County OKs sheriffs precinct-funding plan | FLORIDA TODAY |

“Sheriff Jack Parker successfully shot down questions raised Tuesday over the legality of his plans to build a $4 million precinct headquarters in North Brevard … Any funding shortfalls would be made up through jail inmate telephone charges, which amounts to about $600,000 annually.”

County OKs sheriffs precinct-funding plan | FLORIDA TODAY |

The Florida Today article says that federal forfeiture funds will help pay for construction of the new building. For as long as Brevard helps cover up FBI use of charlatan dog handler John Preston, it’s a pretty safe bet that D.C. pursestrings will remain loose.

Jack Parker isn’t running for sheriff again. Candidates include the FDLE’s Wayne Ivey and Brevard deputy Gary Harrell. Ivey and I spoke on the phone years ago about Brevard’s early-80’s scores of  Preston frame-ups; he denied the obvious conspiracy, which innocents like Gary Bennett are still trying to get out from under (that put others six-feet-under). Harrell’s name is familiar to me from Jeff Abramowski’s 21st century frame-up; Harrell attempted to solicit false testimony from two inmates against Abramowski … I have copies of their sworn statements.

Apparently, a citizen (or citizens) noted that the Hatch Act required Ivey to resign from the FDLE, which he did. But not on August 2nd when he declared … on September 22nd, apparently post Hatch Act citizen inquiry.

It’s predictable that evidence will be lost in the move to the new facility, as predictable as future Brevard jail suicides, and future Brevard suicides-by-cop, and premeditated Brevard beat-downs like elderly Albert Flowers’, all while Florida Today continues to portray Brevard as a safe and welcoming place to live, due to the imaginary diligence and honor of its public servants.

Sheriff Parker’s predecessor Phil Williams moved one county west into Orange County law enforcement, where Preston had been used to convict Linroy Bottoson with FBI participation (executed in 2002). I’m hoping that Parker picks a new line of work instead of making murky lateral moves predictable, too.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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