Trayvon and Cristian … bless the beasts, not the children?

The world knows that George Zimmerman shot 17-year-old Travyvon Martin dead under increasingly suspicious circumstances.

Yesterday, in “Trayvon Murder Eyewitness Says Police Refused to See Crime Scene,” Alternet summarized CNN’s coverage of the Sanford police refusing to visit the crime scene with a eyewitness so she could better describe Zimmerman’s attack, noting that the police went further … they suggested to the woman that she had it wrong. I haven’t watched the video provided by Alternet included with their article; there are other factors to piece together before matters go still further astray.

In yesterday’s “Trayvon Martin Case: Prosecutorial Misconduct and Police Coverup?“, Black Star News posed the question, ” … did State Attorney Norm Wolfinger tamper with the Sanford Police Department’s investigation and encourage them to engage in a cover-up because of the influence of George Zimmerman’s father who is a retired magistrate?”

The Special Proseutor that Governor Scott and Wolfinger agreed upon to handle Zimmerman’s investigation – State Attorney Corey – increases the chances that the answer to the question the Black Star News posed is YES.

State Attorney Corey wasn’t a puzzling choice; Corey was an outrageous choice.

Corey is known for her recent frequent public mispresentations of juvenile justice laws to cloud her malicious prosecution of young Cristian Fernandez. Former State Attorney Shorstein has tried to correct the record on what the laws really are – – but the mainstream media prefers to portray Corey as “tough-minded” instead of truth-less and ruthless.

The circumstances that Corey refuses to see as mitigating are indeed mitigating. Twelve-year-old Cristian knocked his two-year-old brother into a bookcase and caused a head injury that a doctor from St. Luke’s hospital – where the toddler was treated – said might not have been fatal had the mother not waited seven hours before seeking medical attention. Cristian’s mother was twelve was he was born, and apparently hasn’t matured much. She reportedly downloaded music while her youngster was dying. Corey wants to try Cristian as an adult, and her pretrial treatment of him has been tortuous.

Scott and State Attorney Wolfinger have previously agreed upon another improper transfer. Scott renewed the transfer of Gary Bennett’s case to State Attorney Lamar, knowing that Lamar’s judicial circuit had used the same charlatan dog handler – John Preston – that had been used against Bennett. That transfer further confused the FBI’s requisite role in investigating Gary Bennett’s frame-up, which transpired a full year after Preston had been found a fraud in an Ohio federal court. The FBI had participated in prosecuting Linroy Bottoson with Preston in Lamar’s circuit, and Bottoson was executed in 2002.

According to the Sentinel article about Bennett on January 30, 1984 in “Legal foes differ on value of dog’s nose,” many Central Florida public servants knew what had happened in Ohio, including Wolfinger, who commented for the article. Wolfinger didn’t tell the court about Ohio, although serving as one of Gary’s public defenders.

Wolfinger’s recent racism cannot be left of the picture. Ever. The three Melbourne police officers that – with premeditation and without provocation – kicked, beat and tased 66-year old Albert Flowers remain on the job with Wolfinger’s blessings, even though Flowers’ injuries required a month of hospitalization and caused brain damage. Flowers is an upstanding citizen, a small business owner who has never been in trouble.

Perhaps the best way to make sure that Scott rids Florida of loose canons like Wolfinger, Corey and Lamar instead of continuing to facilitate transfers that will flout justice instead of ensuring it is to sign and share the petition that seeks to have Cristian tried as a child, having it go viral like the petitions to secure justice for Trayvon have.

Adding Trayvon’s and Cristian’s ages together slightly exceed the 28+ years that Gary Bennett has been wrongly incarcerated. Gary has spent half his life behind bars, serving other people’s time … there were three murder weapons, and nothing linking Gary to even one of them except Preston’s coached perjuries, which Wolfinger should have resoundingly defeated.

Wolfinger and Lamar should serve the rest of their lives behind bars for their involvement in frame-ups, coverups and other lawlessness. Corey is on the same course. That yet another Florida governor is furthering State Attorneys’ self-serving agendas – which defraud and endanger Floridians – has to end right now. Please sign and share the petition to have Cristian tried as a child … unshackled.

Unless there’s an increasing uproar, the FBI won’t investigate Wolfinger (or anyone under his supervision) with any diligence – they’ll give this latest travesty – Trayron’s death – a coat of whitewash and move on … to busting more legal medical marijuana facilities.

If you are on the fence about signing the petition, please listen to this:


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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