Kelly Michael Brady climbs Jacobs Ladder … more you-can’t-crush-this hope

DEARBORN: Confession leads police to break in 1991 Flores slaying –

What began Monday as a routine domestic dispute for authorities in the waterfront community of Fort Pierce, Fla. turned out to be the break Dearborn Police have been waiting for since before Bill Clinton was president. A sheriffs deputy on his way to the house was flagged down by the man he was looking for. Kelly Michael Brady, a 45-year-old former Michigan resident, didnt mention the spat he just had with his wife on their front lawn. Instead, he said he wanted to confess to a murder that happened more than 20 years ago, more than 1,000 miles away. The deputy took Brady in for questioning where he proceeded to lay out for detectives the grisly details behind the slaying of Graciela Flores at ACCESS, the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services, in Dearborn.

via DEARBORN: Confession leads police to break in 1991 Flores slaying –


It happened again … right here in St. Lucie County, Florida, where I live. Like Kerry Arthur Jacob just before him, Kelly Michael Brady confessed to a homicide more than two decades old.

And once again, there was no innocent to free. And once again, the confessor wasn’t considered a suspect, nor was the very cold case being actively investigated.

A worrying difference exists, however.

The homicide that Brady confessed to took place in Wayne County, Michigan, my birthplace, where Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy has been showing an inexplicably ugly, entrenched disdain for another confession for four years.

Detroit “Hit Man” Vincent Smothers confessed to twelve homicides in 2008, including four that 14-year-old Davontae Sanford had incredibly been convicted of the year before.

Davontae is blind in one eye and developmentally disabled … the ludicrously false confession to a quadruple “hit” coerced from him by Detroit police has a well-known precedent, that of emotionally vulnerable Eddie Joe Lloyd.

Kym Worthy will likely attempt to discredit Brady’s confession, because the very last thing any corrupt prosecutor wants is one criminal after another coming forward to give their victims – or their survivors – peace.

Because some confessions – like Smothers’ – point out officer and prosecutor and judicial incompetence. And malice.

Our system is so corrupt that only criminals can fix it.

Only confession after confession after confession can make it clear which officers, prosecutors, judges, attorney generals, federal agents, senators, governors, etc., need to be prosecuted for unethical behaviors that contributed to wrongful convictions. None of them have job descriptions that limit their activities to criminal prosecutions, those that address criminal prosecutions corruptly likely attend to their entire to-do list corruptly.

If you committed a crime, come clean. Dry your victim (or their survivors’) tears, end their nightmares. Fix our country.

Eddie Joe Lloyd didn’t live long after his DNA exoneration due to poor prison healthcare.

Davontae Sanford doesn’t have the mental capacity to hold his own against the guards that have found him such an easy target.

There isn’t a moment to waste. Serve your country, criminals … confess. Be the next rung on Jacob’s Ladder.



About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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