Waiting for Geraldo …

An Ombudsman wishes me to be reassured by an MSNBC broadcast that Indiana knows how to protect children with autism in their adult corrections facilities. No way. While I’m waiting for Geraldo – explained by the email content – I’ll believe half of what is spray-painted on overpasses and a fifth (if that) of what is written in newspapers or appears in broadcasts, with some PBS exceptions (credits must be scrutinized for Koch and other dark influences).

From: Susan Chandler
Date: February 27, 2012 6:48:50 PM EST
To: “IDOA Ombudsman”
Subject: Blade Reed, Wabash, IN corrections facility

Charlene A. Burkett
Ombudsman Bureau Director
402 W Washington W479
Indianapolis IN 46204

Dear Ms. Burkett,

I appreciate your prompt response to my plea for Blade Reed, but must take exception to its content.

Autism is not an indicator of ineducability; people with autism are often brilliant … a GED would be a walk in the park for many. Reed’s acquiring a GED will not signify assimilation into adult General Population.

While autism has no consistent indicators of educability, it presents consistent indicators of an impeded ability to socially interact, and therefore an exacerbated impediment to interacting with hardened criminals. Those with autism must be taught “street smarts;” they cannot acquire them by occluded observation. As autism seems to be of epidemic proportions, it would be fitting for your office to approach the Indiana Legislature to enact laws that ensure that the afflicted – particularly children – are never treated as though suddenly capable of assimilating into adult General Population by virtue of having been convicted as an adult.

After battling mainstream media misinformation on charlatan dog handler John Preston’s perjuries for nearly eight years, I’m disinterested in Reed being featured in MSNBC’s “Young Kids, Hard Time.” There is presently more reason to believe street graffiti than mainstream media feature pieces, and it will remain obviously the case until Geraldo Rivera revisits his outing Preston on ABC’s “20/20” in 1984 with complete candor (link below), including investigation of other charlatan dog handlers and the FBI’s long-term involvement. Last week’s coverage of the Florida Legislature’s approval of William Dillon’s exoneration compensation neglected the other Preston victims that remain wrongly incarcerated, and not just in Florida. It wasn’t even made clear that it’s apparently only cool to compensate caucasians framed using Preston – while Wilton Dedge and Dillon were sponsored in Florida’s Legislature, Juan Ramos is going it alone, although from the same county as the other two. The continual lack of candor may have much to do with the sponsor/legislator being the son of a former FBI agent.

I wish it were possible to take MSNBC more seriously than EIEIO, but it’s out of the question; the mainstream media deliberately endangers the public daily nationwide by letting sleeping dogs lie … and other forms of direct participation in conviction corruption.

Again, my thanks for your prompt response. I hope to hear that your office will plead for protections for the growing number of incarcerated autistic individuals.


Susan Chandler

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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