Park Avenue Pope’s untold intentions for Tommy … and Gary, Albert and Trayvon

“An attorney that is not a social engineer is a social parasite.”

I was reasonably close in paraphrasing while angrily writing to attorney John Houston Pope, but here’s the real deal, courtesy of Howard University … 

As stated by Charles Hamilton Houston, “A lawyer’s either a social engineer or … a parasite on society … ”

I’ve had no trouble locating parasite after parasite the past eleven years. Some initially seemed social engineers, but then an ulterior motive emerged. Or an unseemly alliance. Or an inability to admit glaring error. Or the ugly elitism of believing that attorneys should NOT be subject to the exact same punishments as ordinary citizens that commit the same offense, such as suborning perjury.

It’s defies comprehension that so many educated, privileged attorneys feel that justice should remain unavailable to the majority of non-lawyers. 

  • From: Susan Chandler
  • DateMarch 26, 2012 8:18:05 AM EDT
  • To:
  • Cc:,,, FL_GOV Inspector General <>,,,,,,, *TIGTA Investigations Complaints Unit <>, “Alan J. Friedman” <>, Tampa Division <>,, ASKDOJ <>
  • Subject: Your representation of Tommy Zeigler – relation to Gary Bennett’s persecution, Albert Flowers beat-down, Trayvon Martin’s death  [TIGTA complaint no. 55-1106-0136-C]
John Houston Pope, Esquire
Epstein, Becker and Green, P.C.
250 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10177-1211
Dear Mr. Pope,
I am belatedly writing to acknowledge and counter your response to my letter of March 14th.
Tommy is not the only incarcerated innocent that I advocate for, and incarcerated innocents are only a portion of the public corruption I’m attempting to unravel. As such, your advice – that I continue to be more active on Tommy’s behalf than you have been – was was ill-conceived and ill-received, particularly since this advocacy is so far afield of my education and experience, and keeps me in harms way. If you imagine that my continually confronting federal, state and local government agencies and personages as well as the mainstream media over public corruption for over a decade has endeared me to them, I can assure you that the reverse is true, and documented.
As one of hundreds of attorneys – if not thousands – that have had an ongoing opportunity to interrupt Florida’s corruption and instead chose to pretend – for two decades – that it doesn’t exist, you have the blood of many innocents, including Albert Flowers and Trayvon Martin, on your hands.
Of all the involved attorneys, you perhaps had the greatest recent opportunity to interrupt corruption via fiercely fighting the staged photograph placed into evidence against Tommy by Orange/Osceola prosecutors, using the knowledge that those prosecutors had recycled the related homosexuality slur Tommy in Brevard/Seminole’s Gary Bennett transferred case, and the knowledge Bennett’s transfer was tainted by Linroy Bottoson’s prosecution and execution, as DNA-discredited dog handler John Preston had been used against both. A close second in failing to avail themselves of the same opportunities to interruption corruption – from Bennett’s standpoint – are Centurion Ministries and the Innocence Project of Florida.
Those abysmal failings have Florida’s time-worn subterfuges in motion in the Brevard/Seminole Trayvon Martin matter … a special prosecutor, a grand jury, an FDLE investigation, an FBI investigation. 
Florida State Attorneys trade cases in special prosecutor appointments for unsuitable outcomes … like Bennett’s case. I’ve documented many others, with very little effort.
Florida’s secretive grand juries are a twisted joke, as the verbose, self-congratulatory grand jury report on young Omar Paisely’s [Paisley’s] in-custody death indicates.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement, among other things, provided the expert that gave false expert DNA testimony about Jeffrey Abramowski in Brevard/Seminole, absurdly portraying that two of 15 markers was a “hit.” The FDLE’s former Brevard field agent – Wayne Ivey – is widely endorsed for sheriff, because LEO’s know he will continue the corruption coverups that he’s already up-to-speed on.
The FBI was involved in Bottoson’s prosecution and will do its level best – as it has for decades – to NOT address State Attorney Wolfinger’s decades of corruption, including throwing Bennett’s case as a public defender. They will not – as news broadcasts and newsprint indicate – connect the dots to Wolfinger’s allowing the three officers to remain on the job that mercilessly – with premeditation and without provocation – kicked, beat and tased 66-year-old dementia-suffering Albert Flowers, causing permanent brain damage. The FBI has a great deal at stake … they used other DNA-discredited dog handlers aside from Preston. Keith Pikett participated in over 2,000 Texas criminal investigations. Many retired FBI agents reside in Brevard that may have been involved in dog handler frame-ups, including Florida Senate President Hariopolos’ father. Senator Haridopolos abused the trust of Preston exonerees Wilton Dedge and William Dillon, furthering his career by sponsoring their exoneration claims while ignoring Bennett and the others whose Preston frame-ups remain intact.
An attorney that is not a social engineer is a social parasite.
It’s likely that you know the exact words of that paraphrased quotation, as well as its legendary source. I’m clinically memory impaired and am trying to retain to information that is relevant to my profession, not yours, made more difficult by having to take – for years – an inordinately high dosage of memory and bone-damaging phenobarbital to prevent stress-engendered seizures that resulted from being dragged into this fray in 2001. Seizures can cause further memory damage and they can be fatal … they have no upside, which Bennett can confirm.
In the interests my survival (and Bennett’s) and of legitimate justice for all those I advocate for, I demand that you stop being a social parasite. File a Motion to Set Aside Judgement: Order Denying Additional DNA Testing; file a Motion for Sanctions for Attorney Misconduct; file anything appropriate that indicates you didn’t accept Tommy’s case two decades ago with malicious intent, and are not incompetent. Call on those that originally broadcast an interview of you on Tommy’s case and tell them you intend to undo Central Florida’s conviction corruption while freeing Tommy, making sure they understand the advantages of interviewing you again.
That advantage is the mainstream media’s pressing need for a graceful exit from their complicity in corruption. A petition to secure justice for Trayvon Martin has close to two million signatures. That number would likely double if the public knew of Wolfinger’s connection to Albert Flowers, and triple if the public knew of Wolfinger’s connection to additional intact frame-ups nearly identical to those of exonerated Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon, and quadruple if the public knew that the mainstream media had been helping to bury this and far more on Wolfinger’s behalf for decades, within the morally bankrupt Bar’s knowledge.
Note that I removed your appended Confidentiality Note; it was not applicable – your response contained nothing confidential, and nothing genuine. Take leave of your other responsibilities to meet those long overdue Tommy.
Susan Chandler

FromJohn Houston Pope <>
DateMarch 16, 2012 2:42:41 PM EDT
ToSusan Chandler <>
Subject: RE: Your continued representation of William “Tommy” Zeigler, and relation to Gary Stanley Bennett’s prosecution  [TIGTA complaint number 55-1106-0136-C]
Dear Ms. Chandler:
Your interest in Mr. Zeigler’s case is appreciated.  As a nonlawyer, you can be most productive assisting with calling public attention to the evidence that demonstrates Mr. Zeigler’s innocence and the ways in which you believe he has been treated unfairly by the courts. 
I hope you will understand that my representation of Mr. Zeigler, and the strategies, plans and intentions connected therewith, are matters of attorney-client privilege.  Those matters cannot open to consultation with persons other than my client. 
John Houston Pope
John Houston Pope | Bio
(212) 351-4641 (direct) | (212) 878-8741 (fax)

250 Park Avenue | New York, NY 10177
(212) 351-4500 (main) |

Think Green. Please consider the environment before you print this message. Thank you.

From: Susan Chandler
Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 2:31 PM
To: John Houston Pope
Cc:; FL_GOV Inspector General;;; *TIGTA Investigations Complaints Unit; Alan J. Friedman; Tampa Division;; ASKDOJ
Subject: Your continued representation of William “Tommy” Zeigler, and relation to Gary Stanley Bennett’s prosecution [TIGTA complaint number 55-1106-0136-C]
John Houston Pope, Esquire
Epstein, Becker and Green, P.C.
250 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10177-1211
Dear Mr. Pope,
I am again writing in regards to your representation of Tommy Zeigler. It has come to my attention that Tommy’s long-delayed appeal for additional DNA tests was denied on the 12th, despite previous DNA tests lending credibility to Tommy’s portrayal of events and forcing the prosecutors to alter their theory of the crime.
Although I’m not an attorney, I have filed a pro se Motion for Sanctions for Attorney Misconduct. It was not ruled on because it was before another Florida judge that makes his own rules, Judge John Dean Moxley, who is notorious for participating – while a make-his-own-rules Brevard/Seminole prosecutor – in frame-ups using charlatan dog handler John Preston, including one that took place a full year after Dale Sutton’s Ohio federal conviction was upset, Gary Stanley Bennett’s. The Ohio court found Preston unable to track scent and unwilling to truthfully state his credentials or his dog’s lineage under oath.
Preston and Moxley mean a great deal to Tommy’s case. Orange/Osceola had also used Preston, along with the FBI. They prosecuted and convicted and hapless schizophrenic Linroy Bottoson, who was executed in 2002, despite Sutton’s 1983 upset conviction, and despite Juan Ramos’ 1987 Brevard/Seminole upset conviction, for which Judge Gilbert Goshorn personally tested Preston’s skills and found him unable to track a fresh scent the length of a football field. Subsequently, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon were exonerated of Brevard/Preston frame-ups (2004 and 2008, respectively) and compensated by Floridians rather than wrongdoers for their travesties. Ramos is fighting for compensation without a legislative sponsor.
A January 30, 1984 Seminole article, “Legal foes differ on value of dog’s nose,” indicates that Central Florida officers, defenders and prosecutors all knew the details of Sutton’s 1983 upset conviction, but Brevard/Seminole prosecutors used Preston to convict Bennett in 1984 anyway.
Because Orange/Osceola had used Preston, they were obliged to reject transfer of prosecutorial responsibilities of Bennett’s case. But they accepted transfer, and Jeff Ashton was leading the prosecutor against Bennett until his abrupt retirement after Casey Anthony’s acquittal, just as he was leading the prosecution against Tommy.
Accusations of homosexuality were leveled by Orange/Osceola against Bennett to reinforce the original theory of the crime, just as accusations of homosexuality were leveled at Tommy to restate the theory of the crime, with a knowingly staged photo submitted as evidence (per patrolman Jimmy Yawn’s deposition, pdf below).
Further, Tommy’s self-proclaimed “Citizen Advocate” Ray McEachern commented to me today, “Please note that Judge Whitehead’s wife was a ASA [assistant state attorney] under Lamar until I filed a complaint about the lack of disclosure during Whitehead’s denial of a new trial based on DNA back in 2004. My request to have the case assigned to a different judge was denied by Chief Judge Perry because I lacked standing. Soon afterward Whitehead’s wife resigned from the state attorney’s office. No doubt this was just a coincidence. However, if Pope or Tracy had demanded Whitehead recuse based on his wife’s relationship, I think they would have had a real problem.”
Still further, I revisited your firm bio and noted a sentence that may explain much of your behaviors, “Prior to joining Epstein Becker Green, Mr. Pope was a law clerk to Judge Howell W. Melton of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida and a partner in a New York City-based litigation boutique firm.” (emphasis mine, bio link below)
There was no listing today on Tommy’s Orange County Internet case records of your having filed an appeal of the denial of the DNA tests. I insist that you appeal immediately, and file a very belated Motion for Sanctions for Attorney Misconduct.
Prosecutorial misconduct keeps actual killers on the streets and is serial in Central Florida, and you would be ill-advised to mistake the media’s contentment with that state of affairs as public acceptance.
Per some of the Cc:d parties addresses, I am continuing to pursue the retroactive revocation of Bar association tax exemptions at the local, state and national level, and continuing to seek federal legislation that erases U.S. Supreme Court overreaches in creating unequal justice in Imbler v Pachtman (1976) and Van de Kamp v Goldstein (1977), confirmed in Connick v Thompson (2011). The Justices overreaches allow prosecutors and their supervisors deliberate misconduct to be addressed at the Bar’s discretion, in secret, with the lame punishment of a career change via disbarment being their harshest punishment, while ordinary individuals committing the same offenses before the tribunal are subject to charge and trial in open court, and imprisonment if convicted. Bar associations nationwide betray the public daily by ignoring prosecutorial and supervisory misconduct, seldom facilitating a career change. The Bar hasn’t just cost the public billions in unnecessary court, incarceration and compensation costs in unraveling frame-ups like that of Ramos, Dedge and Dillon, they have caused deaths and bloodshed by actual killers and rapists remaining free to do further harm, along with dangerous coached jailhouse informants that prosecutors have a penchant to deploy in trade for “walks” or light sentences.
It is not unreasonable – given the media’s behaviors in Bennett’s now-related frame-up – for there to be a class action suit against their officers and legal staffs; they have recklessly endangered and defrauded their subscribers, advertisers and shareholders for decades. Had the Orlando Sentinel been remorseful of their deeply dishonest 1984 portrayal of Bennett’s frame-up, they would have long ago honed in on the tainted transfer, forcing Governor Crist to make a reassignment to a circuit that had not used Preston, long before Governor Scott took office and opted in to conviction corruption.
My 150+ blog posts have had over 6,500 hits. Statistics indicate I have readers in Australia, Spain, Great Britain, Brazil, Russia, France, Canada, etc. My blog provides links to three books that detail Tommy’s innocence, and statistics indicate they have been utilized. And I’m not the only one who is blogging about Tommy.
Like Bennett, Tommy was obviously framed, and now their cases are entwined: I insist that you defend Tommy better than I defended myself pro se before another corrupt Florida judge … it is my Florida tax dollars – not your New York tax dollars – funding Tommy’s and Bennett’s persecutions in lieu of prosecutions and continued wrongful incarcerations. On the same basis, the courtesy of a reply stating your intentions is indicated. Thank you.
Susan Chandler
[Note: I am publishing this post without the ability to edit it to more resemble the original documents or the ability to add “tags.” Please further note that any advertising that may appear is placed by WordPress, not me. Thank you.]

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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