Jay Leno on Steve MacNamara …

I’m grateful to Florida Watch for forwarding a portion of a Leno monologue that touched on Steve MacNamara’s service to Governor Rick Scott; it’s my hope that the few seconds of national laughter will close doors for MacNamara … that no other politician will ever seek his services.

Before MacNamara was Governor Scott’s “gatekeeper,” he was Florida Senate President Haridopolos’ “gatekeeper.” And that matters. A lot.

Justice remains unavailable in Florida because of Haridopolos, although his highly-hyped championing of Wilton Dedge and William Dillon’s exoneration compensation gives the opposite impression.

Gary Bennett’s frame-up is nearly identical to Dedge and Dillon’s. And it’s the “nearly” that makes a conviction conspiracy so obvious.

Bennett was convicted one year after dog handler John Preston – who testified against all three – was found to be a liar and a fraud in Dale Sutton’s Ohio federal case.

Governor Scott has a decision at hand. He has to decide how much deeper he wants to opt in to conviction corruption. Scott didn’t initiate the Executive Order transferring prosecution of Bennett’s case to another jurisdiction that had used Preston with FBI involvement, resulting in a likely wrongful execution. But Scott renewed the Order, and knows that the Order is hopelessly tainted.

Bennett’s transfer Order is due to be renewed on June 19th. And yes, the Norm Wolfinger that initiated the transfer is the same Norm Wolfinger that made mud out of the facts of Trayvon Martin’s homicide.

The kicker is that the Bennett’s transfer Order is now tainted twice-over.

Orange/Osceola prosecutor Jeff Ashton was leading Bennett’s prosecution when he abruptly retired after failing to convict Casey Anthony. Ashton was also leading the prosecution of William “Tommy” Ziegler.

Prosecutors accused both Bennett and Zeigler of homosexuality, entering a knowingly staged photograph into evidence in Zeigler’s case.

Scott likely believes that the FBI’s desire to bury their decades of use of discredited dog handlers nationwide will protect him if he decides to burn Bennett again.

I’m thinking it won’t … not if Leno and Letterman and Stewart and Colbert find out what a wealth of material there is here, like Haridopolos former FBI agent father supporting Wayne “Poison” Ivey for Brevard sheriff. Ivey – while working for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement – kept a tight lid on frame-ups, including Jeffrey Abramowski’s. A Florida Department of Law Enforcement DNA expert said Abramowski’s DNA was a match to Cortney Crandall’s homicide. It wasn’t. Judy Foley and Michael Bruce Foley’s DNA was a match. Abramowski’s frame-up was in Wolfinger’s Wonderland, too.

An inmate provided a detailed sworn statement about Brevard deputy Gary Harrell – another candidate for Brevard Sheriff – attempting to solicit false testimony against Abramowski. Then there’s the hilarity of dashing Rob Lowe playing crass Jeff Ashton in the Lifetime portrayal of Casey Anthony’s trial.

That’s so funny that I filed an FCC complaint, under the closest available menu selection – “Consumer Complaint.” The FCC apparently assumes that all that is wrong with our media is false advertising, not propagandizing for candidates. Ashton is running for State Attorney. Wikipedia says Disney owns part of Lifetime, and Disney also sorta owns part of Orlando, the heart of the circuit where Ashton is running for office. Could be a coincidence.

The FCC only allows 1,000 characters for a complaint. There’s probably more than 1,000 characters in public service in Florida directly involved in conviction corruption, and probably more than 1,000 FBI characters – retired and on-the-job – that are participating, too. Apparently not a coincidence, not even the retired FBI agent on the Innocence Project of Florida’s Board.

Also on that Board is a past president of the American Bar Association. The Innocence Project of Florida is representing Gary Bennett. Sort of. The last time the IPF blog mentioned Bennett was in 2009.

I used to believe that charlatan dog handler John Preston wasn’t mentioned in the documentary After Innocence because his nationwide perjuries would have detracted from the central theme, and that Wilton Dedge’s release – despite Wolfinger’s minion’s theatrics – was triumphant enough. I believed that until the movie Conviction was released and neglected to mention that Kenny Waters died six months after he was exonerated. Then I read the Innocence Project’s 990. 

Florida needed a Conviction Integrity Commission to examine clouded convictions, but instead is studying how to prevent future wrongful convictions. And getting nowhere. Expensively. Judge Belvin Perry chairs the Florida Innocence Commission and speaks about Preston before the Commission like he never testified on his turf, which is Ashton’s turf. Judge Preston Silvernail – a central character in After Innocence and still on the job in Wolfinger’s Wonderland – sits on the Commission and acts like Preston perjury cases are all past tense.

Comedians can handle all of this. What fun they’ll have with Geraldo Rivera’s role in keeping the remaining Preston convictions under wraps. Rivera came to Florida when Dillon was exonerated … and went to Charlie Crist’s wedding. Crist – with attorney work product to protect – initiated Bennett’s tainted transfer. Crist is making nooz with his claims that Jim Greer tried to extort money from him, allegedly documented by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement while Crist was still in office.

Send in the clowns.


FCC Submission Confirmation: 2000E Acknowledgement of Submission from Susan Chandler on 05/09/2012,

reference number 12-C00395064. Thank you for your information. The FCC will contact you if additional

information is required. Please keep this information for future reference.

ATTENTION: When submitting additional information using this FCC Submission Confirmation sheet, please attach only one unsolicited fax advertisement (or multiple advertisements from the same sender) that matches your complaint number and carrier company named in this complaint. DO NOT include multiple unsolicited faxes from different senders with this unique case number. Your complaint is subject to be rejected, if more than one unsolicited fax advertisement from different senders accompanies this FCC Submission Confirmation sheet.

Please use this page as a Fax Cover Sheet when faxing additional details to the FCC at (866) 418-0232.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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  1. las artes says:

    Trayvon’s parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, have issued pleas for law enforcement to take action, and social media campaigns, chiefly on the Web site change.org , have pushed for the justice system to act. Many believe that the law encourages vigilante justice.


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