Letter from Pelican Bay Hunger Strike Representative to Solidarity Coalition (February 2012)

It saddens and sickens me that successive California legislators and governors so stubborn insist on maintaining a non-existent right to abuse inmates. I can’t imagine why the various medical associations haven’t spoken up.

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity recently received the following letter from a hunger strike representative at Pelican Bay Security Housing Unit (SHU), dated February 20th, 2011.

Discussions are underway with the intent to set short term and long term goals in the resistance struggle against SHU practices and the prison industrial complex.  People are indoctrinated, brainwashed into believing they are weak or powerless — that prisoners in this state are evil and deserve to be punished and treated as some type of sub-human animal, based on their felon status.  By People, I’m referring to prisoners, their families, friends and supporters, as well as the general public at large! This is the wrong way to see things and it has to change!

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About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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1 Response to Letter from Pelican Bay Hunger Strike Representative to Solidarity Coalition (February 2012)

  1. arunaandmay says:

    Angela Davis is correct that prison is a bad idea. We need to seek the power of wisdom to find out how to enact Dean Kahler’s words, spoken as the last words in a long interview of reflection filmed last year after 40 years of being paralysed after the US Government and its agents engineered for the National Guard to shoot innocent students legitimately protesting the Vietnam atrocity.

    He joined the Government of Ohio in the Attorney General’s Office, which sounds like a good qualification to speak, assuming facing a hail of US law enforcement bullets merely for being a “bum” isn’t also good qualification.

    He said, “the Government has a responsibility to protect the people.”

    As a victim myself of serious crimes inflicted by the US Governmental forces, I also believe that justice is only justice if it is righteous, i’e related to compassion and love. on which hope and truth rest in safety.

    But those who seek “bums” anywhere have an easy target in anyone who has committed a heinous crime, and who cares if the innocent are regularly lumped in, by police who seek to make bums of us all.

    The bum-seeking politicians win easy votes, the idea of draconian punishment and due deserts run like hyenas through the voting booths, whilst the safety of the people is of little concern, not when profit is to made from weapons, and misogyny stimulated by blows and knives,

    Much of this excellent letter also applies to my experience in a mental hospital, when I was punished for having my family murdered. So not surprising if doctors don’t speak out. Psychiatry is another corrupt industry, a circus of pills paralleling that of guns.

    I applaud the Fellowship of Reconciliation for launching a boycott of Star Bucks on Valentine’s Day, recognising the transnational’s conspiracy with the gun lobby may have meaning for those, like me, who cannot look into a loved one’s eyes over candles, due to guns.

    This brings the emotions, as well as love, and the reality of truth. That is the necessary beginning for solving the mess of crime and prison, which owes its causes to male power.

    Let’s call a gathering; like the Rights of Mother Earth gathering beginning on 4th April in Kansas created by Native Americans, a gathering of the dispossessed. Those with stolen truth, stolen love, stolen homes, stolen gold, like the native people of North America.

    And talk about truth and love.



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