Time to Rebel! Five Ways We Can Break the Big Banks Death Grip on the Economy

Two critical tools–the LIBOR fraud scandal and the potential to start exercising eminent domain to seize bank-owned properties–can supercharge the ongoing campaigns focused on Wall Street. For the first time we can align moral and legal arguments with real leverage to demand that banks renegotiate the debt that is bankrupting communities and drowning homeowners around the country. The single most important step we can take to address local budget deficits is to force banks to renegotiate toxic deals held by local government and to rewrite mortgages for underwater homeowners. Combined, this would pump hundreds of billions into local economies.

via Time to Rebel! Five Ways We Can Break the Big Banks Death Grip on the Economy.

This article rocks … here’s hoping the “REBEL” five-steps roll over Wall Street banker/predators.

San Bernardino County and Berkeley, California are already undertaking step two … Eminent Domain.

Read. Think. Be ready. Please.

While you’re waiting for the steps to be formalized into petition form, take step three – move your money from Wall Street to your Main Street … transfer your funds (and your loyalty) to a locally-owned bank or credit union.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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4 Responses to Time to Rebel! Five Ways We Can Break the Big Banks Death Grip on the Economy

  1. Aruna Baker says:

    This time I disagree, Susan,

    In the Wiemar Republic prior to Hilter’s takeover, there were many means found to defeat economic crisis. Neighbourhoods had theri own currencies and credit unions which genuinely pooled community resources were abundant.

    Moreover, public services were fabulous and way better than any First World state has now. Especially health care.

    THis arose from a simple choice, whereas the Uk left crippled and burned out war veterans from WW1 to beg, the Socialist Government (almost the only one to merit the title) chose compassion and despite economic chaos and famine chose to to believe in the power of hope.

    So they made the right move, and turned to women. And they said, the first decision is to ban rape

    So they made rape a crime against humanity

    THen life began to flow as hate and pain were prohibited formally.

    Many new things happened. But the key and most remarkable of all was that lesbian women began to dance, wild and free in “the Black Masses”. And the Goverment based its policies on what emerged from the dance.

    Hitler hared it but was not alone in doing so, and this was made plain when after WW” the victorious allies made a law in Germnay prohibiting any mention of the “Weimar dream” evn specifacly banning use of the word hope and compassion. The penalty was death. Heavies regularly visited the surviving lesbians to “enforce”.

    But I met them and we talked in secret and abroad Charlotte Wolff alone defied the edicts.

    Lies were sown.

    They even stopped any talk of how youth and in particular university students came forward with improvisations and games of all kinds in the steets and in theatres and homes as well, drawing the German people in to the these of love again as Hitler gained a grip on thier minds.

    And of course they all died.

    So is it any surprise that now the world is in an escalating crisis IN EVERY SINGLE WAY. As Audrey Lorde wrote 30 or more years ago, “we are now almost at our bitter end”.

    Yet now hope is born anew. Right here in the long standing Edinburgh arts festival where I am, the steets are full of young people performing the very shows theri counterparts did in Germany, and even better

    They are complete innocents and have no political project, but just demand the Law of pain and hate end, and that love and only love is the rule.

    And thsi they do themselves effortlessy
    All are heading the same way, and it is the way home.
    Of courese socirty treatts them with contempt


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