Towards assuring Trayvon Martin rests in peace …

20 Things You Need to Know About the Tragic Killing of Trayvon Martin | | AlterNet

“Late Monday, March 20, after a letter from the NAACP, the United States Department of Justice, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney announced they were launching “a thorough and independent review” of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.”

via 20 Things You Need to Know About the Tragic Killing of Trayvon Martin | | AlterNet.

I say there’s way more than 100 things you need to know about the killing of Trayvon Martin, but as my computer is being beastly, I’ll just add five.

21. State Attorney Wolfinger also refused to file charges against the three officers who mercilessly kicked, beat and tased 66-year-old dementia-suffering Albert Flowers, with premeditation. The officer who did the bulk of the physical damage to Flowers (including brain damage) had turned off his in-car video camera, not realizing that he could only disable the audio, that the equipment in the trunk continued to record images.

22. “Stand Your Ground” is applied according to color in Florida. John Dobbs IV should never have been arrested in the jurisdiction bordering Wolfinger’s. If officers disbelieved his (very legitimate) self-defense statement, they should have allowed “Stand Your Ground” to prevail. Dobbs was attacked by four men that approached his vehicle and would not let him and his girlfriend leave a parking lot. The police and prosecutors said that the attackers took turns, so Dobbs was not outnumbered. Dobbs ended up in possession of a gun that one of his attackers pulled, and did not use it. He instead defended himself with his legal-length pocket knife. The attacker that died – whom Dobbs obviously had no intention of killing – was white, and Dobbs is black.

23. The DoJ and FBI have received complaint after complaint about Wolfinger, for a number of years. Had they acted upon them, it’s very likely that the Sanford police – fearing the wrath of a law-abiding  State Attorney – would have immediately charged George Zimmerman with homicide. They may have even prevented Martin’s homicide by making it clear to Zimmerman on the phone that he would be considered a dangerous vigilante if he continued to follow Martin. It’s highly likely that – fearing the wratch of a law-abiding State Attorney – Melbourne police wouldn’t have attacked Albert Flowers. Certainly, the old frame-ups using charlatan dog handler John Preston from Wolfinger’s days as an ineffectual public defender would have been been retried fairly, and new frame-ups wouldn’t have occurred. There are scores of clouded convictions.

24. Florida grand juries are a farce.

25. The FBI used the same charlatan dog handler that Brevard/Seminole used. And they used other charlatan dog handlers. They’re going to investigate as little as possible, and the DoJ is going to be content with it. Unless there’s a public uproar to end all uproars.

So please sign these petitions … Roar!!



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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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