When Dillon sings the Star Bangled Banner for the Tampa Bay Rays tonight, he’ll be singing the blues …

Wrongly convicted man sings for the Rays – Tampa Bay Times

“Dillon calls the Rays his team and would love to wear his Rays cap, though of course you don’t when you are singing the most patriotic of songs. He will wear his shirt, though, the one that says in big letters: Not Guilty.”

via Wrongly convicted man sings for the Rays – Tampa Bay Times.

Reporter Sue Carlton’s article correctly stated that Brevard/Seminole DNA-exonated William Michael Dillon will sing the national anthem tonight. The rest of the article isn’t worth reading. It lacks sequence and substance. And ethics. Particularly ethics.

Dillon was one of scores convicted in Florida using charlatan dog handler John Preston, and one of hundreds nationwide.

Some were exonerated, some remain incarcerated, some are “free” with their names sullied, some were executed.

Preston was discredited in an Ohio federal court in December of 1982. As a result, Dale Sutton became a free man in January of 1983.

In January of 1984 – knowing all about Sutton’s exoneration – the same judicial circuit that framed Dillon used Preston one more time … to frame Gary Bennett.

Brevard/Seminole corruption is incessant and multi-faceted. It’s where the three cops that kicked, tased and beat dementia-suffering, minority business owner Albert Flowers last Fall – with premeditation and without provocation – remain on the job, with only one cop reprimanded … for disabling his dash cam. Flowers was hospitalized for a month.

The media isn’t covering Bennett’s 28.5-year fight for freedom, nor are they covering Flowers fight for justice.

Neither Bennett nor Flowers is related to a judge, so the Brevard/Seminole story that is getting media attention is that of George Zimmerman, who is related to a judge. And the media is covering it in a manner that will get Zimmerman acquitted, like guards that kicked and beat young Martin Lee Anderson to death, and the nurse that supervised them.

Cash on hand wasn’t the only thing Zimmerman lied about under oath. Is his maudlin “apology” to Trayvon Martin’s parents, Zimmerman said he hadn’t realized how young their son was. Yes, he had. He told 911 that Martin appeared to be in his late teens.

Bringing in Angela Corey as a Special Prosecutor in Zimmerman’s doesn’t mean what the public expects per Corey’s reputation for vicious, over-the-top prosecutions (Cristian Fernandez, Marissa Alexander). Getting Zimmerman acquitted will seem quite the feat to those that don’t know just how very common lawless, behind-the-scenes interactions are in Florida, i.e.; John Dean Moxley, one of Bennett’s initial prosecutors – now a judge – had no qualms about directly interfering in Bennett’s recent appeal – evidenced by five pages written on his official stationary and sent to prosecutor Jeff Ashton, of Casey Anthony wealth-building notoriety. Bennett’s transfer to Orange/Osceola prosecutors was tainted by the their use of Preston – with FBI assistance – to convict and execute hapless schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson. That tainted transfer was accepted by Lawson Lamar from Norm Wolfinger, bipartisan peas-in-a-pod State Attorneys that had engineered another tainted transfer related to Casey Anthony, that of Lamar’s IT information leaker, Michael Emmons.

I haven’t heard from Albert Flowers’ family (yet), so I can’t provide an update on his travesty. But I can provide an update on Gary Bennett’s travesty … his mother and niece made their annual trek to visit him just days ago.

One of his sisters posted to Facebook, ” … well, Mom and Becca went to see Gary and he is in terrible shape. He was given 2 plastic shoes – one a size 9 and the other 11; they are not allowed to have razors to shave; they have to use electric hair clippers to shave and then only once or twice a week; his teeth are falling out and his glasses are way too big for him.”

Dillon met Becca by serendipitously being in the same place at the same time. I’m sure that Becca’s sobs tore him up.

Dillon hasn’t met Bennett’s Mom yet. Maxine’s eyes hold equal parts of pain and hope, and they show up in your dreams, replete with unshed tears. Now that she’s seen her son this year, those tears are likely to fall, and frequently – Bennett’s epilepsy and slight build have always made him frail, a moving target for the actual criminals he’s lived with for 28.5 years. But now Bennett’s scraggly, ambling in unmatched shoes, holding his glasses on, waiting to lose another tooth, all while wondering exactly how it is that his – the easiest-of-all Preston frames to bust – keeps him inside and the actual killers outside.

Reporter Carlton’s calculatedly-clueless closing sentence about Bill’s singing tonight read, “And when he sings the national anthem, that part about “the land of the free and the home of the brave” will not likely be lost on him.”

It’s the media that those words are lost on, and not “likely” lost. Definitively lost. Entirely lost. OMG-you’re-such-losers-lost. They’re ever-willing to let the “free” be preyed upon by actual criminals while innocents serve their time.

The media isn’t going to tell you that the FBI used DNA-discredited dog handlers, and that investigations won’t take place until FBI Director Robert Mueller is replaced with someone that puts public safety ahead of agents’ self-sullied reputations.

Dillon will be singing the blues tonight in singing the Star Spangled Banner, knowing that our nation’s bravest are the innocents who aren’t free, who love this country despite their oppressors … corrupt public servants and an even more corrupt media.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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