Opt out of conviction corruption … parole Gary Bennett


From: Susan Chandler
Date: March 11, 2012 2:28:03 PM EDT
To: publicaffairs@FPC.state.fl.us
Cc: Rick.Scott@eog.myflorida.com, Gretl Plessinger <plessinger.gretl@mail.dc.state.fl.us>, Tampa Division <Tampa.Division@ic.fbi.gov>, miami@ic.fbi.gov, president@flabar.org, ASKDOJ <ASKDOJ@usdoj.gov>, *TIGTA Investigations Complaints Unit <Complaints@tigta.treas.gov>, irsob@do.treas.gov
Subject: Parole Gary Stanley Bennett (DC No. 092481) – served 28+ years wrongfully due to escalating criminal conspiracy
Florida Parole Commission

4070 Esplanade Way
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2450
Dear FPC,
I am writing to insist that Gary Bennett be paroled.
It is my understanding that Matthew Braxton discussed parole with Bennett and indicated he would be recommending an additional twenty years. While Braxton may be somehow uniformed, it cannot have escaped The FPC’s attention that Bennett’s incarceration is part of a decades-long false conviction conspiracy. Juan Ramos, Wilton Dedge and William Dillon all had their nearly identical Brevard frame-ups upset; Dillon’s compensation claim has been almost continually in the news.
Further, it is known in both Tallahassee and Washington D.C. that Brevard went way too far when they framed Bennett, as John Preston had been found a charlatan one year earlier in Dale Sutton’s federal case. Sutton was cleared in December of 1982 by an actual perpetrator, and released in January of 1983. Bennett was convicted in January of 1984. Part of what the US Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit later had to say in Sutton’s case, “Sutton alleges, and the government does not now contest, that during the course of Sutton’s trial Preston testified untruthfully as to his credentials, background, and training, and as to the abilities and ancestry of his German shepherd, Harass II.”
The January 30, 1984 Sentinel article (below) “Legal foes differ on value of dog’s nose” provides comments from Brevard, Orange, Volusia, Seminole, Lake and Osceola public servants on Preston and Bennett without naming Sutton or the specifics of his case rightfully due the public – then and now – to ensure their safety by having enough information to be able to cast a ballot for state attorneys, sheriffs, judges, legislators, etc., that will not endanger them with further frame-ups that not only keeps actual perpetrators free to find new victims, but dangerous coached jailhouse informants, as well. That Brevard still engages in frame-ups in this century is abundantly clear in Jeffrey Abramowski’s case.
54-year-old Bennett, pictured below, is 5′ 10″ and weighs only 145 pounds. He suffers from life-threatening, volatile epilepsy. He endured the exacerbated life-threat of having his seizure medication arbitrarily withheld, which required my corresponding with Gretl Pressinger to resolve … the DoC was unresponsive to Bennett and his family. It’s almost certain that Bennett suffers from undiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; any Traumatic Brain Injury sufficient to cause epilepsy is sufficient enough to cause PTSD. Both epilepsy and PTSD cause unconscious behaviors that are often ignorantly interpreted as aggression – it’s why so many IED/TBI injured Mideast Vets with epilepsy and/or PTSD end up incarcerated.
Stress exacerbates the unconscious behaviors of epilepsy and PTSD, and there are few under as much stress as Gary Bennett, given the totality of all that he has learned first-hand about public corruption. Any acting-out on Bennett’s part would be appropriate, but the mild behaviors he’s exhibited are nothing more than clinical presentations of his chronic illness, indicating a steadfast determination to exhibit good behavior. A great deal of the time Bennett was segregated was at his request, out of fear for his safety. Again, Bennett is 5′ 10″, weighs 145, is middle-aged, chronically ill, and housed with actual killers.
Had Bennett’s behaviors been well outside the parameters clinical acting-out behaviors of his chronic conditions, adding more years to a flagrant frame-up would be an immoral fleecing of Floridians, and willful participation in the conspiratorial corruption that has ruined not only Bennett’s life, but his family’s.
Helen Nardi was murdered with a knife, a pair of scissors and a soda bottle, and 145-pound Bennett would have had to spun her in mid-air to land so many blows from so many directions – deftly switching weapons for no apparent reason – all without getting a drop of blood on his clothes. Bennett is not the man who admitted to previously sexually assaulting Nardi; Bennett is instead the man who admitted to previously helping Nardi carry items into her trailer, which explains the presence of Bennett’s print … but not the presence of a Palm Bay officer’s print.
There isn’t one of you that could walk a day in Bennett’s shoes with the forbearance he’s exhibited for over 28 years … he knows he’s innocent, and that the people who framed him are not, nor are most of the people he’s being forced to live with.
Bennett knows that the media is protecting sociopathic, incompetent public servants while endangering the public  … including his family. Bennett knows that the new Brevard Clerk of Courts is keeping his case information buried, ludicrously claiming that age prohibits online publication, when Dillon and Ramos’ older information remains available online. Bennett knows how each successive governor to ignore Preston frame-ups for nearly thirty years; how Jeb Bush ignored an opportunity to work with his president/brother to diffuse the FBI and Orange/Osceola having used Preston together; how ill-intentioned Charlie Crist was in transferring his case to Orange/Osceola prosecutors’ hands, with Linroy Bottoson’s blood on them; how Rick Scott opted into the corruption – with no work product to protect like Crist. Bennett knows that Orange/Osceola prosecutors used the same lurid lie against him and innocent death row inmate William “Tommy” Zeigler. Bennett knows his evidence was likely tampered with so as to be absent DNA as Dillon’s evidence had arrived at the same Texas lab in suspect condition two years earlier, and he knows that Rick Scott is so morally bankrupt that he executed Robert Waterhouse despite his evidence having been destroyed, making the likelihood of clemency yet more remote … my requests to date have been ignored as though baseless, although substantiated by the directly related upset convictions of Sutton, Ramos, Dedge, Dillon and others nationwide. Bennett knows his frame-up and others are being buried with the FBI, DoJ and other feds ongoing assistance, and that Senate President Haridopolos paid more attention to protecting his former-FBI-agent father and friends than to his sworn and fiduciary responsibilities to Floridians … his failure to sponsor Ramos’ compensation was the only tip-off any reporter or public servant needed to know that something was amiss. Bennett knows how his frame-up has affected his whole family, stealing their disposable income along with their tax dollars, holding them hostage for nearly three decades. Bennett knows he was robbed of a reunion with two siblings that died, and he knows that if Florida doesn’t relent soon, that he’ll be robbed of a reunion with his frail mother, too.
I have attached additional pages from my eight years of research, as well as what was – if memory serves – my final attempt to jar Jeb Bush from his apathetic state. Note that the ACLU mysteriously did not mention Preston in their plea for Bottoson’s life. Note that Attorney General Bondi’s campaign promise to investigate Preston convictions was a lie. Note that Florida International University is attempting to legitimatize – fraudulently spending taxpayers money – what will never be legitimate until dogs can talk or until humans no longer use soap, detergent, shampoo, cream rinse, deodorant, fabric softener, air freshener, styling gel, etc.: UNIQUE HUMAN SCENT.
Opt out of conviction conspiracies, FPC; parole Gary Bennett. Don’t rob him of yet another reunion, the most important one. You have responsibilities beyond warehousing … these are human beings, not boxes of cereal, and you know that a frightening number of them are innocent. Opt out. Parole Gary Bennett now.
Susan Chandler


About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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8 Responses to Opt out of conviction corruption … parole Gary Bennett

  1. My apologies if this post appears as garbled on your screen as it does mine, I’ll try to upgrade computer next week. Anyone wishing copies of any of the documents referred to can request them via comment. (If you don’t want you comment published, just write “don’t publish.)

  2. Hello Susan,
    It is so great to hear your voice in the darkness that wont let the truth in! When you interviewed me in 07 an Innocent Man I had no chance in my mind of winning a battle against something so powerful in my mind, yet It would not be denied because of the many people like yourself that pushed and probed into the deep dark secrets of the Brevard Connection and John Preston My freedom was won and after a three year compensation battle I recieved a compensation and an apology from Gov. Rick Scott. All I ever wanted was a fair trial!!! Let my words speak Volumes to those who don’t know what took place in those years. ” PAROLE GARY BENNETT !!! ” Its time to clean up the mess. Thank You for your continued fight for JUSTICE Susan and to all of you who seek Justice First. William Michael Dillon

    • Hello William,

      We don’t agree on who owes whom gratitude. Interviewing you and Jeffrey Abramowski was life-changing; you both knew that the courts were only requiring you to play by the rules, but that didn’t make either one of you even remotely depressed – you both discussed your frame-ups like people on the outside discuss having a bad boss ruin their chance at a raise with an untruthful employee evaluation, laughing easily. It wasn’t just grace under pressure that I witnessed, it was Amazing Grace. Most people live their whole lives without experiencing one example, let alone two, that makes those words come fully to life.

      Gary Bennett’s family finds their sole comfort in your continued concern for him. They are so very weary, and understandably continually confused about why the media pretends they don’t know Gary’s name, and the unique circumstance of Preston being used a year after he’d been found a fraud in a federal court.

      You could have walked away and healed your soul-deep wounds. But here you are, fighting for Gary. Thank you, William, for your Amazing Grace.


  3. William,
    Tank you so much for speaking out for my brother Gary. Perhaps you can have some influence with those who helped you gain your compensation. It would be greatly appreciated if you were to gain their ears.

    Sincerely and many blessings

    Karen Bennett and family

  4. Susan,
    We are also greatly appreciative of your work and efforts in our behalf!


  5. Maxine L. Reid says:

    HEllo Bill: Thank you so much for your continued support of my son, Gary Bennett. We(his family)
    have all suffered along with him these many years and will continue to suffer until he is finally proved innocent and released. Parole would be wonderful, but this would still be hanging over his
    head and he would not be free to leave the State and visit family in other states. Even if he was
    physically able to get a job who would hire him with this still hanging over him?

    We are so proud of you and glad you were proven innocent and so proud of what you are doing
    with your life now. We will always be thinking of you and Gary will , too. I am 83 years old now
    and hopefully will live long enough to see my son free and nis name cleared. That is my prayer
    each night.

    Again , really thankful to you, Bill. Keep up with your music and have a good life.

    Maxine L. Reid
    Gary Bennett’s Mother

    • Hello, lovely Ms. Maxine,

      Bill’s the best … I hope you get a chance to meet him someday.

      I know that having your son declared innocent means the sun, moon and stars to you, but if the Florida Parole Commission releases him because they do not want to participate in conviction corruption, the day you’re prayed so hard for will likely come much faster. Gary’s case isn’t being treated the same way as Bill’s or the other two Brevard gentlemen that got out from under Preston’s lies. We can’t pretend that if we all wait long enough, some public servants will suddenly begin playing by a few of the rules, enough to get Gary exonerated. Let’s try to get Gary paroled, so he can’t be humiliated, hassled or hurt anymore, and trust that other doors will open soon afterward (if we keep pushing on ’em).

      Hugs to you,

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