Breaking up is hard to do.

But it has to be done.

Our over-merged mainstream media – wholly owned by the 1% – routinely engages in rabble rousing, he said/she said gibberish, and, despite all three being proven years ago to be unreliable sources, “they” and “some” and “sources close to the White House” are still being quoted profusely.

There is no intent or attempt to inform, only to manipulate. We are being “handled,” and we are being had. While our nation slides into an obscene caricature of its former greatness, we are being force-fed more of the blathering bias that made our greatness past tense.

The downhill run on the slippery slope began when the US Supreme Court overreached in Imbler v Pachtman, Brady v Maryland, Van de Kamp v Goldstein and civil immunities became all the fashion. It’ll end when we have an unfettered press.

There are probably more attorneys employed by the mainstream media than reporters. And it shows. And they are the ones that have to be taken down in a war of words to end all war of words. When push comes to shove – and it will – they won’t be able to prove that gibberish, unreliable sources, blathering bias and their other rubber-stamped manipulations preserved the public trust and served their fiduciary responsibilities to subscribers, advertisers and shareholders. They won’t be able to defend themselves against charges of conspiratorial complicity in wrongful conviction coverups or their own conspiracies to manipulate election outcomes.

Continuing to forward Ray McEachern’s press releases about Tommy Zeigler’s hearings to the Orlando Sentinel and Florida Today doesn’t waste my time, it adds to my arsenal. In wars of words, it takes a lot of paper to sink a ship of fools.

[While I believe that Ray McEachern’s statement to the effect that Florida holds the national record for exonerations will eventually be true, at present Florida instead holds the record for death row exonerations.]

From: Susan Chandler
Date: November 30, 2011 2:58:45 PM EST
Cc: ASKDOJ ,, Tampa Division
Subject: Fwd: 35 Year Death Row Inmate has Last Chance to Prove His Innocence


I have published Ray McEachern’s press release about William “Tommy” Zeigler’s hearing tomorrow, prefacing it with a bit of what I know of Orange and Brevard’s intertwined conviction corruption.

Hopefully, I have merely duplicated Orlando Sentinel and Florida Today‘s efforts.


Susan Chandler


From: “Ray McEachern”
Date: November 30, 2011 8:08:07 AM EST
Subject: 35 Year Death Row Inmate has Last Chance to Prove His Innocence

35 Year Death Row Inmate has Last Chance to Prove His Innocence

Contact: Ray McEachern 813-294-6772

Tomorrow, December 1 at 9:30, Tommy Zeigler’s lawyers will ask Orlando Judge Reginald Whitehead to give him one last chance to prove the prosecution has been wrong for thirty-five years. Seven years ago Zeigler thought DNA would finally set him free because it showed that the blood stain on his shirt came from a man Zeigler has claimed he had to fight the night Zeigler was shot in the stomach and his wife and three others were killed in his furniture store in Winter Garden, Florida. Judge Whitehead ruled against him on a technicality because under Florida law DNA must exclude a convict from the crime scene. Because the evidence of his innocence is so overwhelming, Zeigler has been granted a second chance to seek DNA testing that will disprove the prosecution theory that some of the blood on Zeigler must have come from one of Zeigler’s family who lay dead in the store.

The evidence that Zeigler was framed – possibly with law enforcement involvement – is overpowering and includes the undisputed facts below:

1. The bullet entry wound in Zeigler’s stomach is one inch to the right of his navel and the angle of the exit wound shows that it could not have been self-inflicted by the right-handed Zeigler.

2. The judge in the original trial, Maurice Paul, who is now a federal judge, had a conflict of interest with Zeigler and should have recused himself.

3. The prosecutor, Robert Eagan, ordered the police not to investigate Zeigler’s claim that police might have been involved in the crime. (Eagan memo of March 1976 will be supplied on request)

4. The policeman who claimed he was in a restaurant across the street as the murders occurred and who carried Zeigler to the hospital was later found to be involved in gun running and murder plots in Central America.

5. Police reports were suppressed by the prosecution that showed the blood on Zeigler’s wounds was dry and that witnesses saw a policeman at the scene before the murders were reported.

6. Crime scene photos were staged according to testimony by the first policeman on the scene.

7. A police investigation after Zeigler’s trial turned up evidence that one of the men Zeigler said attacked him had been the shooter of another Winter Garden store owner in a still unsolved murder five years before the Zeigler murders.

8. An Orlando area woman recently signed an affidavit that her deceased son had been coerced by the prosecution in 1976 to perjure himself by testifying against Zeigler. When he refused, he was tried for murder and found innocent by a jury deliberation of less than an hour.

The Tommy Zeigler case is a classic example of why Florida leads the nation in the number of wrongly convicted people who have been exonerated.

About Susan Chandler

Now-disabled interior/exterior designer dragged into battling conviction corruption from its periphery in a third personal battle with civil public corruption.
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2 Responses to Breaking up is hard to do.

  1. While I was waiting for this post to publish, I checked my email and found I’d been sent a link to an article by the Orlando Sentinel’s Anthony Colarossi. Once again, Colarossi chose to ignore that a staged photograph was entered into evidence, and much more … the jury asked had Tommy be sentenced to life; the death penalty was the judge’s idea … an idea he had before Tommy’s trial. The facts are in Leigh McEachern’s book, in Phillip Finches’ book, and in an e-Book by Vidocq, a/k/a Vidster. The facts are not in evidence. The facts are not in newspapers.


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