A Holocaust of FBI Law Enforcement Practices Comes to Light | Prism Magazine

“The right angle to this is huge. The FBI is agreeing to look at 10,000 cases when in fact the FBI taught local, state and federal crime lab personnel this analytical technique for decades. That means in this nation alone there are virtually hundreds of thousands of cases in jeopardy where forensic hair analysis was conducted. We are seeing a holocaust of law enforcement comes to light which has been taking place now for decades under the nose of an unsuspecting American nation,” Whitehurst told Prism.

via A Holocaust of FBI Law Enforcement Practices Comes to Light | Prism Magazine.


The article doesn’t mention the fiasco of the FBI’s now-debunked Comparative Bullet Lead Analysis, in use for close to 40 years and affecting @2,500 convictions … if memory serves, and if the FBI made full disclosure, which is highly unlikely.

That unlikeliness is more than suggested by the FBI’s decades-long, no-end-in-sight cover-up of their use of DNA-discredited dog handlers like John Preston and Keith Pikett, further clouded by abuse of our tax dollars, evidenced by the multi-year grants to Florida International University’s Kenneth Furton, who traveled to Texas to testify FOR Keith Pikett, who mucked up over 2,000 Texas criminal investigations.

There’s no telling how many federal convictions rest on 20th Century fire or blood splatter forensics, which 21st Century forensics make nonsense of. Or how many federal convictions rest on the testimony of other discredited experts aside from dog handlers.

Former FBI agent C. Fred Whitehurst did a good thing in coming forward about the FBI’s hair and fiber forensics, but I’d bet I’m not the only one wondering if that’s the full extent of his knowledge of FBI wrongdoing.

I reserve my deepest respect for whistleblowers that blow the whistle on themselves, like admitted killers Vincent Smothers, Kerry Arthur Jacob and Kelly Michael Brady. Smothers fiercely intends the additional gift of freedom for incarcerated innocent Davontae Sanford, having already delivered the gift of answers to him and his family, as well as his victims’ families. Jacob and Brady had no innocents to free, which did not – in the least – diminish the value of their gift of answers to their victims’ families.

Felons, your country clearly needs you. If you committed a crime, step up and do your time. Give the gift of answers – the gift that Robert Mueller’s FBI continually withholds – and make the public grasp just how far a real whistleblower will go to right wrongs … all the way to prison, perhaps even all the way to death row.

Your country needs you too, coached informants. The gifts you have to give are particularly valuable … you can name your coaches and lift the Titanic thumb of public corruption off the scales of justice, getting good public servants out from under the control of rotten public servants.

It’s the FBI’s job to investigate public corruption that affects trial outcomes, and they’re never going to do it unless their backs are against the wall. Only you can put them there, felons and snitches.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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