@GeraldoRivera has both feet in his #GeraldoAtLarge mouth …

In 2009, I asked Geraldo Rivera – nicely – to revisit his 1984 exposé of charlatan dog handler John Preston. Three times. His doing so could have ended 30 years of corruption, three years ago.

So I wasn’t as nice in writing Rivera today. Deference is due the diligent, not the derelict.

From: Susan Chandler
Date: March 28, 2012 11:48:49 AM EDT
To: atlarge@foxnews.com
Cc: ASKDOJ <ASKDOJ@usdoj.gov>, Tampa Division <Tampa.Division@ic.fbi.gov>, miami@ic.fbi.gov, Rick.Scott@eog.myflorida.com, FL_GOV Inspector General <cig@eog.myflorida.com>
Subject: Trayvon Martin’s death is YOUR FAULT; so is Alissa Blanton’s death, so is Albert Flowers beat-down, so is Gary Bennett’s continued incarceration, and more.
Dear Mr. Rivera,

I am writing to tell you what you already know … had you updated your 1984 “20/20” exposé of charlatan dog handler John Preston when I asked, Brevard/Seminole State Attorney Norm Wolfinger and his lawless sidekicks – in law enforcement, the prosecutor and defenders offices as well as the judiciary (in at least two judicial circuits) – would have been gone three years ago, ending three decades of deadly, pervasive corruption in Central Florida.

You blamed Trayvon Martin for his own death. For wearing a hoodie.

What did you see in 66-year-old, dementia-suffering Albert Flowers’ clothing that justifiably instigated three Melbourne police officers kicking, beating and tasing him? Wolfinger wouldn’t charge the officers, they remain on the job, despite the obvious premeditation of turning off a dash-cam, not realizing the recording unit in the trunk couldn’t be turned off from inside the squad car.

Wolfinger knows that Judge Moxley doesn’t read motions that he rules on, and pretty much makes things up as he goes along, allowing perjuries, obstruction, intimidation and more. Moxley was one of the prosecutors that couldn’t seem to make a case without calling Preston. The likelihood that Moxley didn’t read Alissa Blanton’s protection order plea before denying it is close to 100%. She was gunned down shortly afterward, then her stalker killed himself.

Update your Preston story now. There’s nothing worse than an investigate reporter not finishing what he starts when lives and freedoms are at stake. No more “he said, she said” nonsense this time. Make it crystal clear that Preston was found a fraud in December of 1982 [error when emailed: Preston found a fraud in July of 1982, not December] arriving in suspect condition (like Dillon’s before him) for DNA testing at Orchid Cellmark, despite the Brevard Clerk of Courts refusing to put Bennett’s case information online, despite the tainted transfer to Orange/Osceola, despite the judge knowing that Preston was a fraud, etc. [a portion of this paragraph was lost during a failed attempt to edit mysterious paragraph spacing]

Quite curiously, retired FBI agent Robert Cromwell is on the IPF Board.

Many retired FBI agents reside in Brevard, including Florida Senate President Haridopolos’ father. Haridopolos sponsored Dedge and Dillon’s exoneration compensation claims, using them as a publicity-grabbing smokescreen to cover the remaining intact frame-ups. Some of Brevard’s retired feds could have been involved in using John Preston, or even more prolific Keith Pikett, also DNA-discredited, or the dog handler that was part of the overzealous, misdirected FBI investigation that drove scientist Bruce Ivin to suicide.

I wrote to “20/20” this morning and requested an update of your original story, too. The public trust as well as corporate fiduciary responsibilities require reporting to be reporting, not vitriol, not sensationalized, specious spin or deliberate omissions of fact that often affect election outcomes. Pikett participated in over 2,000 Texas criminal investigations, and his perjury victims are working their way out one-by-one, at as great an expense to Texas taxpayers as Preston’s victims cause Floridians, while Texans remaining endangered like Floridians from innocents being “inside” while rapists and killers find new victims. If media ownership has become too concentrated for news boards to believe themselves beholden to any standard – to the point of making justice unavailable with that arrogance – it falls to the federal government to break-up every last mega-mergers they’ve allowed.

The FBI is dangerous and derelict, and its about to investigate Trayvon Martin’s homicide with blinders on, ignoring the local corruption it’s had its hands in for decades. Let’s see how “Large” you are, Mr. Rivera; let’s see you attempt to hold the FBI accountable even once, as I’ve been doing for years.


Susan Chandler





From: Susan Chandler
Date: March 30, 2009 7:15:16 PM EDT
Subject: Fwd: Request for comment — Second Request

From: Susan Chandler
Date: March 11, 2009 12:45:43 PM EDTTo: atlarge@foxnews.comSubject: Request for comment
Dear Mr. Rivera:
Please comment on your disinterest in my e-mail of 2/28/09 (below).  Thank you for your anticipated response.

Susan Chandler

From: Susan Chandler
Date: February 28, 2009 4:58:36 PM EST
Subject: John Preston still victimizing innocents (20/20 “Tracking the Tracker,” 1984)

Dear Mr. Rivera:

I am writing to ask that you do a follow-up story on John Preston, now deceased.  Charges were recently dropped against Bill Dillon in Brevard County, FL after he spent 27 years in prison.  Dillon’s was the third Brevard conviction involving Preston to be upset, preceded by Juan Ramos (1987) and Wilton Dedge (2004).
The Orlando Sentinel reported that Preston testified in at least 60 Brevard felony trials.  The Innocence Project was involved in Dedge’s and Dillon’s winning their freedom.  The three upset convictions revealed that in addition to Preston’s perjuries, the gentlemen had been more securely framed by the perjuries of coached jailhouse informants; Ramos/Gilmore, Dillon/Chapman, Dedge/Zacke.  Dedge’s exoneration was the centerpiece of the Sundance award-winning documentary, After Innocence.

Clarence Zacke was used in to provide false testimony in at least one other trial.  Hapless serial confessor (sworn opinion of Daytona Beach police officers) Gerald Stano was executed based on Zacke’s testimony – there was no forensic evidence against him.  Prior to Stano’s execution, Zacke recanted, not knowing that the freelance reporter he was speaking to was taping the conversation, but knowing that the prison likely was.

Norm Wolfinger, one of Juan Ramos’ defenders, was elected as State Attorney in 1984 (Florida’s name for a District Attorney).  Wolfinger publicly pretended no knowledge of Preston or informants, stating that he had come to office after Preston stopped testifying, omitting that his representation of Ramos brought him up to speed on both the bogus expert and snitches.
If nothing is done, other innocents convicted by Preston’s perjuries may die behind bars.
Please let me know by return e-mail if you will do another story on Preston’s victims.  Thank you for your time, and thank you for exposing Preston so long ago.
Susan Chandler
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About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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4 Responses to @GeraldoRivera has both feet in his #GeraldoAtLarge mouth …

  1. arkansastruthseeker says:

    WOW very good letter, If that doesn’t get his head out of his a** I will be surprised!


  2. My apologies for the appearance of this post. Editing it today somehow created more problems than it cured. If I can later locate the original emails to Geraldo Rivera, I will attempt another edit, making the only correction I tried to make today … to correct Dale Sutton’s exoneration from December of 1982 to July of 1982.


    • Another failed attempt to edit today, during which I noticed a missing portion of a paragraph concerning Gary Bennett and William Dillon’s DNA case evidence being sent to Orchid Cellmark in Dallas County, TX by Brevard County Judge W David Dugan.

      Orchid Cellmark took no steps to address the suspect condition of both sets of evidence, received roughly two years apart, from cases related only by use of disgraced dog handler John Preston, use of coached jailhouse informants, and the other hallmarks of Brevard County frame-ups in the early 1980’s. Dugan is involved in keeping those frame-ups intact, were it not so, he would not have sent evidence to Orchid Cellmark for DNA testing a second time, among many other things.


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