I haven’t forgotten Jennifer Ellis-Seitz

Before her name became hyphenated, Jennifer Ellis worked – unhappily – as a crime reporter at Florida Today. She left the newspaper around the time of Wilton Dedge’s DNA-exoneration.

Ellis-Seitz went missing from the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship on Christmas Day, 2008 … shortly after charges were dropped in William Dillon’s related case, again due to DNA.

The cruise was a celebration of her anniversary, the decision to start a family, and her impending return to newspaper work.

The FBI investigation apparently concluded that happy things depressed the hell out of Jennifer Ellis-Seitz, so much so that she couldn’t stand it and dove overboard.

So – to whomever makes the Jennifer Ellis-Seitz queries that show up on my stats – I haven’t forgotten her. And I don’t believe the FBI. What I do believe is that if Ellis-Seitz had lived, my blog would be about environmentally-friendly decorating per my degree, with her pulling the weight on conviction corruption, per hers.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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5 Responses to I haven’t forgotten Jennifer Ellis-Seitz

  1. Another botched case where investigation and prosecution is selective to the expediency of the system.


    • The search terms used to find my blog sometimes give me hope that a coached snitch or actual felon is about to come forward and clear an innocent, but more often the search terms just blindside me, and I have to turn wanting to cry into another outcry.


  2. Aruna Baker says:

    Not so much Elliot Ness as Ellis Ness. We have a large lake here called Loch Ness, with a hoax monster lurking covered in green skin, tourists flock there to buy tee shirts and stuff, but no one has ever seen it. It’s assured that if many times the effort were made by NASA to search the sea, no sign of Jennifer would be found, well as a natural cause that is. With FBI shaped bullet holes maybe.

    Tourists never concern themselves with reporters, nor double agents, nor any other inconvenient truth, unless thay end up on death row themselves. It’s necessary for the spirit of truth and love herself to speak, doing human service, and despite the spite of the enthroned of Cortez, peace will be to the surface and justice will hold a different future by the hand.

    WE thank Wobbly Warrior for being the guiding light in this matter. Just want the withering fire of justice to find her tender tinder, Salaam ~~~~~


    • How lovely to imagine justice holding a different future by the hand, kind Aruna!


      • Aruna Baker says:

        It makes me think of Ruth Ellis (same name), the last woman executed in the UK and whose case lead to the abolition of capital punishment. Although it was a cold blooded murder of a former lover, her life as a sex worker some of whose clients were famous men and her story of six pregnancies with only two children born disturbed the status quo to the point where the judge who sentenced her to death paid a stipend to raise her daughter, while the prosecutor who obtained the conviction also paid for a child, her son’s funeral when he killed himself as a teenager. Their continue to be attempts to obtain a pardon for her even though she died in 1956.

        The story exposed the corruption in British society and the feeling that there is widespread complicity in the sordid and violent undergoings of the life is obviously present yet continues to be denied explicitly, indeed it underlies both the contemporary banking crisis and the infamous Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair when the G20 appointee at the top IMF job turned out to be a serial rapist.

        The second Ellis to die suggests that the forces of dark sleaze and dirty dollars still hold the highest office in the USA. Perhaps US Presidential candidates should be made to say whether they prefer the sex trade or Mother Teresa.

        I found myself discussing this with a representative of public care servises and concluded that Mother Teresa was aboliched in Scotland, but then a man informed me that there a lot of women called Teresa here.

        Have the community today forgotten John Lennon’s call, Power to the People/Give Peace a Chance, and my WE-Moon diary yesterday tells about turning a neighbourhood into a community through the spinning wheel.

        The forces of dark rely on picking off dangerous people one by one, lets hops there are too many Teresas for them this time.


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