ~ Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

FOCUS | AG Eric Holder Has No Balls | Taibbi | Rolling Stone

Basically, if someone backs a dump truck up to the DOJ and unloads the entire case, gift-wrapped, a contrite and confessing criminal included, a guy like Eric Holder might, after much agonizing deliberation, decide to prosecute.

via FOCUS | AG Eric Holder Has No Balls.

Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi made an accurate assessment of Eric Holder, one that applies across-the-board, not just to financial wrongdoing.

The Justice Department and FBI’s announcement that @10,000 decades-old criminal convictions will be reviewed in light of flaws found in the FBI’s hair and fiber forensics should have been accompanied by a request of the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress simultaneously for a moratorium on the death penalty, because posthumous exonerations are the very coldest form of comfort.

Holder knows that scent forensics are just as flawed, affecting thousands more criminal convictions. And Holder knows that outdated fire forensics affected thousands more criminal convictions. And Holder knows that notifying those convicted with the FBI’s now-debunked Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis was botched.

And – back to financial matters – Holder knows that out-of-control laboratory mergers will drive up the cost of analyzing forensic evidence – quite wildly – based on what LabCorp overcharged for the least-informative DNA tests in Denny Ross’s Ohio trial. The time frame for testing was ludicrous, too.

Private capital takeovers of Quest and LabCorp will make matters exponentially worse. And rumors are flying, with shake-and-break Bain’s name coming into play.

But … these matters aren’t solely Holder’s responsibility to address.

Equally ball-less are innocence organizations, the ABA, the ACLU, and the media.

Particularly the media.

Evidence of the media’s diminished mental capacity and absent conscience is endless … celebrity haircuts are more important to them than anything, including the availability of justice.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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