Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos – original stinker, not original thinker

I know that Haridopolos reads my emails; he wrote and told he went to the trouble to seek counsel before destroying them. He since should have learned by attrition that his counsel (if he really sought any) provided bad advice … Florida’s Governor Scott has taken the same heat that presidential candidate Mitt Romney is now facing for destroying emails that are part of the public record.

Haridopolos may not remember where he picked up the baseball card analogy he used recently, but I do. In the 4th paragraph of my October 24, 2009 emailed letter to Haridopolos, below, I wrote, “I’ve since found out that the 9th and 18th [State Attorneys] trade cases like baseball cards, with Gov. Crist’s permission.”

The headline of a December 6th Orlando Sentinel “uncategorized post” reads, ‘”Haridopolos suggests that universities trade majors “like baseball cards.”‘ Haridopolos said he’s looking to cut university costs, but of course there’s no mention that’s he’s unwilling to accept university pay that’s commensurate with his credentials and schedule to help reach that goal; his $75,000 per year exceeds the compensation of professors with advanced degrees and a full schedule.

None of the conviction corruption in Haridopolos district and the adjacent one that I wrote to Haridopolos about before or since October 24, 2009 has been fixed. It’s all gotten worse. Haridopolis has been caught in still more lies, which the media still glosses over.

I got a laugh out of Haridopolos planned trip to the Holy Land with Governor Rick Scott; if ever a pair were beyond redemption via pilgrimage, they’re it. Their trip is regarding “trade” – it’s no surprise that neither is aghast over Israel’s bloody apartheid government.

Gary Bennett would have been home for Christmas for the first time in 27 years if Scott hadn’t renewed the tainted Executive Order that kept the innocent man in Lawson Lamar’s filthy hands; ethical prosecutors would have dropped the charges when the suspect condition of the evidence was added to the rest of the police and prosecutorial misconduct. And of course, Scott wouldn’t have been involved at all if Haridopolos did something more with conviction corruption in his district year after year than grandstand over seeking compensation for (caucasian only) exonerees from his district, whose convictions were carbon copies of Bennett’s.

Perhaps during their long flight, Scott can teach Haridopolos how to plead the fifth – old hat for Scott – when they (and so many others) are charged with conspiracy to violate rights. It won’t work this next time, people are way too fed up … They’ll face longer sentences than Illinois former Governor Blagojevich, and they’ll forfeit all their ill-gotten assets.

The 2009 letter to Haridopolos announced my joining Twitter. That worked for about ten minutes. One form of epilepsy that I have was formerly called focal motor and is now called light sensitive – it’s an inability of the eye and brain to keep lines of communication up and running in the presence of flashing lights, streaming text, etc.; brief exposure causes disorientation, extended exposure (or particularly startling exposure) causes seizures, it’s unfortunately limited my presence on Facebook since they started their “ticker.”

It’s too bad I couldn’t Tweet and jump into the fray of calling out lies in “real time,” because those like Haridopolos will steal the shirt off your back as well as your first born son, not just the words out of your mouth.

And the media will help them.


From: Susan Chandler
Date: October 24, 2009 1:13:32 PM EDT
To: Senator Mike Haridopolos
Cc: Debbie Mayfield , cig@eog.myflorida.com, Governor Charlie Crist , letters@floridatoday.com, John Glisch , Norm Wolfinger , jrusso@pd18.net
Subject: “Matt Reed: Haridopolos tackles issues”

Dear Senator Haridopolos:

When a news article is well-written, the online comments section is absent information that the article should have contained.

In the case of the above-captioned Gannett Florida Today article this week, an informed reader commented on the gigantic oil spill off the coast of Australia that indicates that the new, purportedly safer offshore oil rig technology failed. Reporter Reed’s failure to ask you about that spill did not take you off the hook for not addressing it; you’re to represent your constituents’ best interests, not Big Oil’s. Out-of-work high-tech Space Coast residents that were paid government funds to make solar technology work in space should logically be paid government funds to perfect the same technology on earth to bring cheap, clean power to our nation. If they can come up with a vehicle that works on Mars, they can come up with an electric car. There likely isn’t a single resident in your district that will be employed by endangering our coastline with oil rigs.

I didn’t read all the comments; Florida Today’s readers’ rants, born of being misinformed, quickly become tedious, frightening and/or depressing. Hopefully, another enlightened reader countered your fiscal responsibility claims by commenting on your inability to effectively “tackle” DROP double dipping, which allows the likes of Norm Wolfinger and John Dean Moxley to exercise another form of predation on your constituents, aside from covering up the persecution of innocents for decades. Or perhaps a comment instead countered your fiscal responsibility claims by pointing out that you accepted professorial wages based on credentials you merely aspire to, along with a bogus “book advance,” betraying your personal propensity for predation.

I hope that someone commented, “Where’s Juan?” to counter your bragging about sponsoring Bill Dillon’s exoneration compensation. Juan Ramos deserves his $250,000 to partially right the ruination caused by his five years on death row from John Preston’s solicited perjuries. That Ramos’ conviction was upset in 1987 is embarrassing for those who are still in the state employ – including Wolfinger and Moxley – that are responsible for the cover-up that kept Wilton Dedge, Dillon and many others behind bars and cost Gerald Stano his life. Through the electronic grapevine, I made Centurion Ministries aware that the 9th Judicial Circuit had used Preston to convict and execute Linroy Bottoson, and that transferring Gary Bennett’s Brevard/Preston case there was conflicted. I’ve since found out that the 9th and 18th trade cases like baseball cards, with Gov. Crist’s permission. Crist announced his intention to address South Florida’s corruption on October 14th, continuing to deliberately ignore Preston’s involvement in a reported 100 Brevard felony investigations.

Gannett pretended that Preston cases had been cleared nationwide 15 years ago. [“Convicted on false evidence; False science often sways juries, judges,” authors Laura Frank and John Hanchette, USA Today, July 19, 1994; “The unmasking of Preston’s dogs caused an uproar. Cases were overturned in Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Arizona and other states.”] Despite Gannett’s wiles, I’m even more confident now that there will be a federal investigation of the corruption and cover-up. The White House removed my comment from their facebook wall, “The FBI muddied their own credibility in protecting man’s best friend ahead of actual men; after investigating dogfighting rings in several states, they have little choice but to rapidly investigate Florida’s framing innocent men.” Their censorship means that they read my message loud and clear, and so fast that no one got the chance to comment – this time. As of yesterday, I’m on Twitter and will learn my way around it as haltingly as I did facebook.

Reed claimed you’re “one of the most influential Republicans in Florida.” If true, what possible reason can there be not to use your influence to make it incumbent upon Florida’s Governor to investigate any county wherein two upset convictions indicate use of an identical, untenable trial tactic to stop making taxpayers pay to be kept safe from harmless men like Ramos, Dedge and Dillon, then pay exoneration compensation of top of malicious prosecution costs. Roger Dale Chapman, who bragged to his brother about getting valid rape charges dropped by lying to tighten Dillon’s frame-up, was apparently re-released Thursday after a sentence reduction. James E. Gilmore, who lied about Ramos, is a revolving-door offender, apparently released without supervision after the most recent offense. The harm done by coached informants that benefit by continual prosecutorial favors and actual perpetrators that innocents serve time for can only be stopped by an investigation that looks at every single Preston conviction and every subsequent complaint of prosecutorial malice.

So much is made of your ability to amass millions, so little is made of what little those millions actually pay for – pandering, predation, persecution, public endangerment. I have nothing against you personally and no ability to act on it even if I did, but I am forever wondering what it is that you personally have against your constituents and what prompts you to harm them so often.


Susan Chandler

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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