For Michael Bruce Foley’s protection …

MICHAEL BRUCE FOLEY Arrest Mugshot Brevard County, Florida 06/18/12

MICHAEL BRUCE FOLEY Arrest Mugshot Brevard County, Florida 06/18/12.

Michael Bruce Foley and Judy Foley’s DNA and fingerprints were found at Cortney Crandall’s homicide scene. If memory serves, some of Judy’s hair was in Crandall’s clutched hand.

The Foleys fled Florida, and were found in possession of a custom necklace belonging to Crandall, and more. Unquestionably, they were the perpetrators.

But the crime was committed in Brevard County, Florida, where State Attorney Norm Wolfinger is known for prosecutions that don’t happen correctly, if they happen at all, with recent examples of the latter being Wolfinger trying very hard not to prosecute George Zimmerman for Trayvon Martin’s homicide after succeeding in not prosecuting the three Melbourne police officers that mercilessly beat Albert Flowers, with glaring premeditation.

Jeffrey Abramowski was convicted of Crandall’s homicide instead of the Foleys, despite one of the inmates Brevard deputy Gary Harrell attempted to solicit perjury from making it all the way to the courthouse, backing down right in front of the judge.

Jeff was convicted on false Florida Department of Law Enforcement expert DNA testimony, and perjuries concerning a knife purchase, created to falsely place Jeff in Melbourne when he was in Orlando. Some of those perjuries were coerced; some were voluntary.

This isn’t Michael Bruce Foley’s first bust since the homicide. But it is his most dangerous to-date, because two Florida men – Kelly Michael Brady and Kerry Arthur Jacob – recently opted to confess to homicides that they weren’t even suspects in. Criminals coming clean often doesn’t delight dirty public servants … amply illustrated by Detroit “Hit Man” Vincent Smothers 2008 confession to the quadruple homicide 14-year-old Davontae Sanford was coerced into incredibly confessing to in 2007: half-blind, developmentally disabled Davontae is still inside.

The Brevard jail has its share of inmate suicides, perhaps more than its share. And some former inmates don’t believe there have been any suicides at all.

So this is a Suicide Prevention Post, written in hopes that Michael Bruce Foley remains safe while incarcerated and soon provides Jeff Abramowski with a detailed sworn statement naming himself and his now-deceased mother, Judy, as Cortney Crandall’s killers, complete with an explanation of the insurance money involved.

Jeff’s two children grew up without him. Watching his daughter break down and sob uncontrollably when I told her father’s story publicly wasn’t just heart-wrenching, it was heart-scarring.

Michael Bruce Foley knows that Jeff’s frame-up unleashed more evil in Brevard. Gary Harrell – the deputy that tried to get two inmates to perjure themselves to tighten Jeff’s frame – is running for sheriff. So is Wayne Ivey, who left his Florida Department of Law Enforcement job to qualify (belatedly).

If any reader knows him, send a message to Michael … do the right thing, come clean and serve your time … let Jeff go home. Don’t steal one more Father’s Day from him.

[Update: The other jailhouse informant who was approached to testify against Jeff Abramowski by Brevard deputy Gary Harrell committed suicide in Dade Correctional Institution in 2013, the year after mentally ill inmate Darren Rainey was scalded to death by guards. Please use the search window to find out more about Richard Mair’s bravery in standing up for Jeff, and the despair that led to his suicide at Dade CI.]

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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28 Responses to For Michael Bruce Foley’s protection …

  1. This is another incident where political favors, and corruption have promoted unqualified people way above their level of expertise. And, this is the result; sounds a lot like Montgomery County Pennsylvania.


  2. Those wishing to leave comments that contradict my research must substantiate their statements, or I will continue to delete them. Please know that the then-sales manager for Gerber knives was my source on WalMart NOT selling black-bladed pocket knives … not in Melbourne, Florida, not anywhere. Too military, too expensive. My source on 17.3 at D18S51 NOT being a unique DNA marker is the federal government. Jeff was a burly young man that wouldn’t have needed one weapon to kill a senior citizen, let alone two. It does matter that there were two murder weapons in Crandall’s homicide, just as it matters that there were three in Helen Nardi’s homicide, which Gary Bennett was framed for in Brevard, almost exactly like exonerees Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon before him were framed.


  3. Again, those wishing to leave comments that contradict my research must substantiate their statements, or I will continue to delete them. My statement regarding insurance payouts is based on Cortney Crandall’s probate records. I have looked at Judy Foley’s probate record, and it, too, apparently does not correspondent with the content of the comment I’ve most recently deleted. Phone conversations don’t straighten out disputes in which only one party is relying on documents and records; if they did, my calls to public servants would have allowed me to pursue pleasant pursuits from 2001 onward.


  4. Mike Stone says:

    What Is This Case About I Cant Find Anything About It Online ?? And How Do I ??


    • Very limited information can be found at – you would begin there by selecting to search by name. When the name screen appears, it is perhaps best to switch Middle Name from “Exactly” to “Begins With” to use only the middle initial, as some of the cases may have been filed that way. Be sure to switch the beginning year of the search back a couple of decades before hitting Search (I used 1980). Cases will then appear with oldest ones first (except for those so old they’re archived). Once you select a particular case, the Register of Actions will be the most informative page, although it won’t tell you much. According to the site, a previous fugitive warrant arrest was made last year, with charges dismissed after no plea being entered (in 05-2011-CF-024723-AXXX-XX).


  5. I don’t know the basis of either of the Fugitive Warrants … I haven’t found a source to confirm my suspicion (Googling “Michael Bruce Foley” would likely lead you to the same suspicion). Florida Today published articles about Crandall’s homicide included, “Group vows to pursue fight for Abramowski,” which addressed the trial in he said, she said fashion, giving equal weight to prosecutor Rob Parker’s words and those of then-Innocence Project of Florida Director Jenny Greenberg. Of course, only one was telling the truth: It would have taken the reporter very little time to verify that the unique DNA factor Parker sold the jury on wasn’t unique at all. Florida Today articles don’t stay live, they’re available via purchase through their archives. I interviewed Abramowski in prison, and hope to learn how to make the audio available here. It likely won’t be soon, I’ve been ill.


  6. I will be deleting your comments when I have time. I haven’t the energy to address your agenda to suggest Jeff is guilty via your unwillingness to access newspaper archives or trial transcripts, and your misrepresentation of what Sunshine Laws encompass.


  7. Mr. Stone: Only two of 15 DNA markers were a match for Jeff. The uniqueness of one of those two markers as portrayed to the jury is non-existant … 17.3 at D18S51 is as common as a head cold. It took me weeks to verify comments by attorneys Laura Siemers and Jenny Greenberg (as appeared in Florida Today) and what Abramowski told me. You claim to have gotten up to speed in five days. The media has case law protections for not verifying statements; to my knowledge, there are no protections available to bloggers. Although I don’t like attention or courtrooms, I would testify against you should you be sued for libel.


  8. Stacie Swank says:

    Hey Susan,
    It’s me again, sorry for the disappearing act. I’ve been following you briefly and want to say I wish I was as strong as you are. I’m in fear for my safety if I pursue this in court, when it comes to my Grandfather’s murder. Cortney Crandall is my grandfather and I’ve received a few letters from Jeff, also returning him a couple. The one letter that really counted from him never made it to me, you know they didn’t let it out of the prison. I’m very sorry for not being able to help more but I wasn’t there to know in person what happened, it was all heresay. I never received any of the probate pay outs either, it would appear that my aunt made sure of that somehow. Now she has a Corporation J.T.J.A. all of the initials of her daughter and grandchildrens names. I don’t know what to think about the whole thing. I wish I could help more but I don’t know what I could do.

    Stacie Swank


    • Please see my other response, Stacie … for now it’s enough for you to do to keep yourself safe. The danger to you is heightened now that Wayne Ivey is Brevard’s sheriff. He was formerly with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the agency that (if memory serves) misrepresented Jeff’s DNA as being a match, when it wasn’t remotely close. Former Brevard sheriff Jack Parker has moved on to employment with the community college, which is quite common for people who “play ball,” even Florida Today’s former Editorial Editor John Glisch works there. I seem to recall that Ivey’s wife does, too. Of course, Florida Today could have gotten Jeff sprung years ago by following up on their initial article about the DNA not really being a match, which would have made you safe and allowed you to be recognized as Courtney’s granddaughter. As I wrote in my other comment response, please lay low, child.


    • Casey Macemon says:

      Hi Stacie. My name is Casey Macemon and Jeff Abramowski is my uncle. I am very sorry for the loss of your grandfather. I believe my uncle is innocent, based on knowing him as a person, he would never hurt another human unless his family was in danger, and if that did happen, he would never murder someone. After my uncle was convicted the only family members that would write letters to him or accept his phone calls were his children, and my mother, his sister. My grandparents, his other sister, and brother refuse to have anything to do with him. My mom passed away about a year and a half after my uncle Jeff was falsely convicted. I had to call my cousin to tell her so she could tell her father, because my uncle Jeff was so reliant on my mom being there for him, I couldn’t just write it in a letter. I am so greatful to Susan Chandler for her research into his case, and I truly hope the correct criminal gets put behind bars and my uncle will be free. Again, I am very sorry for the loss of your grandfather. Thank you for your time.
      Casey Macemon


      • Hi Casey, it’s good to hear from you. I’m so very sorry about your Mom … that’s one of the cruelest aspects of knowingly wrongful convictions, the reunions with loved ones that can no longer happen. I stay in touch with your cousin, and am enjoying watching her son grow (and grow). As I tell Jeff and the other innocents (and their families), there’s no reason to be grateful to me. My safety and freedom hinge on bringing the same rotten Brevard County “public servants” to justice. Please be forgiving of family members who didn’t believe Jeff – it’s fairly common for family to put faith in officers, prosecutors and judges to do the right thing … they have no idea how very, very often they don’t. Especially in Brevard.


  9. Melanie says:

    I knew Jeff many years ago as well as Wilton Dedge. Though I have no information on the case I knew Jeff as a great fun loving guy. I am wondering how I could write to him.

    Thank you,


    • There’s more information about Jeff’s frame-up in other blog posts; they can be found by typing his name into the search window on this page. You can look up Jeff’s mailing address on the Department of Correction’s website []. I enjoyed interviewing Jeff – he has a great sense of humor.


    • jleblanc217 says:

      Hi Melanie, If you’d like to write my father you can email me at I’d be happy to give you his information! Even through the terrible injustice he’s been fighting, he still is the amazing and great guy he always has been. He’d love from you.


  10. I haven’t spoken to Jeff since the interview years ago, Melanie. The facts of his matter haven’t changed – he’s still innocent – so my efforts are directed towards securing his release. He knows how to get in touch with me if there’s something he feels I need to know.


  11. The information in the “About Susan Chandler” link on this page is outdated, but still serves to give the gist of who I am and what I’m doing, Melanie, including striving to make the public realize that we don’t need an Innocence Industry that seeks income generating self-perpetuation ahead of swift justice.


  12. Kim Dollar says:

    My sister is Judy Foley and my nephew is Michael Bruce Foley. These two people had nothing to do with Dick Crandells death in any way. Both Judy and Bruce lived in this home with Mr Crandell and very sure thats why you say their DNA was in the home. Also the mobile home they all lived in was my sisters home that Dick was found deceased in. My family had proof of where they was at every minute after they left Florida and seems such proof provided that they had nothing to do with his death. I am really getting upset with the slander of my families name. They got the right man no doubt, but since you like to help free liars from murder I am sure you will say otherwise since thats your goals in life is freeing the killers. I am in no way saying anything bad in this post and no reason for you to hide it from the public. I am just stating what I know to be factual and trying to let others know that none of my family are murderers. Thank you, Kim Dollar


    • It’s one thing to claim your supposed relatives are innocent, and quite another to claim that Jeff Abramowski is guilty beyond all doubt: there’s nothing of record that indicates that he is. Perjuries don’t become truths over time … and it wasn’t just the testimony about Jeff’s DNA that was perjured, it was the testimony and that placed him in Melbourne when he was actually in Orlando. There’s no need to coach jailhouse informants if you have the right guy; Richard Mair and another inmate refused to testify falsely against Gary. Per accurate DNA portrayals, a lock of Judy Foley’s hair was clutched in Courtney “Dick” Crandall’s dead hand. Crandall’s custom necklace was found in Judy’s possession, not Jeff’s. Jeff didn’t flee the state. I can understand wanting to defend the Foley name, but I can’t understand destroying the Abramowski family name to do so. [Due to belatedly finding out about Richard Mair’s suicide in 2013 (after relentless abuse by Dade Correctional Institution officers), I have edited out the name of the other inmate who refused to swear falsely against Jeff.]


    • jleblanc217 says:

      Kim, I’m sorry to inform you but you’re “facts” are wrong. My father is a great man and a great friend. He helped Dick many times during their friendship, including during a big fight between Bruce and Dick. During the fight Bruce tried to hit Dick with a golf club, which my dad got in front of and stopped. Dick was found bludgeoned to death with different weapons. He had a handful of your sisters hair in his hand and the investigators found Bruce’s blood in the master bathroom sink, after Bruce stated he hadn’t been to the home is weeks! Not to mention your family all fleeing Florida the weekend of the murder, THEN all giving conflicting accounts of when they left and had NO receipts. I sat through the whole bogus trial. You are insane to believe that your family is innocent. They killed Dick and left an innocent father of two young children to waste away in prison for 13 years. Please do not spew a bunch of lies about things you obviously have no idea about! Thanks.


      • Thank you, Jamie; I know that you and your brother grew up having to face nonsense like this all the time. I’m hoping your Dad’s appeal is soon decided in his favor … the long delay is ridiculous. It’s about time that higher court judges started holding Brevard public servants accountable for all of their deadly, dastardly deeds!


  13. Again, I will continue to remove all comments that are not fact-based. For those who continue to insist that two DNA markers out of 15 correctly identified Jeff Abramowski as Cortney Crandall’s killer, I suggest you read the September 21, 2018 New York Time‘s opinion piece by Dr. Greg Hampikina, professor of biology at Boise State University titled “The Dangers of DNA Testing: In a new study, 74 out of 108 crime laboratories implicated an innocent person in a hypothetical bank robbery.”

    For those of you making libelous comments about Jeff that you can in no way substantiate, I suggest that you get a life and stop wasting portions of mine. Thank you.


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