Scripps TCPalm – pro-vengeance, anti-justice

Offender Picture

David Gore, executed by Florida in 2012

Gore’s attorneys file motion citing governor was unfairly influenced to sign death warrant | Video : TCPalm

In a 61-page motion to set aside Gores death sentence and execution, his attorneys cite a videotaped conversation between Scott and Scripps editorial review board members in which he was quizzed about the status of Gores case and asked, “Is that something you can look into?”

“Ill look into it,” Scott replied on the videotape.

via Gores attorneys file motion citing governor was unfairly influenced to sign death warrant | Video : TCPalm.

On July 14, 2009, I met with Scripps TC Palm Editorial and News Boards in Stuart, Florida. They’d published several of my Letters to the Editor about Brevard County frame-ups, and I asked that they allow me to author a guest column about William Dillon’s release from prison after 27 years the previous December, as efforts were underway to reframe him. My alternate request was that one of their reporters accept copies of my years of research to write an article.

The reasons they should have been interested are too numerous to list, with Brevard County bordering Indian River County – where their Press Journal is published – being high on the list. Dillon’s was the third nearly identical upset conviction, and there were and are scores more related convictions that have yet to see sunshine, and unrelated wrongful convictions that stretched into this century.

These frame-ups involving charlatan dog handler John Preston – like Dillon’s – typically used coached jailhouse informants for backup. They would get a “walk” or light sentence in trade for their perjuries.

The dangerous snitch that testified against Dillon had been arrested in Indian River County after his “walk.” By one of Dillon’s brothers.

None of the information I presented was boring, and all of it indicated that Floridians were being swindled and endangered … paying to incarcerate innocents while real rapists and killers walked among them.

TCPalm said “no” to a guest column and “no” to having one of their reporters write from my research, and in doing so said “no” to keeping their subscribers, advertisers, shareholders, employees and families safe.

When TCPalm‘s Editorial Board met with Governor Scott this year, they opted to continue to ignore all I’ll told them, despite the fact that the snitch that testified against Dillon is back in prison for running a shake’n’bake meth lab and for sexual battery on a minor, the same charge he got a “walk” on to lie about Dillon.

They sought – and secured – an “if it bleeds, it leads” execution from Governor Scott … vengeance that will sooth their more savage subscribers.

They left it to activists to convince Governor Scott to investigate conviction corruption, even though doing so keeps even their families in harms way.

It’s time for a revised, universal news policy – “lead before anyone bleeds.” Roger Dale Chapman – the snitch who testified against Dillon –  always gets out early. He may soon be coming to a neighborhood near you.

Offender Picture

Courtesy of TC Palm’s indifference on 7/14/09, career criminal Roger Dale Chapman (drug manufacturer, child molester) may be heading your way 7/24/19, maybe sooner – he’s good at getting released early, unconditionally.

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Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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