Florida Parole Commission furthers conviction corruption – denies Gary Bennett parole

These highlights of Geraldo Rivera’s 1984 “20/20” exposé of charlatan dog handler John Preston don’t make it clear whether he addressed an Ohio federal court finding Preston a fraud in the summer of 1982, when Julius Manning confessed to a number of Post Office crimes that included one that Dale Sutton was serving time for, based on Preston’s perjuries. Sutton was released from custody in January of 1983.

Even if Rivera didn’t include the information, it was known to prosecutors and public defenders nationwide. Gary Bennett was tried and convicted in January of 1984 based on Preston’s perjuries.

One of Bennett’s defenders was Norm Wolfinger, the Brevard/Seminole State Attorney that refused to charge George Zimmerman in Trayvon Martin’s death, and refused to charge the three officers that – with premeditation – kicked, beat and tased 66-year-old dementia-suffering Albert Flowers within an inch of his life.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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8 Responses to Florida Parole Commission furthers conviction corruption – denies Gary Bennett parole

  1. arkansastruthseeker says:

    It looks like common knowledge that Norm Wolfinger is corrupt as they come, he had to be the inside man for Preston but there are two things I don’t understand.
    One being why the FBI has not went in and cleaned house of these corrupt s.o.b.’s?
    And how could they have denied Gary’s appeal knowing the trial was a sham? I mean seriously is it that important they keep an innocent man in prison than to admit they screwed up? Explain to me what fraud upon the court is if it does not apply to this case? If he created this case out of lies can you imagine how many others are sitting in prisons because of the fraud?


    • Actually wolfinger was a defense attorney at the time of Gary’s case however he weaseled out of it just as he has recused himself from other cases when he doesn’t want to be in the middle of a controversy. “Judge” Dean Moxley was the prosecutor at the time and still has his filthy hands in Gary’s case. He wrote a letter and a note to Ashton saying he wanted to make sure Gary did not get his motion for DNA testing approved and wanted to be told when it was done! Now it is in the hands of the feds so dear Moxley can’t touch it. Oh how I would love it if they overturn it and take a good long look at Moxley.


      • Holy cow, Karen! I didn’t know about Moxley’s letter to Ashton. Can you please send me a copy as soon as you can? I want to fire back at the Florida Parole Commission, and that’s some heavy ammo. Thanks.

        Geez, what a monster Moxley is.


  2. arkansastruthseeker says:

    Reblogged this on arkansastruthseeker.


  3. It may be that Gary’s attorneys did not even apprise the court that he had been convicted after Preston was found a fraud in an Ohio federal court the year before Gary was convicted. I have not seen all of their pleas or answers.

    The FBI hasn’t cleaned house in Brevard/Seminole because they used Preston and other DNA-discredited dog handlers, like Keith Pikett, who participated in over 2,000 Texas criminal investigations. Like Preston’s perjury victims, Pikett’s victims are working themselves free one-by-one.

    Additionally, Brevard is home to many retired FBI agents that may have been involved with discredited dog handlers, including Florida Senate President Haridopolos’ father.

    It is common for courts to ignore frauds upon them. The prosecutor who used Preston to convict Stephen Epperly in Virginia was found to have committed misconduct in the proceedings, and of course, there are no courts in the nation that are unaware that Preston was a fraud. In the only appeal I’ve found online, Epperly was unaware that Preston had been discredited. The testimony against Epperly is incredible, maintaining that Epperly made himself so at home in a near stranger’s house that he was comfortable committing homicide there with witnesses nearby, rather than abducting the woman and killing her elsewhere. Her body was never found. As in many cases, it is very likely that the supposed witness(es) are the actual killers.

    There are thousands of incarcerated innocents, and innocence organizations should be pounding Congress mercilessly to get them to legislatively override prosecutorial and supervisory immunities that the U.S. Supreme Court created that keep worsening matters. If you or I defraud the court, we face imprisonment; if an prosecutor or D.A. defrauds the court, they face – at worst – a career change via disbarment. But the Bar hardly ever acts against known misconduct, even though the American Bar Association’s tax exemption is based on equally protecting its members and the public. A past ABA President was involved in William Dillon’s exoneration, and did absolutely nothing to ensure that Brevard/Seminole and Orange/Osceola prosecutors were made to change careers, although scores more Preston frames are intact, not just Bennett’s.

    I’ve formally challenged the Bar’s tax exemptions with the IRS Oversight Board, and will renew my challenges again as soon as I can. Some of my letters to the IRS are posted on this blog … it might help if others begin to make the same challenge.


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