Needelman needles me back …

I hope that my email does not give Mitch Needelman the impression that I’m shaking in my shoes over his office’s puny powers, and fear a nocturnal seizure for that reason.

What Needelman’s office did with the bogus collection agency annoyance was interrupt deep thoughts of how best to address a medical crisis, something that I had given myself permission to give my full attention to this weekend, returning to trying to take down thug public servants after I’d figured out how best to take care of myself.

My shaking – therefore – is from rage. And for the first time, I’m entertaining thoughts of thug public servants serving time in general population for their crimes against those that pay their wages, and not in any Club Fed.

The thoughts will pass. Deep down, I know that subjecting inmates to the daily presence of the likes of Needelman is cruel and unusual punishment. Permanent house arrest and complete asset forfeiture for participants in frame-ups and cover-ups is the only way to go.

Copies of the pdf’s referenced in my email are available by request, via comment.

From: Susan Chandler
Date: June 16, 2012 4:30:46 PM EDT
Cc:, FL_GOV Inspector General , Tampa Division ,, ASKDOJ ,,
Subject: Notice of Collection from PennCredit collection, addressed to Susan Schoof

The Honorable Mitch Needelman
Brevard County Clerk of the Court
700 S Park Avenue
Titusville, FL 32780-4015

Dear Mr. Needelman,

I am writing in regards to a Notice of Collection from PennCredit recevied today seeking payment of $140 in overdue court costs.

The balance of my sole account with the Brevard County Clerk of Court was adjusted to zero years ago, when I pointed out that I had been billed separately by the Clerk for the same amount on the same day, once as Susan Schoof, once as Susan Chandler.

The adjustment and zero balance is borne out by your eFACT’s website at the very bottom of the pdf’d page below.

At the time this suit was filed, Florida was the only state in the union charging court fees to declare indigence, and not a nominal sum … it was $50.

If I had had the $50 to make it of record that I did not have $50, I would have never owed the court a cent in connection with the case. The heinousness of charging fees to declare indigence was compounded by the courts not retaining the fees in full – part of the proceeds went to the state, which made indigence fees a backdoor tax on Florida’s most vulnerable populations. I strenuously objected to indigence fees and other court fee/backdoor taxes to Governor Crist via email, copying my representatives. It is my understanding that indigence fees are no longer collected.

Nowhere on the pdf’d eFACT document below does the amount of $140 show.

The eFACTS site also accurately reflects that my name is Susan Chandler, not Susan Schoof, and that I changed my address in a timely manner. Twice.

Notifications of any indebtedness could and should have been sent to me prior to engaging a collection agency.

Because the amount of $140 does not show in your records, and because my name is not Schoof, and because your office has continually known my whereabouts and made no contact regarding allegedly years-old indebtedness, it appears that indebtedness was randomly invented for purposes of harassment, likely in response for my advocacy for incarcerated innocents that began of record with Governor Bush before Wilton Dedge’s 2004 exoneration and will continue until every last frame-up I’m aware of is undone.

Engaging an out-of-state firm to participate in apparent retaliatory harassment may have increased the seriousness of its nature.

On July 5, 2011, I sent you an email that included the following: “Sir, if you can comprehend that it’s homicidal to slip a fragile diabetic a sugar-filled rather than sugar-free Coke, and homicidal to run through a coronary intensive care unit screaming “bomb!” at the top of your lungs when there isn’t one, then you have sufficient intellect to understand that it’s homicidal to heap deliberate duress on someone with epilepsy.” The subject of that email was, “Again … Gary Stanley Bennett is alive, his case file should be, too [05-1983-CF–2375-AXXX-XX].”

Both Bennett and I have volatile epilepsy, and are subject to stress-engendered, life-threatening seizures. Just as your office’s temporarily burying Bennett’s record was stressful for him on top of his 28 year-long wrongful incarceration, it is stressful for me to be addressed by Schoof, reminding me that Terence Schoof’s 2001 false police report clarified his intention of making me a Jane Doe in a coroners office, an intention that likely still consumes him, given that his frauds and perjuries remain clear, including the perjuries attributing authorship of the police report to a Melbourne PD officer, although in Schoof’s handwriting. If I wake up with bruised knees and another broken tooth tomorrow because of a nocturnal seizure, it will be from receipt of PennCredit’s Notice of Collection and nothing else. If I don’t wake up ever again because of a nocturnal seizure, it will be from receipt of Penn Credit’s Notice of Collection and nothing else.

I therefore trust that you will immediately notify PennCredit that there is no Susan Schoof and no $140 debt, and request that they notify me by email that they have adjusted their records accordingly. If this is not a singular “error,” and others owing the court nothing have heard from PennCredit, I trust that you will make sure that they, too, are promptly notified that corrections have been made.


Susan Chandler

P.S. directed to the Cc:d parties:

I have written to Florida Attorney General Bondi and asked her to fulfill her campaign promise to investigate all Florida convictions achieved using dog handler John Preston. The FBI and DoJ should concurrently investigate dog handler convictions achieved using handlers now known to be charlatans, including Preston, Keith Pikett and others that the FBI or other federal agencies used.

In the meantime, Gary Bennett should be released on recognizance pending full pardon. There is likely no dog handler frame-up more obvious than his, achieved one full year after Preston was found a fraud in Dale Sutton’s Ohio federal case.

A January 30, 1984 Sentinel article about Bennett, “Legal foes differ on value of dog’s nose,” copied below, misstates the date of Sutton’s conviction and obscures the fact that Preston was definitively found a fraud in December of 1982, with Sutton released in January of 1983.

In later issuing an opinion on Sutton’s request for damages, the federal court stated, “Sutton alleges, and the government does not now contest, that during the course of Sutton’s trial Preston testified untruthfully as to his credentials, background, and training, and as to the abilities and ancestry of his German shepherd, Harass II.”

That single sentence obliges you all to get very busy, very fast.


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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4 Responses to Needelman needles me back …

  1. Go get ’em Susan. Having lived in Florida I have found it to be one of the states less corrupt than others where I have lived. However, that is not to say there is corruption among elected and appointed public officials.

    Currently, I am in the fight to the death with Pennsylvania for a false, redacted toxicology report and incomplete coroner report for my son, Raymond Zachry (Justice for Raymond). I, like you would like to chew up some of the politicios and spit them out….but in time, I will prevail in finding the true cause of my son’s untimely death.

    God bless you, and I support your effort 100%. Time to get rid of some of the politicians and find some patriots again.

    • Sorry that you are going through so much to get answers about your son’s death. How awful it must be for you … I can’t even imagine. I hope you’re successful soon in finding out what happened, and that your persistence pays off by helping to prevent this happening to others.

      I wish Florida was as corruption-free as I’d thought before I was dragged into it. Our media is far too kind to lawbreaking civil servants.

  2. Here’s hoping that tears and trying followed by more tears and trying pays off soon for everyone that is insisting on justice being available.

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