Jacob’s Ladder: you-can’t-crush-this hope

Port St. Lucie man confesses to involvement in 1986 homicide of Vero Beach man » TCPalm.com

“Years of having the incident on his mind made Kerry Arthur Jacob come forward. The 48-year-old Port St. Lucie man came to the St. Lucie County Sheriffs Office Thursday and confessed to his role in the 1986 homicide of 22-year-old David “Scotty” Smith, an arrest affidavit released Friday states.”

via Port St. Lucie man confesses to involvement in 1986 homicide of Vero Beach man » TCPalm.com.

Professional hit man Vincent Smothers stepping up and confessing to a quadruple homicide to try and free innocent young Davontae Sanford made my heart soar.

But, in the decade-plus of battling apathetic, incompetent and corrupt public servants, nothing has given me more You-Can’t-Crush-This hope than Kerry Jacob coming forward after 22 years … he wasn’t even a suspect; there was no incarcerated innocent to free. Jacob wanted peace … for himself and for his victim’s family.

If enough criminals man up like Jacob, it’s game-over for conviction corruption.

The incarcerated innocents in our hellish prisons should start dreaming of Jacob’s Ladder getting them over the razor wire … dreams of not only perpetrators coming forward, but coached jailhouse informants that got “walks” and wrist-slaps.

Dreaming of Jacob’s Ladder is more reasonable than dreaming that dirty public servants will suddenly begin admitting their roles in making justice routinely unavailable.

Davontae Sanford was arrested in 2007. Vincent Smothers confessed in 2008. Davontae is still inside.

The FBI and DoJ are supposed to investigate and prosecute conviction corruption. They take their pay and look the other away, knowing there are thousands of known incarcerated innocents just like Davontae.

Rapists, robbers and killers: your country needs you to find your consciences. Only your truthfulness can cure conviction corruption … and curing conviction corruption will end most other corruption.

Do the time if you did the crime … step up to clean up messes that no one else can.

Don’t come forward to public servants. They’ll ignore you, like they did the real rapist that tried to clear Timothy Cole, who died of an asthma attack in prison and was later DNA-exonerated.

Don’t call the complicit mainstream media, either – call Rolling Stone or Mother Jones. Make nothing up, and don’t expect the public to embrace you. They won’t “get it” until thug after thug on the public payroll begins wearing orange.

Be a rung on Jacob’s Ladder.

Update: Davontae Sanford was released in 2016, just as the statute of limitations was expiring on perjuries that Detroit police officers committed. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy remains on the job, despite her penchant for malicious prosecutions.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to Jacob’s Ladder: you-can’t-crush-this hope

  1. Atlanta says:

    Well this is the fist blog I’ve come acrossthats not bashing Kerry Jacob, My Uncle whom I Love Very Much, Whom What People Do Not Know But Should Know is This Was Eating At HiM For Years! And He Has Been CLEAN AND SOBER For Over 18+yrs Now! And Has Housed, Gave Jobs, Sponsored Mannnnnyyyyyy Many Many People, And Held Meetings Every Single Night For AA and NA! He Has Given Life To So Many People That Would Be Dead, Hurt, or In Jail, Or Still On The Streets.Drinking and Druging! But Because of Kerry Jacob They Have A Second Chance. He even stepped up on top of having 7 kids of his own and when my father hasn’t he did Kerry Jacob, my Uncle Stepped Up and Has Been The Dad Myself and My Sister Would of Never Had OtherWise! He was Always There for me always and so many other people! He knew he did wrong or he wouldn’t of turned himself in I don’t want anyone to think that I’m saying other wise but besides this blog/posting I am yet to come across a nice post about my Uncle With HIS ROLE IN THE MURDER Most Of Them Are Making HiM Out To Be A Monster He is Not! He Played A Role In A Murder and He Confessed to it, He Was Under The Influence When He Commited His Part, and I’m Glad To See HiM Not Being Bashed! And Just Wanted To add What People Don’t But Should Know About My..Uncle Kerry A. Jacob…I miss HiM a lot I wish I could hug HiM again! But Unfort Even Though He Confessed To HIS ROLE He’s Being Made Out To Be A Liar, The State is Still at A Stand Still Trying To Get More On HiM Saying They Don’t Believe HiM! And That Will Make Less Come Forward! Don’t Do It! U Won’t Get Peace If You Don’t Get Treated Right By The State! You Confess to Be Told Your Lying About Your Confession and You Get Made Out To Be A Monster! And The State Goes No Where With it! Because They Can’t So You Just Get Held In Jail! Its Not Right or Justice on Either End! He Does The Right Thing To Get Treated Otherwise! Thank you For A Kind Post about HiM Because He’s Not A monster he wanted to give Justiceto David “Scotty” Smiths Family and Peace For Himself as well.

    • I am so very sorry that your uncle’s decision to come forward and bring peace to the family and friends of his victim is being addressed so very unprofessionally.

      Even knowing what your uncle is growing through and how much it is hurting you and others who love and respect him for turning his life around and serving as a role model, I will continue to make the wish every day that more people do exactly what he did … come forward and confess. There are many others who did the right thing – just like your uncle – and have been treated harshly, and the only hope for their being treated justly rather than vengefully is for there to be so many of them that public servants fear mistreating even one of them. They should be very grateful when they are able to close cold cases, and just as grateful when they are able to have incarcerated innocents trade places with actual perpetrators.

      Please tell your uncle that I said thank you, and that I’m praying for adequate counsel that can successfully mitigate the consequences for his crime by an apt portrayal of the life he lived subsequently. It appears from the St Lucie County jail records that he is being held without bond, which doesn’t seem to fit the circumstances. I cannot locate a record of where he is being prosecuted, either within Indian River County or St. Lucie County. If you don’t mind, please let me know where his case stands. I can withhold publishing the comment and respond via email if you’d like.

      Thank you very much for taking the time to contact me, Atlanta. Best wishes to you.

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