Scalia: ‘What Can Obama Do to Me?’ – Reuters

“What can he do to me? Or to any of us?” Scalia said. “We have life tenure and we have it precisely so that we will not be influenced by politics, by threats from anybody.”

The short list of what Obama can do to Scalia:

He can call upon Congress to override Imbler v Pachtman, Van de Kamp v Goldstein, and Connick v Thompson, once again making attorney and judicial criminal misconduct in court a crime exactly equal to ordinary citizen’s criminal misconduct in court, pre-Imbler. It’s called equal justice, and it works far better than elitism. (It’ll be easy to get the public behind him once he makes the similarities in Plessy v Ferguson to Imbler v Pachtman clear. He gives one hell of a speech.)

He can call upon the IRS Oversight Board to immediately (and retroactively) cancel the tax exemptions of every local, state and national Bar Association for failing to address attorney misconduct as required by Imbler, Van de Kamp, etc., resulting in it becoming serial and deadly in many locations. Scalia is supposed to ensure that justice is available, and that we have fair taxation, WITH representation.

He can insist that known discredited forensics (fire, blood-splatter, bullet lead analysis, scent, fiber, hair, etc.) and known discredited facilities (coroners offices, laboratories, etc.) be investigated by the Justice Department and the FBI en masse.

He can insist that any media participation in any or all of the above elitism, frame-ups and coverups – especially for the purposes of engineering election outcomes – be mercilessly prosecuted by the Justice Department for conspiracy to violate rights. Because that’s exactly what it is.

Obama can do all of this – and more – even if he isn’t reelected. So please keep shooting your elitist mouth off, Justice Scalia. It just may bring out the best in him.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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